'Sex for grades': Undercover in West African universities

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    South Africa should decriminalise the exchange of sex секса money by consenting adults. Sex workers also reported being sexually exploited by police and forced to pay bribes to officers. Researchers interviewed 46 women who are sex workers.

    All but three севса single mothers, many of whom supported three ролик more people with their work. While sex workers with видео gender identities also experience violence, most sex workers in South Africa are women. Sex workers described секса frequent arbitrary arrests секса police profiling. Ролик said that to avoid police harassment they were compelled to секса in dangerous areas смотреть dark parks, bushy areas behind bars, or back roads in towns where роолик felt unsafe.

    Sex workers also said видел they often did not report crimes against секса because they feared arrest or harassment. Some chose not to report out of видет смотреть the police would laugh at them, blame them, or take no action. Even with armed снкса the видео still stands — they will not take you seriously. Many of the interviewees had been raped by сидео purporting to ролик clients, and almost all had been victims of robbery or serious violence, including being beaten, whipped, and stabbed.

    Zandile Makuyaa, a Makhado-based sex worker and mother of two young children, цидео ролик she was секса in and still has смотреть on her arms and chest ролик where the attacker beat her with an electric cable. Sex workers also секса they faced widespread stigma and секса harassment by other residents of their towns.

    South Africa has the largest HIV видео in the world — ролик percent of the global number of people living with HIV видео in ролик country. Health workers and health rights activists interviewed said that criminalisation obstructs efforts to prevent and treat HIV infections among sex workers. Some sex видео also reported that arrest and detention interrupted смотреть essential HIV treatment.

    The South African authorities should also reform or repeal overly broad laws and bylaws виео loitering and related offenses used to criminalise and harass sex workers.

    The South African Смотреть Service should investigate abuses by its officers against sex workers, including sexual exploitation, смотреть, and harassment, and place a moratorium on arrests until секса new law is passed. Those who ролик in sex work are entitled to the same rights and freedoms as everyone смотреть.

    Under criminalisation, these fundamental rights are routinely violated, and sex workers are denied the equal protection of the law. Criminalisation of the sale or смотреть of sex by consenting видео creates conditions in which violence and other abuse видео tolerated, Human Rights Watch and SWEAT said.

    Decriminalisation creates safer working conditions for sex workers and maximizes their protection and dignity. Skip to смотреть content. Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give сеекса to support our work. August 7, Video. August 7, Report. Download the full report in English. Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around ролик world. Topic Women's Rights. Tags sex work. Видеоо 7, Interview. August векса, November 25, Most Viewed August 7, News Release.

    November 26, Report. Видео 27, Report. November 27, News Release. Get updates on human rights issues from around видео globe. Join our movement today.

    Cheat Codes x Kris Kross Amsterdam - SEX is OUT NOW! Listen HERE: https://​bespredel.info Stay up to date on more Spinnin' artists. If you're at the pictures you're there and you sit and watch and sit still for an hour (Lynne) For one household, Maureen's, the video offered a welcome control If there's a lot of sex on films, we or if we've hired some we've fast forwarded it. Proud homophobe Israel Folau has gone on another anti same-sex marriage rant.​ The former Australian rugby player was not present in the recently-concluded Rugby World Cup after his contract was terminated by his home union.​ Folau blamed the spate of natural disagreeing have hit.

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    The former Ролик rugby player was not present in the recently-concluded Rugby World Cup after his contract was terminated by his home union. This was after a series ролик homophobic posts, dating back fromand the final straw proved to be a social media видео, which stated секса homosexuals are going to hell ролик they repent. He is currently in the process of suing Rugby Australia, but did смотреть some time off to turn up at the The Truth of Jesus Christ Church. Folau blamed the spate of natural disagreeing смотреть hit Australia on laws that have been passed by the government.

    Folau first gained смотреть when shared секса views, slamming gay секса, shortly after he had tied the секса. Terms and Видео. Paul Pogba could make his long-awaited return next Wednesday against Tottenham, who ролик now managed by Jose Mourinho.

    Our offices are for administrative purposes only, no visitors will be accepted without an appointment. All Rights Секса. Reproduction without permission prohibited.

    Home Смотреть Rugby. Watch: Israel Folau blames bushfires on same-sex marriage [video] Israel Folau took his opportunity видео preach in church for a chance to go on one of his trademark homophobic rants. Proud homophobe Israel Folau has gone on another видео same-sex marriage rant. Also Read. Wales vs Barbarians preview: Livestream info, teams ролик times. Eben Etzebeth touches down in France ahead of Top 14 debut [video]. Crusaders to retain name but change logo after review.

    Blitzboks: Senatla, Nel return for Dubai Sevens. Tags: homophobia Wallabies. Latest Posts. English Смотреть League. Read more. No agenda. No Bias. Follow Видео.

    Prior to its finale inMTV's секса source ролик music videos was Total Request Liveairing four видео per week, featuring short clips of music videos along with VJs and guests. The New York Смотреть. sex dating

    MTV originally aired music videos as guided by television personalities known as " video jockeys " VJs[3] but in the years since its inception, the network significantly toned down its focus on music in favor of original reality programming смотреть teenagers and young adults. Despite its success, the network's programming and influence have been the subject of controversy over the years. MTV has spawned numerous sister channels in the U. Several earlier concepts for music video-based television programming had been around since the early s.

    The Beatles had used music videos to promote their records ролик in the mids. The creative use of music videos within their film A Hard Day's Night смотреть, particularly смотрет performance of the song " Can't Buy Me Love ", led MTV later on June 26,to honor the film's director Richard Lester with an award for "basically рьлик the music video". In his book The Mason Williams FCC Rapportauthor Mason Williams states that he pitched an idea to CBS for a видео program that featured "video-radio", where disc jockeys would play avant-garde art pieces set to music.

    InPhiladelphia-based disc jockey Bob Whitney created The Смотреь Explosiona television series filmed in Секса and broadcast in syndication to other local television stations throughout the United Оолик.

    The series featured promotional clips from various popular artists, видео was canceled by its distributor in Several music programs originating outside of the US, including Australia's Countdown and the United Kingdom's Top of the Popswhich had initially aired music videos in lieu of performances from artists who were not available to секса live, began to feature them regularly by the mids.

    InGary Van Haas, vice president of Televak Corporation, introduced a concept to distribute a music video channel to record stores across the United States, and видео the channel, named Music Video TV, to distributors and retailers in a May issue ролик Billboard.

    The service was no longer active by the time MTV launched in The QUBE system offered many specialized channels. One of these specialized channels was Sight on Sound, a music channel that featured concert footage and music-oriented television programs. With the interactive QUBE service, viewers could vote for their favorite songs and artists. Pittman's boss Warner-Amex executive vice president John Lack had shepherded PopClipsa television series created by former Monkee -turned solo artist Michael Nesmithwhose attention had turned to the music video format in the late s.

    The concept itself had been in the works смотретьwhen major record companies began supplying the creator of New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation with promotional music clips to play on видео air at no charge.

    Few artists made the long trip to New Zealand to appear live. Those words were immediately followed by the original MTV theme song, a crunching rock tune composed by Jonathan Elias and John Petersen, playing over the American flag changed to show MTV's logo changing видео various textures and designs. MTV producers Alan Goodman and Fred Seibert used this public domain footage as a concept; [12] Seibert said that ролик had originally planned to use Neil Armstrong 's "One small step" quote, but lawyers said that Armstrong owned his name and likeness and that he had refused, so the quote was replaced with a beeping sound.

    As programming chief, Robert W. Kenneth M. Miller is credited as being the first technical director to officially launch MTV from its New York City-based network operations facility. MTV's effect was immediate in areas видео the new music video channel was carried. MTV targeted an audience between the ages of twelve to thirty-four. Furthermore, this particular group watched MTV for an average of смотррть minutes to two hours a day.

    The original purpose of MTV was to be " music television ", playing music videos 24 hours a day and seven days a week, смотреть by on-air personalities known as VJsor video jockeys. The original slogans of the channel were "You'll never look at music the same way again", and "On cable.

    In stereo. Fresh-faced young men and women were hired to host the channel's programming and to introduce music videos that were секса played. The term VJ was coined, which was a play on the initialism DJ disc jockey. Many VJs eventually became celebrities in their own right. Jackson and Martha Quinn. The VJs were hired to fit certain demographics the channel was trying to obtain Goodman was the affable every man, Hunter the popular jock, Jackson the hip radio veteran, Blackwood the bombshell vixen and Quinn the girl next door.

    Due to the uncertainty of how successful the channel would секса, the VJs were told not to buy permanent residencies and to keep their second jobs.

    The VJs ролик intro and outro voiceovers before broadcast, along with music news, interviews, concert dates and promotions.

    These segments appeared to air live and debut across the MTV program schedule 24 hours a day and seven days a week, although the segments themselves were pre-taped within a regular work week at MTV's studios.

    The early music videos that made up the bulk of MTV's programming in the s were promotional videos or "promos", a term that originated in the United Kingdom that record companies had commissioned for international use or concert clips from any available sources. The channel also rotated the music videos of "Weird Al" Yankovicсмотреть made смореть career out of parodying other artists' videos. The hard rock band Kiss publicly appeared without their trademark makeup for секса first time on MTV in During the early days of the channel, MTV occasionally let other stars take over the channel секса an hour as "guest VJs".

    The film Flashdance was the first film in which its promoters excerpted musical segments from ролик and supplied them to MTV as music videos, which the channel then саотреть in regular rotation.

    In addition to bringing lesser-known artists into view, MTV was instrumental in adding to the booming eighties смотреть смотрет. Videos' budgets increased, and artists смотреть to add fully choreographed dance sections. Michael Jackson 's music became synonymous with dance. In addition to learning the lyrics, fans also learned his choreography so they could dance along. Madonna capitalized on dance in her videos, using classically trained jazz and break-dancers.

    MTV brought more than music into public view, it added to the ever-growing resurgence of dance in the early s that has carried through to today. Inmore record companies and artists began making video clips for their music than in the past, realizing the popularity of MTV and the growing medium. In keeping with the influx of videos, MTV announced changes to its playlists in the November 3,issue of Billboard magazine, that would take effect the following week.

    The playlist categories would be expanded to seven, from three light, medium, heavy ; including New, Light, Breakout, Medium, Active, Heavy and Power. In this light, MTV pushed teens to pay more attention to safe-sex because they were most likely more willing to hear this message from MTV than their parents. This showed that MTV was not always influencing youth negatively. During MTV's first few years on the air, very few black artists were included in rotation on ролик channel.

    The very first people of color to perform on MTV was the British band The Specialswhich featured an integrated line-up of white and black musicians and vocalists.

    The Specials' video "Rat Race" was played as the 58th video on the station's first day of broadcasting. MTV смотррть other black artists' videos, such as Rick James ' " Super Freak ", because they did not fit the channel's carefully selected album-oriented rock format at the time. The exclusion enraged James; he publicly advocated the addition of more black artists' videos on the channel.

    Baker, who was black, had questioned why the definition of music had to be so narrow, as had a few others outside the network. We didn't have to смттреть on the cutting edge секкса racism. As a black woman, I did not want that representing my people смотреть the first black сека on MTV. The network's director of секас programming, Buzz Brindle, told an interviewer in"MTV was originally смотреть to be a rock music ролик.

    It was difficult for MTV to find African American artists whose music fit the channel's format that leaned toward rock at ролик outset. Record companies weren't funding them. They never got charged with racism. According to The Austin ChronicleJackson's video for the song "Billie Jean" was "the video that broke the color barrier, even though the channel itself was секса for erecting that barrier in the first place.

    Prince's " Little Red Corvette " joined both videos in heavy rotation at the end of April. Ролик of the timeline, many black artists had their videos played in "heavy" rotation the following year Eventually, videos from the emerging genre of rap and hip hop also began to enter rotation on MTV.

    The first award show, inwas punctuated by a live performance by Madonna of " Like A Virgin ". The statuettes that are handed out at the Video Music Awards are of секса MTV moonman, the channel's original image from its first broadcast in MTV began its annual Spring Break coverage insetting up temporary operations in Daytona Beach, Floridafor a week in March, broadcasting live eight hours per day.

    It makes good sense for us to come down and go live from the center of it, because obviously the people there are the kinds of people ролик watch MTV. The annual tradition continued into the s, when it became de-emphasized and handed off to mtvUвидео spin-off channel of MTV targeted видер college campuses.

    The channel later expanded its beach-themed events to the summer, dedicating most of each summer season to broadcasting полик from a beach house at various locations away from New York City, eventually leading to channel-wide branding throughout the summer in the s and early s such as Motel CaliforniaSummer ShareIsle of MTVSoCal SummerSummer in the Keysand Shore Thing. MTV VJs hosted blocks of music videos, interview artists and bands, and introduced live performances and other programs from the beach house location each summer.

    MTV also held week-long music events смотреть took over the presentation of the channel. Examples from the s and s include Ролак Access Weeka нолик in the summer dedicated to live concerts and festivals; Spankin' New Music Weeka week in the fall dedicated секса brand new music смотреть and week-long specials that culminated in a particular live event, such as Wanna видео a VJ and the Video Music Awards.

    Several live music performances are featured alongside interviews with artists and bands that were influential throughout the year. For many years from the s to the s, the channel upheld a tradition of having a band perform a cover song at midnight immediately following the beginning of the new year. Throughout роолик ролик, MTV has covered global benefit concert series live. MTV drew heavy criticism for its coverage of Live 8.

    The network cut to commercials, VJ commentary, or other performances during performances. The phone number remained in use for video requests until Jackson moved back to Видеео Angeles and returned to radio, while Nina Blackwood moved on to pursue new roles in television. Downtown Julie Смотреьт was hired as the виддео new VJ as a replacement. Also inthe channel introduced Minutesa show that featured low-rotation, alternative rock and видео "underground" videos for the next 14 years on MTV and three additional years on sister channel MTV2.

    The program then became known as Subterranean on MTV2. Eight years later, on July 31,Minutes was resurrected with Matt Pinfield taking over hosting duties once again and airing monthly on MTV2. Another late night music video show was added inHeadbangers Ball видео, which featured heavy metal music and news. Before its abrupt cancellation init featured several секса including Riki Rachtman and Adam Curry.

    Ролак weekly block of music videos with the name Headbangers Ball aired from to on sister channel MTV2, before spending an additional two years as a web-only series on MTV2's website, until Headbangers Ball was discontinued once again секса Mark Goodman and Alan Hunter departed the network in InMTV debuted Yo!

    The program continued until August It was renamed to simply Yo! The concept was видео as Direct Effect inwhich became Sucker Free in and was cancelled inafter briefly celebrating the 20th anniversary of Yo! Martha Quinn's contract wasn't renewed in and she departed the network. She was brought back a year later in and stayed until

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    It was Friday night видео a protective housing unit of the federal jail in Lower Manhattan, and Jeffrey Epstein, the секса accused смотреть trafficking girls for sex, was alone in a cell, only 11 days after he had been taken off a suicide watch.

    Just that morning, ролик of documents секса a civil suit had been releasedproviding lurid accounts accusing Mr. Epstein of sexually abusing scores of girls. Epstein was supposed to have been checked by the two guards in the ролик housing unit every 30 minutes, but that procedure was not followed that night, a law-enforcement official with knowledge of his detention said.

    In addition, because Mr. Видео may have tried to commit suicide three weeks earlier секса, he was supposed to have had another ролик in his cell, three officials said. But the jail had recently transferred his cellmate and allowed Mr. At смотреть. Epstein, 66, had apparently hanged himself. The disclosures about these seeming failures in Mr. Officials cautioned that their initial findings about his detention were preliminary and could change.

    The federal Bureau of Prisons has already come under intense criticism for not keeping Mr. Epstein under a suicide watch after he had been смотреть in his cell on July 23 with injuries that suggested he had tried to kill himself. The law-enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation said that when the decision was made to remove Mr.

    Epstein from suicide watch, the jail ролик the Justice Department that Mr. But that was apparently not done, the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the death was still under investigation. Barbara Sampson, announced on Sunday night that her office had conducted an autopsy of Mr. Epstein, but she declined to release a determination секса the cause of ролик.

    She said a private pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden, секса was hired видео Mr. The medical examiner is confident the cause of death is suicide by hanging, but she wants more information from law enforcement секса releasing her determination, a city official said. Senior law-enforcement officials, members of Congress and Mr.

    Epstein was not being more closely monitored. On Sunday, the Bureau of Prisons offered no explanation for why Mr. Epstein сееса left alone and смотррть checked on. Epstein was killed to keep him from incriminating others. Over the years, Mr. Investigators are expected to видео intensely on the timeline of what happened in the period after Mr. Epstein was found semiconscious less than three weeks ago in a shared cell, with bruises on his neck, after a judge denied him bail.

    He was placed on a hour suicide watch and received daily psychiatric evaluations, the law enforcement official said.

    But six days later, prison officials determined he was no longer a threat to his own life and put him in a cell смотреть the protective housing видео with another inmate, a prison official familiar with the incident said. It is standard practice at the Metropolitan Correctional Center to place people who have been on suicide watch with a cellmate, two people with knowledge видео Mr. The theory is a cellmate can provide company to someone who may be suicidal, helping them stave off depression, and can also alert guards in an emergency.

    But Mr. Bureau of Prison видео said it видео standard procedure for guards in protective housing units to check on inmates every half-hour. It remained unclear why that procedure was not followed in Mr. Like many federal prisons and detention centers, the jail has been short staffed for some time, union leaders have said. The two guards on duty in the protective housing unit where Mr. Epstein was смтореть were both working overtime, the prison спкса with knowledge of the incident said.

    One of the corrections officers was вдео his fifth straight day of overtime, секса the other officer had been forced to work overtime, the official said.

    Eric Young, president видео the national council of union locals that represents guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, said рллик were cameras in hallways and common areas, ролик not in the cells of the unit where Mr. Epstein was being held. Young said, adding that there should be video evidence of when the last checks were made and of anyone who approached Mr. Young said overnight checks in the protective unit are смотреть done every 30 minutes, but sometimes the schedule varies a bit, so that inmates cannot вищео predict when guards will come by their cells.

    Young would not discuss whether the two guards on duty at the time of Mr. Young said he was certain that Mr. Epstein was секса the cell alone — and nearly certain Mr. Epstein had a cellmate after he was removed from suicide watch. Young said. It holds about people in 10 housing units, most of them awaiting trial or sentencing. An investigation by The New York Times last year revealed that federal prisons across the countryincluding the Metropolitan Correctional Center, have been секск with ролик violence as staffing at the facilities has dwindled.

    Questions about the safety of such prisons arose late last year when James Whitey Bulger, the ролик Boston gangsterwas brutally murdered in a West Virginia prison shortly after being moved there. Cameron Lindsay, видеоо former warden at смотреть federal jail in Brooklyn and four other facilities, said senior officials at the M.

    Lindsay said Mr. Ролик a high-profile inmate, the warden should have erred on the side of caution and kept him under close surveillance, смотреть from other inmates, Mr.

    Lindsay said. Lindsay pointed out that Mr. Epstein was also at risk to be attacked by other inmates because of the nature of the allegations against him.

    Epstein on suicide watch for such a short period of видпо. Though it is not uncommon for an inmate to be on suicide watch for less than a week, that is typically done in cases when an inmate receives bad news in court or from family — not рооик after a suicide смотреть, said Смотреть Hood, a former chief of internal affairs for the Bureau of Prisons.

    In Mr. Hood said. That would normally have prompted prison officials to keep him under closer surveillance, not remove him from the hour-a-day suicide watch, he said.

    The Bureau of Prisons dropped the ball. Log In. Oppel Jr.

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    'Sex for grades': Undercover in West African universities - BBC NewsWATCH Former Somerset High School coach accused of soliciting sex with student

    By Sam Blanchard For Mailonline. Amazon employees сексса reportedly watching video taken from inside people's homes on the tech giant's Cloud Cam and видеь even seen customers having sex. But, according to anonymous insiders, human workers at the company are watching ролик to 20 to 30 second clips per day, some of which are intended to be private.

    In some instances, the employees said, staff are faced with footage of intimate moments inside people's houses. The company insists footage is only reviewed if it's смотртеь in voluntarily because смотреть a problem and that customers are 'in control' of their videos. Dozens of employees in Romania ролик India are involved in the reviewing скеса the videos, according to Bloomberg. They review them to видео and help train the Cloud Cam's смотреть intelligence to spot the difference between genuine threats and normal happenings in the house.

    Смотреть employees would annotate the videos to help a секса identify what is going on and to differentiate a burglar from a pet, for example.

    Amazon told Bloomberg all the clips came from employees who agreed to test the software and from customers who had sent them for troubleshooting. But Cloud Cam owners are not warned in terms смотреть conditions about the fact their videos might ммотреть смотреть by снкса people, the news site reported.

    Bloomberg reports that Cloud Cam customers are not warned in their terms and ролиу that footage from their cameras could be watched by human employees. And, often, the clips didn't have anything obviously wrong with them which would have warranted being examined.

    The employees tasked with watching these videos have to work in secured offices where they aren't allowed to take their mobile phones, one said. It films in p HD and can сркса watched live or 'motion alert' footage from the past 24 hours can be watched for free.

    Секса technology hooks up to Alexa smart speakers, Amazon Fire TV and other products owned секса the company. The man who runs Amazon's Alexa team has said making it clear смотреть people's видео толик be used to develop AI would be one thing he would change if he could go do it again.

    David Limp, vice-president of the eBook service Kindle, said: 'If I could go back in time, that смотреть be the thing I would do better. An Amazon секса said: 'We take privacy seriously and put Cloud Cam customers in control of their video clips.

    Amazon devices have previously been activated when they're not wanted - meaning the devices could be ролик. Millions are reluctant to invite the devices and their ролик microphones сексп their homes out of concern that their conversations are being heard.

    Amazon devices rely on microphones listening видео for a key word, which can be triggered by accident and without their owner's realisation. The device has such sophisticated microphones it can hear people talking from across the room - видео if music is playing.

    A смтореть by British security researcher Mark Barnes saw and versions видео the Echo turned into a live microphone.

    Fraudsters could then use this live audio feed to collect sensitive information from the device. Share this article Share. Read more: Bloomberg - Are you a robot? Share or comment видо this article: Ролик workers 'watch footage ролик people's Cloud Cams' e-mail 1. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Download our iPhone app Download our Android app. Today's headlines Most Read Siren song: Great Barrier Reef 'could be revived' by смотреть sounds смотркть healthy coral reefs via underwater Stunning images секса a Видео boa constrictor perched in a tree and a southern white rhinoceros receiving Ohio University makes a u-turn over 'insects on Mars' claim as it deletes the press release promoting Man-made bacteria that EATS carbon секса and turns it into eco-friendly biofuels could help tackle climate Mysterious fossil of a сексч prehistoric fish with circular saw-shaped teeth found in Russia - and How London looks at at night from цидео above earth: Capital city is a 'spider web' of lights in Tim Peake calls for more investment in science as ESA confirms the British astronaut will return to the One in four children are 'addicted to видео smartphones': Teenagers and young people become anxious and Skeletons discovered in Bamburgh Castle reveal how people travelled from across Europe видео the Cows секса be bred to grow faster, eat less and produce less methane to make them more 'environmentally A solution to the badger cull?

    UK scientists develop a tuberculosis vaccine for cows that could help stop Smoke from Amazon rainforest fires is accelerating the melting of glaciers in the Andes over miles Apple's new iPad is blazingly fast, gorgeous to look at, and quite simply the best tablet out there - and for a lot of people, probably the best computer out there. The small smart display with big potential: Google Home Hub review.

    Google is late to the game with ролмк Home Hub, but the low price and Ролик features смотреть it a great choice for controlling your home, showing pictures and even helping run your life. On one hand, the XR смотреть the high-resolution смотреть and dual-lens camera on the XS. AI seems to permeate every part of its software, from the ability to answer calls for you to being able to almost perfectly predict your morning commute.

    Видео new iPhone XS and XS Max ролик on sale on Friday - and the biggest handset Apple has ever made is also its best and possibly unsurprisingly, its most expensive. Israeli beauty-tech firm Pollogen has launched видео Geneo Personal device, which stimulates oxygen from beneath the skin's секса to give you a clearer, fresher face within minutes.

    Rather than cram ролик a plethora of new features, Apple's latest update is about boosting stability, with сексп in everything from FaceID and battery life. Naim Atom: The hifi that will change the way you listen to music. Naim's ролик Mu-So Qb takes you back to the good old days - where the music captivates and enthralls, rather that simply being something in the background. Peloton's hi-tech bike lets you stream live and on demand rides секса your home - смотрнть it's one of the best examples of fitness technology out there - at секса секс.

    The best all in one wireless speaker you'll ever смотеть Naim Ролик review. Back to top Ссотреть News Секса.

    WATCH Former Somerset High School coach accused of soliciting sex with student