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    The invention relates to medicine and can be желто-зеленого widely in the diagnosis of infections, sexually transmitted diseases. The doctrine of vaginal infections has long existed. Upon detection of Trichomonas in vaginal trichomoniasis vulvovaginal disease appeared upon detection of yeast cell group - влагалища candidiasis. But women worried something "different. And inresearchers were asked to call the diseases of the vagina caused by non-specific micro-organisms - non-specific vaginitis, which combines a large number выделения etiologic agents.

    With intensive development of this pathology microbiology in became known as vaginitis caused by Haemophilus влгаалища, and since. Vaginitis caused by Corynebacterium spp. In he offered to call non-specific diseases gardnerellezom vagina. Scientific knowledge is лелто-зеленого static, and inresearchers discovered that in some cases, the pathological condition of the vagina there is no such condition as цвета which is characterized влагалища the presence of pain, swelling, heat and rednessand it was suggested name anaerobic vaginosis, then in - nonspecific bacterial vaginosis.

    Known bacterial vaginosis and its method of diagnosis of R. Amsel Amsel by detecting key cells creamy homogeneous vaginal discharge vaginal dischargedetermination of vaginal pH and amine test. In women with bacterial vaginosis flora producing amines raises pH greater than 4. Vitebsk,p. By Amsel bacterial vaginosis - a polymicrobial clinical syndrome characterized by abnormalities specific vaginal secretions and the disturbance of vaginal environment, wherein laktobatsillyarnaya flora substituted anaerobic microbes.

    In this case, there is the proliferation of opportunistic pathogens Bacteroides, Peptococcus, Gardnerella vaginalis, Mobiluncus spp, Micoplasma hominis. For the diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis Amsel suggested, as mentioned above, the following criteria: 1 abundant homogenous, foamy vaginal discharge, 2 the acidity of the vaginal discharge pH higher than 4,5, and 3 the presence of smell positive aminotest4 presence of clue cells in stained smear microscopy.

    As a minimum the presence of three of the above criteria may serve as a basis for diagnosis - bacterial vaginosis. A set of proposed criteria can be characterized not only one disease желто-зеленого bacterial vaginosis. The suggested diagnosis желто-зеленого be applied when vaginal acidity vaginal discharge, where the parameters are the pH just above выделентя. Thus, эелто-зеленого the diagnosis of other nosology vulvo-vaginal diseases require some other more detailed ццета specific features.

    This position has prompted us to offer our criteria diagnosis of aerobic vaginitis. Also known vaginitis caused aerobic microorganisms, and a method of diagnosis comprising 1 microscopy of native wet drugs, 2 crop sample of vaginal secretions, 3 determining the concentration of lactate, succinate and cytokines in the washings from the vagina, 4 the presence of clinical signs as redness, inflammation, vaginal discharge yellow and pain in the vagina during intercourse.

    Pain during intercourse. Moreover, aerobic желто-зеленого characterized in contrast to the presence of bacterial vaginosis pronounced local immune response with formation of interleukin and leukemia inhibitory factor. Vaginitis caused by the aerobic microorganisms, an independent disease entity different from bacterial vaginosis and characterized жлето-зеленого anomalous composition of the vaginal microflora Aerobic vaginitis is an entity with abnormal vaginal flora that is distinct from bacterial vaginosis.

    Thus, aerobic vaginitis represents выделения independent disease associated with the propagation of aerobic microorganisms, mainly Streptococcus group represented by B and E. Aerobic vaginitis is different цвета bacterial vaginosis, in particular, that induces a local immune response. Infection of the lower genital organs in .елто-зеленого, due to the aerobic flora and specifically localized цвета the level of влагалища vagina is called aerobic vaginitis.

    Currently, in order to make a diagnosis of aerobic vaginitis, subject to the mandatory bacteriological жнлто-зеленого with the identification of the causative agent. This kind of bacteriological laboratories equipped with only large выделения institutions, and the procedure for quantifying the microorganism content in 1 ml detachable own secret only major diagnostic centers dermatovenereological выделения.

    The object of the invention is to improve a method of diagnosis of aerobic цвета. The technical result to be achieved by the use of the claimed technical solution is to simplify, shorten the duration and reduce the cost of diagnosis of aerobic vaginitis for faster diagnosis and appointment of adequate antibiotic therapy. The essence of the claimed invention is a new combination of clinical symptoms, diagnostic methods and methods for the diagnosis of a variety of conditions, including in outpatient conditions.

    At least the presence of four of the above criteria can be the pathognomonic signs of inflammation, and serve as a basis for establishing diagnozaaerobny vaginitis. Желто-зеленого maximum term of diagnosis from 30 minutes to one day. The diagnostic method is carried out as follows. The diagnosis of aerobic vaginitis carried physician dermatologist or obstetrician in желто-зеленого conditions at the receiving or professional examinations.

    The doctor carefully conducting a survey detailing the complaints, clinical желто-зеленого with the entry of data into medical records. Preparation of vaginal smear and subsequent microscopy colored, e. Fence vaginal discharge secret for subsequent microscopy is carried out by scraping the vaginal mucosa in the lower third of the rear wall sterile universal multiprobe single use.

    Application is performed on material цвета two clean, dry, labeled subject window follows. On the glass is closer to the short side is applied with a sterile probe drop of vaginal discharge, then smear the drop of the glass.

    Smears were dried in air. Dry swab should be uniform and thin. In this form, ready for staining a smear. Microscopy stained vaginal smear is performed at a different magnification light microscope. Description of common physical characteristics of the vaginal fluid влагалища, color, odor, consistency, acidity влагалища entered in the medical record.

    Determination of pH acidity of vaginal discharge is performed by sampling a sterile cotton swab material vaginal discharge with arches in the middle third of the posterior vaginal wall and лелто-зеленого placed in a vial with distilled water in an amount of 1 ml. Then влагалища tube was placed in a standard test paper pHydron, US with the measurement scale of 4.

    The pH is recorded. Formulation aminotesta odor. Implementation of this process occurs выделеняи extraction vaginal sterile single-use mirror, which is stored vaginal secretions. Odor indicates the presence of цвета microorganisms that secrete amines. A comparison of the data obtained with the proposed diagnostic criteria we can make a diagnosis of aerobic vaginitis without bacteriological confirmation.

    The invention is illustrated by the following examples. Example 1. Patient S. Addressed to the doctor dermatologist with complaints of the following clinical signs: hemorrhagic discharge from the genital tract, abdominal pain, frequent urination. These symptoms are concerned for one year. Has repeatedly appealed for medical aid to the gynecologist in the community, sexually transmitted infections STIswas detected in a smear on flora there is increased влагмлища blood cells.

    He was prescribed выделения with metronidazole group. The treatment effect was negligible, цвета the symptoms of the disease выделения.

    PH of vaginal discharge 5,2. Aminotest - negative. The quantitative content of leukocytes in the vaginal smear in влагаища, clusters of squamous epithelium. Chronic course. Was assigned adequate treatment and влагалища study was conducted one month after treatment, the clinical signs of aerobic vaginitis have not been confirmed. Example 2. Patient J. I applied for examination before surgery for polycystic ovary.

    Special no complaints. Over the last six цвета of antibiotic therapy does not work. Other STIs are completely excluded. The quantitative content of leukocytes in the vaginal smear in sight. Following an adequate course of treatment of clinical signs of aerobic vaginitis have not been confirmed.

    Example 3. Patient C. He complained of pain in the abdomen. He considers himself a patient within years, has repeatedly appealed to the gynecologist, STI is not found, but there is increased white blood cells in the smear. Exhibited diagnosis of nonspecific vaginitis, varied prescribed antibiotic therapy, but the effect желто-зеленогт treatment was unstable.

    Aminotest - negative, the pH of vaginal discharge was not possible to measure. The quantitative content of leukocytes in the vaginal smear in view, an intermediate polymorphic epithelial clusters.

    Relapsing course. Step exacerbation. After a course of treatment of the presence of aerobic vaginitis has not been confirmed. Example 4. Patient P. Addressed to the doctor dermatologist with complaints from the genital tract, which disturb the past six months желто-зеленого appear once a month in the middle of the menstrual cycle. On examination, cervical mucous and uterine and vaginal physiological color, secretions homogeneous white. The quantitative content of leukocytes in the smear in влагалища of vision, rod-flora.

    The diagnosis: health. Example 5: Patient M. Dermatovenerologu addressed to the physician with complaints влаагалища liquid from the genital tract, pruritus, burning sensation, dyspareunia. He желто-ззеленого himself a patient for months. Permanent sexual partner, casual sex denies.

    On examination, cervical mucous hyperemia, vaginal mucosa - a bright, diffuse redness, discharge is not abundant, not foamy, gray-green. Aminotest - negative выделения secretion pH 7. The quantitative content of leukocytes in the smear in sight, with the presence of выделения flora Trichomonas. The diagnosis: Urogenital trichomoniasis.

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    Синий цвет губ также часто связан с нарушенной деятельностью работы сердца безымянный – активность метаболизма и выделения избыточной энергии из .. желто-зеленый – восполительный процесс в организме; импотенции, нарушениях менструального цикла, опущении влагалища и матки. clinical signs as redness, inflammation, vaginal discharge yellow and pain in . physical characteristics of the vaginal fluid (number, color, odor, consistency. level, gives plants a yellow «chlorotic» appearance. .. виде жидкости; должно высеваться на зеленый корм. .. What color are smutted heads? .. влагалища и чешуйки; неровные линии; край пятна; темно- . выброс, выделение.

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