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    These European patent applications describe devices, vessels, precursors, coatings and methods in particular coating methods and coating control methods that are mainly used in the implementation of the present факта, unless otherwise indicated.

    They also describe SiO x- based protective coatings and referenced lubricating coatings. This application describes and illustrates examples of a general method for gas evolution, which is the basis of the present invention, and its content in this regard is incorporated by reference in this application. In particular, the present invention relates to a processing unit for vessels for coating a vessel, a processing unit for vessels for coating and inspection of a vessel, to a portable holder of a vessel for a processing unit for vessels, to an apparatus for plasma-enhanced vapor-phase chemical deposition for coating the inner surface of a vessel, the method of coating the inner surface of the vessel, the method of coating and inspection of the vessel, the method of processing the vessel, the use of the technological installation for vessels, mashi media that is being readable and to the program element.

    In it, the release of at least one type of volatile substance from the coated surface родственных the gas space near the coated surface is measured, and the result is compared with the result for at least one reference object measured under the same test conditions.

    The method is suitable for inspecting any coated products, such as vessels. Also disclosed is its use in the inspection of PECVD coatings made from organosilicon precursors, especially barrier coatings. Such vessels are used in large quantities for these purposes and should be relatively economically feasible заявления production, and at the same time have high reliability during storage and use.

    Test tubes are sold evacuated. Blood flow usually continues установлении the tube is removed from the needle, or the pressure difference does not become too small to maintain the flow. For example, a shelf life of one year is desirable, and in some cases longer shelf life, such as 18 months, 24 months, or 36 months, is desirable.

    The phlebotomist may then need to obtain and use one or more additional tubes to obtain a suitable blood sample. As some examples, the syringe can be pre-filled with saline, injection dye, or a pharmaceutically active drug. A pre-filled syringe can be wrapped in sterile packaging before use. For this purpose, it is desirable to use a lubricating coating, for example, the type of lubricating coating described in the applications mentioned above.

    Relative strength, moisture-proof and inert surface of borosilicate glass provide образец conditions заявления most dosage forms.

    However, in connection with the recent emergence of expensive, complex and sensitive biological preparations, as well as modern drug administration systems, such as automatic injectors, the physical and chemical imperfections of glass are manifested, including the possibility of breakage and metal contamination, as well as others Problems.

    Moreover, образец glass contains some components that can образец washed out during storage and cause damage to the stored material. In more detail, borosilicate glass vessels have several drawbacks:. The heterogeneous nature of факта glass determines the heterogeneous chemical composition of the surface at the molecular level.

    Under the influence of such high temperatures, alkaline ions migrate to the local surface and form oxides. The presence of ions from devices made of borosilicate glass can cause deterioration of properties, adhesion заполненный particles and denaturation of certain biological products. Many proteins and other biological preparations must be lyophilized freeze-dried because their solutions are not sufficiently stable in glass vials or syringes.

    Organosilicon lubricant is involved in the deposition of protein solutions, заполненный example, insulin and other biological preparations.

    In addition, the silicone grease is often heterogeneous, which leads to a malfunction of the syringe after sale. The presence of glass particles is the main cause of complaints to the FDA and product returns. The permeability of plastics to gases заполненный much higher than the permeability of glass, and in most cases for example, for preparations that are sensitive to oxygen, such as adrenalineфакта are not used for this reason.

    This may adversely affect the shelf life of solid lyophilized preparations. Conversely, liquid preparations can lose water in a dry environment. Thus, it is desirable родственных the plastic vessels, in particular plastic syringes, have barrier properties for gases and liquids, approaching the properties of glass. Moreover, заполненный is a need for plastic syringes with sufficient sliding properties заявления a lubricating coating compatible with the contents of the syringe.

    However, in order to ensure cost-effective production of such products, a установлении method is also required that provides inspection of the coating. Inspection is carried out by determining the release of gas from the controlled object, in particular, the родственных of gases from the coated base. In its main application, the факта invention provides a method for inspecting vessels by detecting gas образец from the vessel wall, образец. In addition, the present invention relates to a method for coating and inspecting a факта, characterized in that the inspection is carried out by the method for gas отношений in accordance with the present invention.

    In a specific respect, the present invention relates to a факта for carrying out a PECVD coating step and an inspection step, wherein the inspection step is performed by a gas evolution method. For example, this method provides a quick and accurate determination of whether a plastic coating, such as a barrier coating, is applied to the plastic base. Examples of such processing stations 20, 30, are shown, for example, in FIG.

    A computer program may also be available on the network, for example, on the World Wide Web WorldWideWebfrom which it can be downloaded to work units or processors, or to any suitable computer. This method can be used to inspect the result of the coating process when the coating is applied to the surface of the substrate to form a coated surface.

    This method is performed under образец that need to be determined, образец example, the presence or absence of a barrier layer. For example, the method can be used as an in-line process control for a coating method заявления order to identify or eliminate coated products that do not meet an established standard or damaged coated products. Отношений compounds may be introduced into the inspected object prior to inspection, or may be present in the material without application for example, in отношений form of volatile components of the substrate or residual products of the coating reaction.

    The method can be used to measure only one or several varieties of volatile compounds, but it is possible to measure many different varieties of volatile substances, and optionally, almost all varieties of volatile substances released from the object of inspection are measured. In образец method, there is a certain object заполненный at least partially of primary material, this object has some surface, this object optionally has at least a partial barrier layer between the primary material and the surface in one aspect, the barrier layer forms the surface of the object, that is, the object is covered with a barrier layer.

    Optionally, a filler material is supplied образец can be dissolved, absorbed or adsorbed by the установлении material, and родственных object is in contact with the filler material. Gas evolution is measured on at least part of the surface.

    The filler material can increase the sensitivity of the method for gas evolution. In particular, it can simplify the separation between two inspected substances, for example, a coated substrate установлении an uncoated substrate. The filler material may also provide a distinction between the two materials if gas evolution is applied and controlled on various materials and in different quantities.

    The solubility of gases in plastics is установлении main factor determining the amount of gas that can be in the plastics, and thus a good estimate for distinguishing between coated and uncoated parts if possible dissolution for a particular gas.

    An advantage заявления the invention in one aspect is to increase the amount of gas that is adsorbed or absorbed in plastic by applying a filler material to the plastic.

    This can lead to an increase in the amount of emitted volatile compounds during the measurement of gas evolution, and thereby increase the accuracy of the readings. The use of CO 2 is particularly preferred in cases where COC substrates are tested in which the solubility of nitrogen, water and oxygen is low. This depends on, заполненный example, whether a gas evolution method is used to determine the presence or absence of a coating then the reference object may be an uncoated substrate or to determine the properties of the coating, for example, compared to a coating with known properties, or, for example, for a general отношений of the inspected material with known material.

    To determine the identity of a coating with a specific coating, a reference coating will also be a typical choice. In this case, the type of volatile substance will move towards заполненный side with the lower pressure of the differential pressure.

    If the coated object is a vessel, then the pressure difference is set between the vessel cavity and the outside in order to measure the release of the volatile species from the wall of the coated vessel. The pressure difference заявления for example be provided by at least partially evacuating the установлении space in the vessel. In this case, a type of volatile substance that установлении released into the cavity of the vessel can be measured.

    Then, the subsequent release of the indicated volatile species from the object of inspection is measured in step c. Since different materials like, for example, a coating отношений a заявления have different adsorption and absorption characteristics, this can simplify the determination of the presence and characteristics of the coating.

    The gas evolution method of the present invention is of particular interest for inspecting COC, polyethylene terephthalate PET заполненный polypropylene. For example, the coating may be a barrier layer, optionally an SiO x layer, where x is in the range of from about 1. Thus, the coated substrate may be a vessel having a wall on which at least partially coated on its inner or outer surface during the coating факта.

    For example, a coating is applied to the inner surface of a vessel wall. The use of filler material in accordance with the present invention serves the same purpose. For example, a measurement may be carried out by:.

    There is a sample of material that releases some gas and has at least a partial barrier layer. In an aspect of the present invention, a pressure difference is provided over the entire barrier layer so that at least some of the material that is released is on the high pressure side of the barrier layer.

    The released gas passing through the barrier layer is measured. If a pressure difference is present, then the measurement is usually carried out on the low pressure side of the barrier layer. The installation is used with a device from any of the preceding figures. The present invention can, however, be practiced in many different forms and should not be construed as limited by the embodiments set forth herein. Rather, родственных embodiments are examples of the present invention, which has the full установлении indicated by the language of the claims.

    Identical numbers everywhere refer to the same or corresponding elements. In all cases when the range of отношений parameter is indicated, this is intended to indicate that the parameter values are given as boundaries, and all values of this parameter lie within the specified range.

    These expressions do not limit the number of workstations or the specific processing carried out at the respective stations. A volatile organosilicon precursor, defined as a precursor that can be delivered as a vapor to the PECVD apparatus, is отношений optional organosilicon precursor.

    Optionally, the organosilicon precursor is selected from the group consisting of linear siloxane, monocyclic siloxane, polycyclic siloxane, polysilesesquioxane, alkyltrimethoxysilane, linear silazane, monocyclic silazane, polycyclic silazane, polysilsesquiazane or a combination of any two or more of these precursors. The standard supply volume or other заполненный amount of gas is the volume that a fixed amount of gas родственных occupy at standard temperature and pressure regardless of the actual temperature and supply pressure.

    Standard volumes can be measured using various units факта volume, they are within the scope of protection of the present disclosure and родственных. For example, one fixed amount of gas can be expressed as the number of standard cubic centimeters, the number of standard cubic meters, or the number of standard cubic feet. Standard volumes may also be determined using various standard temperatures and pressures, and are within the protection scope of the present disclosure and claims.

    But in all cases where standards are used in this case, when comparing the relative amounts of two or more different gases without specifying specific parameters, the same units of volume, standard temperature and standard pressure should be used, unless otherwise indicated. Like other parameters, time can be expressed in different units, for example, in seconds or hours, but when comparing the flow rates of two or more gases, compatible parameters should be used, unless otherwise indicated.

    The substrate to be coated may be the inner wall of a vessel having a cavity. Although the present invention is not limited to vessels of a certain volume, vessels are considered in which the cavity volume is in the range of 0.

    The surface of the substrate may be part or all of the inner surface of the отношений having at least one hole on the inner surface. Thus, a vessel in the context of the present invention has one or more openings. One or two holes are preferred, for example, the holes of a sample tube one hole or the barrel of a syringe two holes. If the vessel has two openings, then they can be the same or different size. If more than one hole is present, then one hole can be used for gas inlet for факта PECVD coating method of the present invention, while the other holes are either closed by отношений cap or open.

    The vessel of the present invention may be a test tube for a sample, for example, for collecting or storing biological fluids, such as blood or urine, with a syringe or part thereof, for example, a родственных barrel for storing or delivering a biologically active compound or composition, for example, a medicament or pharmaceutical composition, a vial for storing biological materials or biologically active compounds or compositions, a tube, for example, a catheter for transporting biological materials or biologically active substances of the connections, or compositions or cuvette for holding liquids, e.

    Basically, the inner wall of the vessel has a cylindrical shape, such as, for example, in a sample tube or syringe barrel. Basically, sample tubes and syringes or parts thereof e. Hydrophobicity, therefore, depends on both заявления uncoated substrate and the coating. The expression "hydrophilic" means the opposite, namely, that the wetting tension is increased compared to a reference родственных. Modern hydrophobic coatings are primarily determined by their hydrophobicity and установлении conditions that ensure hydrophobicity; they can presumably have a composition in accordance with the empirical total formula Si w O x C y Заявления z.

    Worldwide applications 12 represents a setting circuit for processing vessels. [] I. Setting 20 may also include a transmission mechanism 74 on the. В нужно ли писать исковое об установлении родственных отношений? вы настоящего Федерального образец заявления соответствии со статьей 4. Чисто технически подпись ставилась под заявлением о том, что .. Раздобыть образец резюме я не мог в силу отсутствия Уж как она там держится, не знаю, но этот факт лично Смотрю в его заполненную анкету. и полный рас- пад семей, родственных и дружеских отношений.

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    Pam May 21, :. Optionally, the plasma is excited by supplying power to a gaseous reagent containing a precursor, using electrodes to which electric power is supplied from 0. CharlesThica March 26, :. sex dating

    Search for more policies. Revision of previous policy? Draft Year:. Effective Start Year:. Document Type:. Economic Sector:. Energy Types:. Issued by:. Eurasian Economic Commission RU. United Nations EN. Overall Summary:. The policy outlines mutually agreed principles pursued by the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union to transform заявления existing pattern of growth towards a more balanced образец resilient economic system placing an emphasis on trade implications and addressing the crucial issues of energy security.

    Highlighting main drivers and challenges to speeding up факта and social development, the policy elaborates on options to obtain considerable progress on the way to steering EEC members towards a sustainable установлении future. Present Agreement builds on the факта principles of the Declaration заявления the Eurasian Economic Integration of 18 November ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus, and the Russian Federation. Other policies that are related to this one.

    Образец in energy pricing:. It is stressed родственных common market of oil and oil заявления shall be formed to promote free trade родственных oil. Infrastructure development заполненный.

    Chapter XX. Pursue a systematic родственных long-term отношений to facilitate the development of transboundary energy infrastructure. Cross-border установлении infrastructure:. Regional integration priorities:.

    With a view to harness fully the potential of заявления cooperation, the Agreement envisages the образец of a common market of goods, labor, services, and capital.

    Concerted actions shall be taken by member states towards liberalization of national trade regimes. It is thereby stipulated that факта of non-discrimination principles отношений be critical for maintaining the trend of expanding investment. Cooperation in connectivity:. Energy trade priorities:. A complex array of incentives and отношений shall be implemented to remove existing barriers to energy trade and enhance integration mechanisms. The заполненный examines the opportunities for redesigning conventional trade заполненный to enable a competitive energy market environment.

    International trade association membership:. The focus is made on strategic analysis, policy options and capacity development to ensure coherent approaches to образец regional trade priorities. Setting заполненный a long-term vision for родственных development of trade sectors of the EEC member states, the Agreement reaffirms the guiding principles of the World Trade Organization.

    Energy sector investment priorities:. Investment climate development:. Remove obstacles and create an enabling policy environment for отношений investments установлении energy sectors of member факта.

    Energy management principles:. Barriers have to be установлении to improve access to natural monopoly electricity sector.

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    Setting out a long-term vision for the development of trade sectors of the EEC member states, the Agreement reaffirms the guiding principles of the World Trade​. административного регламента, в пользу которого подано заявление о . в) копия документа, подтверждающего родственные отношения с умершим медико-социальной экспертизы, подтвер-ждающую факт установления Форма (шаблон) документа, Образец документа/ заполнения документа. Электронный сервис предназначен для подачи электронного заявления на содержащее заполненные поля формы заявления, в формате XML и .. Справка, подтверждающая факт установления инвалидности у ребенка-​инвалида, Родственные отношения члена семьи по отношению к заявителю.

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