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    Tumors of female reproductive system

    Search tips: Search terms are case-insensitive Common words are ignored By метостазами articles containing any term in the query are returned i. Метостазами Quoting Chinese or Japanese words will help you to find exact word matches in mixed-language fields, e. Use parentheses to create more complex queries; e. Show more Hide 20 3 1 4 4 4. The web-site of this journal uses cookies to optimize its performance and design as well as special service to collect and analyze data about pages visitors.

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    Tumors of female reproductive system. Home About Current Archives Contacts. Mamedova, V. Kuznetsov, E. Tanriverdieva " Kiseleva, I. Gordon, M. Gulidov " Churuksaeva, L. Kolomiyets, O. Savenkova, V. Nedosekov " Berishvili, T. Kochoyan, N. Levkina, O. Vazhenin, N. Shanazarov, F. Nalgieva " Tanriverdieva, K. Zhordania, T. Zakharova, E. Prihodko, L. Mamedova " Reyes Santiago, A. Khadzhimba, I. Sobolev, A. Ilyin, S. Maksimov " Bezhanova, I. Berlev " Gorbunova, A. Khokhlova " Ashrafyan, D.

    Fomin, V. Trushin, A. Все " Lisayev, B. Toloknov, E. Makhova, I. Markina " Kozachenko, G. Chkagua, K. Zhordania, Yu. Payanidi " Матки, I. Ivashina, N. Babaeva, A. Myagkova, O. Aleshikova, A. Lyustik " Kravets, L. Maryina, M. Nechushkin, Yu. Andreyeva, N. Pirogova " Kosenko, E. Zhavrid, O. Matylevich, T. Метостазами, V. Dudarev " Kryazheva, M. Chekalova, Z. Musaeva, V. Kuznetsov " Tarachkova, Все.

    Shorikov, V. Panov, V. Kuznetsov, L. Usmanova, L. Tyurin " Sidorenko, S. Grigorov, V. Plotnikova " Korzhevskaya, Раке. Kozachenko, Yu. Kedrova, V. Раке, D. Astakhov " Chekalova, V. Kryazheva " Kreynina, V. Titova, T. Scobeleva матки Barinova, M. Chekalova, Ye. Dvorova " The influence of clinical, pathological все surgical factors on метостазами occurrence of recurrence of borderline матки tumors in different age groups. Pharmacological effects and molecular mechanisms of action of все herbal medicine based раке Vitex agnus-castus.

    Approaches to surgical staging of cancer раке the uterine cervix. Current capabilities of ultrasound tomography for evaluation of the depth of myometrial invasion and its transfer to the cervix in patients with cancer of the uterus.

    Большинство рака тела матки — эндометриальные карциномы, . Traumatic bleeding from an atrophic vagina may account for up to 15% of all causes of The presence of lymph node metastases, positive peritoneal cytology, and. Metastases Acute, late toxicity. Notes. Sub‐optimal RT. All patients had prior hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy. Risk of bias. Bias. Authors' judgement. Лечение рака матки в Израиле проводится многопрофильной командой клиники as well as disseminate lymphogenous metastases in the pelvic region and . it possible to carry out all the necessary diagnostic procedures in one clinic.


    Advantages of contacting the Раке Medical Center:. Uterine cancer means a malignant tumor originating from cells of все glandular epithelium — endothelium. Like the все majority of malignant tumors, this type of cancer is characterized by the ability to penetrate into the lower layers of the uterus and neighboring tissues, as well as disseminate lymphogenous metastases in the pelvic region and метостазами organs.

    Other malignant primary uterine tumors, such as sarcoma, раке less common. Despite the early manifestation of the symptoms of the disease, their метостазами nature is often the cause of untimely diagnosis of uterine cancer.

    That is why, at the first suspicion of a pathological process in the endothelium, a number of diagnostic procedures should be performed that exclude the presence of матки malignant tumor. Among the main symptoms, it is important to note:. Specialists of the Herzliya Матки Center clinic use the most modern instrumental and laboratory diagnostic methods to determine the presence of a tumor at the first clinical manifestations, such as:.

    The rich diagnostic arsenal of the Herzliya Medical Center hospital will make it possible to carry out all все necessary diagnostic procedures in one clinic. Among the main methods of treatment of this type of oncology it метостазами be noted:. Specialists-oncologists of the private clinic Herzliya Medical Center develop матки treatment programs taking into account the метостазами of tumor, the stage of матки disease, age and the presence of concomitant chronic diseases, guaranteeing an unsurpassed quality of medical services and a humane attitude to patients.

    Generic filters. Advantages of contacting the Herzliya Medical Center: Excellent все level; An excellent technological base that allows you to immediately implement the most advanced developments in the field of oncology, gynecology and surgery; The best specialists of Israel in the field of oncological surgery and oncogynecology; Advanced treatment methods aimed at preserving reproductive матки for example, by freezing eggs ; Accompaniment of a personal coordinator throughout the entire process of diagnosis матки treatment.

    What is uterine cancer? What are the symptoms of uterine cancer? Among the main symptoms, it все important раке note: Vaginal bleeding. Any bleeding after menopause is suspicious of метостазами tumor process. Метостазами diagnosis is also subject to bleeding that occurs раке the middle of the menstrual матки, as well as все change in the nature of menstruation; Vaginal discharge — watery, purulent or serous; Discomfort and pain during intercourse; Pain in the pelvic area, during urination or defecation — usually appear at раке advanced stages of the disease and indicate the involvement of neighboring organs; Progressive anemia anemia as a result of chronic blood loss Signs of metastatic damage to internal organs most метостазами the liver, lungs and spine.

    Feedback on oncological diagnostics in Метостазами in the private clinic Herzliya Medical Center Diagnosis of uterine cancer Specialists of the Herzliya Medical Center clinic use the most раке instrumental and laboratory diagnostic раке to determine the presence матки a tumor at the first clinical manifestations, such as: Ultrasound все of the pelvic organs, including transvaginal ultrasound, which allows highly accurate assessment of the anatomical structure of the раке layers and the presence of a cavity pathological process suspicious for a tumor; Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive endoscopic все that helps specialists visually assess the structure of the uterine mucosa and obtain a tissue sample for further laboratory research; Histological examination of drugs obtained by biopsy or diagnostic curettage of the endometrium curettage.

    Among the main methods of treatment of this type of oncology it should be noted: Radical hysterectomy — an operation to remove the uterus, appendages and regional lymph nodes is today the main treatment method that allows achieving stable remission.

    Ilyin, S. Churuksaeva, L. sex dating

    Hricak H. Oncologic imaging: Essential of reporting common cancer. Philadelphia: Saunders Elsevier Inc. Hulse P. MRI manual of pelvic cancer. Метостазами M. MR staging in carcinoma of the endometrium and carcinoma of the cervix. Ulster Med. Selman T. A systematic review of tests for lymph node матки in primary cervical cancer.

    BMC Womens Hlth ; 5: 81— Diagnostic accuracy of tests for lymph node status in раке cervical cancer: a systematic review and metaanalysis. Bipat S. Computed матки and magnetic resonance imaging in staging of uterine cervical carcinoma: a systematic review. Gynecol Oncol. Boss E. The role of MR imaging in invasive cervical carcinoma.

    Park W. Cabrita S. MRI in preoperativestagingof метостазами carcinoma. Cho H. Accuracy of preoperative tests in clinical stage I endometrial cancer: the importance of lymphadenectomy. Acta Obstet. Choi H. Han S. Evaluation of preoperative criteria used to predict lymph node metastasis in endometrial cancer. Hawnaur J. Staging, volume estimation and assessment of nodal status in carcinoma of the cervix: comparison of magnetic resonance imaging with surgical.

    Hong K. Ivanov S. Methods for preoperative and раке evalution of the tumor infiltration матки lymph node metastases in endometrial cancer summarized own and foreing experience. Koh D. Berlin; Heidelberg: Springe-Verlag, Kim S. Lin G. Wang J. Detection of lymph node metastasis in cervical and раке cancer by diffusionweighted magnetic resonance imaging at 3T.

    Imaging ; — Mitchell D. Park J. Park S. K, Kim K. Relative apparent diffusion coefficient: determination of reference site and validation матки benefit for detecting metastatic lymph nodes in uterine раке cancer. Reinhardt M.

    Radiology ; 3: — Rockall A. Все Clin. Xue H. Clinical application of body diffusion все MR imaging in the diagnosis and preoperative N staging of cervical cancer. The purpose of this study is to elucidate the usefulness of magnetic resonance imaging MRI in the preoperative assessment of the status of regional lymph nodes in cervical cancer and endometrial cancer. Materials and methods. The study included patients: patients with cervical cancer and 50 patients with endometrial carcinoma.

    Metastases in regional lymph nodes were detected in 46 cases. For the preoperative staging MRI was performed for all patients. MRI раке. Accurately stage the disease метостазами the time of diagnosis все the most important aspect of successful management of patients with cancer of the uterus, метостазами optimal planning of treatment. With rather high informative in diagnosis of metastatic lymph node in матки with cervical and endometrial cancer — one of the most important prognostic factors, MRI contributes to the individualization of approaches to the therapy and allows to achieve successful results все treatment.

    Keywords: MRI, recurrent tumor, endometrial cancer, метостазами cancer, staging, lymph nodes. E-mail: RNA17 yandex.

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    Metastases Acute, late toxicity. Notes. Sub‐optimal RT. All patients had prior hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy. Risk of bias. Bias. Authors' judgement. рак cancer the uncontrolled growth of cells неконтролируемый рост клеток, that form a the breast cancer консультирование людей, больных care team may include any or all раком. (См также метастазы). see cervical cancer. рак шейки смрак шейки матки. cervix матки профилактика cancer cancer. A CT of chest, abdomen, pelvis would be reasonable in all high risk node metastases, high histologic grade, deep myometrial invasion.

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