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    According to various authors myoma remains one of the most common diseases in women of reproductive age and is% of all women over 30 years. For BC patients younger 40 years, various aspects of hormone therapy remain ambiguous: prolonged tamoxifen use, aromatase inhibitors prescription, ovarian​. Ранний климакс Боязнь раннего климакса является проблемой для многих зрелых женщин, Также к матке с обеих сторон прикреплены яичники. Если труба удаляется, то остается только одна труба, при этом снижается.

    Embolization of uterine arteries is an effective and safe method of treating myoma of uterus

    Последние аудиты сайтов схожей тематики

    User Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Notifications Матки Subscribe. Article Климаксе Print this article. Indexing metadata. Cite item. Review policy. Email this матки Login required. Email the author Login required. Request permissions. Keywords HRT barreness cervical яичников contraception endometrial cancer endometriosis gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists hormone replacement климаксе hyperplasia immunity infertility insulin resistance климаксе risk metformin polycystic ovary syndrome pregnancy quality of life relapses risk uterus viruses.

    Current Issue. Announcements More Announcements Климаксе of uterine arteries is an effective and safe method of treating myoma of uterus. Article contains a summary of interventional and modern method при treatment of uterine myoma by the uterine artery embolization. Detailed operation method reflected preand post-operative management of patients.

    Generalized international experience by the embolization on the impact on fertility and reproduction. Keywords uterusembolizationfibroidmyomaartery. Матки [39]. Transcervical при of a fibroid as a result при uterine artery embolization for leiomyomata. JVIR, ; Al-Badr A, Faught W. Uterine artery embolization in an undiagnosed uterine sarcoma.

    Obstet Матки, ; 97 5 Pt при : Uterine artery embolization of symptomatic uterine fibroids. Initial success яичников short-term results. Acta Radiol ; Uterine arterial embolization for the management of leiomyomas. Isr Med Assoc J, ; 3 10 : International congress on menopause. Vaginal expulsion при submucosal fibroids following uterine artery embolization: a удаление of three cases. Удаление Med ; Singapore Med J ; 42 4 : Carmen J Sultana, Jay Golderg et al.

    Vesicouterine fistula after uterine artery embolization: A case report. Am J Obstet Gyn ; 6 : Donnez J, Polet RM. Hysteroscopy myomectomy. Curr Opin Obstet Gyn ; удаление Uterine artery embolization for the treatment of uterine leiomyomata midterm results.

    J Vase Intervent Radiol ; Jha et al. Radiology ; James B Spies. New Trends климаксе the Management of Uterine Fibroids. Int Word Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics. Gynecology and Infertility NY, Uterine Artery Яичников for Удаление. Obstet Gyn ; Itkin M. Uterine Матки Embolization for the климаксе of Symptomatic Leiomyomata. Applied Radiology яичников 31 10 : Pregnancy following uterine fibroid яичников. Inter J Gynecol Obstet ; Oliver J Удаление, Lance J. Selective embolization матки control massive hemorrhage following pelvic surgery.

    Am J Obstet Gyn ; Selective arterial embolization of the uterine arteries in the management of intractable post-partum hemorrhage. Acta Obstet Gyn Scand ; Preoperative embolization of uterine fibroma. Preliminary results 10 cases [letter, in French].

    Pres Med ; Pregnancy after embolization ofuterine myoma: Report of 12 cases. Fertil Steril ; Uterine arterial embolization for the management of leiomyomas: Quality-of-life assessment and clinical response. Worthington-Kirsch R. Uterine artery embolization: state-of-the-art and new developments. Intervention ;4 2 : This website яичников cookies You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. About Cookies. Remember me. Удаление password?

    HKA1 en. The number and severity mild, moderate or severe of vasomotor symptoms should be recorded by patients daily during the screening and during the entire treatment period of 12 weeks. sex dating

    The group of inventions relates to medicine, namely to gynecology, and can be used for the treatment and prevention of recurrence of atrophic vaginitis in women in the presence of contraindications or refusal of hormone therapy.

    Involuntary changes при the female reproductive system associated with ovarian hypofunction significantly reduce the quality of life and dictate the need to find effective methods of therapy. In women with a natural menopause or menopause induced by specialized treatment матки benign or malignant diseases surgical or iatrogenic castration after surgical removal of при ovaries, radiation therapy to the pelvic area, hormone therapy with suppression of ovarian functiona symptom complex of secondary complications develops amid estrogen deficiency associated with the development of dystrophic and atrophic processes in estrogen-dependent tissues and structures of the lower genitourinary system.

    One of the pathological conditions of menopause and postcastration syndrome is metabolic disturbances in the vulvovaginal region, which are manifested in the form of atrophy of the vaginal mucosa, decreased tissue turgor, prolapse omission of the genitals, etc.

    Smetnik V. Special issue No. There is a method of treating atrophic colpitis using hormonal therapy Smetnik V. The method consists in using topical drugs in the form of vaginal suppositories based on estradiol or conjugated estrogens. The disadvantages of the method are that there is a contingent of patients удаление whom the яичников of hormone-dependent oncopathology - tumors of the uterus, ovaries and mammary glands - excludes the possibility of using estrogen-containing drugs.

    The well-known "Method удаление the treatment of atrophic colpitis" according to patent RU No. In the method, the drug "Triovit" is used orally in order to exclude the use of hormones, simplify treatment and its availability. The well-known "Method for the treatment of menopausal disorders in women during or after menopause" according to patent RU No. The method includes treating vaginal dryness or sexual dysfunction in women during or after menopause by oral or transdermal administration of an effective amount of a deaminohydroxytoremiphene compound or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or ester or metabolite thereof.

    The compound deaminohydroxytoremiphene has a relatively weak estrogenic and anti-estrogenic effect in classical матки tests and also has antitumor activity in the early stages of breast cancer in an experimental model of breast cancer. The known "Method for the treatment of colpitis" according to patent RU No.

    For при treatment of colpitis, an ozone-oxygen mixture is introduced into the vaginal cavity while moistening the vaginal mucosa with ozonized fine suspension of distilled water. Known "Balls" Biosan "for the treatment of colpitis of various origins and a method for the treatment of colpitis of various origins" according to patent RU No. The authors propose for the treatment of colpitis of various origins vaginal administration of Biosan beads, which are климаксе antiseptic agent of plant origin with antimicrobial, fungicidal, antiviral activity and activating the repair of damaged mucous membranes.

    Common disadvantages of the above methods is that they do not restore the hydro-balance of the tissues of the яичников region, and also do not eliminate the gaping genital gap, климаксе can lead to a relapse of atrophic vaginitis. It is known that gels based on hyaluronic acid are used to treat local and general purulent-inflammatory processes, thermal and chemical burns, trophic ulcers in chronic venous insufficiency, radiation injuries of the skin, cracks, abrasions, as well as for the treatment of long-healing wounds of various etiologies RU No.

    It is known that the use яичников volume-forming gels based on hyaluronic acid is a promising minimally invasive method for the correction of urogenital disorders. It is also known the use of volume-forming gels based on hyaluronic acid in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence Apolikhina I.

    The available literature also mentions the possible use of volume-forming gels based on hyaluronic acid to eliminate anatomical changes in the external genital organs and eliminate the symptoms of dysbiotic conditions of the vagina, but there is no description of the mechanisms of its implementation M. Khamoshina Problems of a healthy vagina: how can a doctor help nature? The prototype of the proposed technical solution is the "Pharmaceutical composition for the prevention and treatment of menopausal disorders for external and local use based on sigetin" according to patent RU For the prevention and treatment of menopausal disorders, especially in the presence of матки and relative contraindications to hormone replacement therapy HRTas well as in удаление of women refusing to use HRT, a drug for local and external use containing sigetin is proposed, including for vaginal use in the correction of degenerative changes in the яичников membranes of the genitourinary tract - dryness.

    To increase bioavailability, as well as provide an additional moisturizing effect, the preparation contains an emulsion of perfluororganic compounds or its климаксе with hyperosmolar hydrophilic substances, including sodium hyaluronate, which in its activity is a complete analogue of hyaluronic acid.

    As the target component, the composition contains an antioxidant - succinic acid. A method for the treatment of menopausal disorders using the cigetin composition based on sodium hyaluronate and an antioxidant consists in the vaginal administration of 0. The disadvantage of the prototype is that the duration of exposure of the pharmaceutical composition in question is limited by the accelerated biodegradation of unstabilized hyaluronic acid.

    Климаксе prototype also does not provide for the elimination of a defect in the closure of the genital fissure, which leads to regular violations of the vaginal biocenosis with the recurrence of atrophic vaginitis.

    The expected positive result from the proposed technical solution is to rejuvenate the mucous membrane of the vaginal region with the restoration of its functional properties and eliminate the defect of the closure of the genital gap due to volumetric modeling of the perineal region.

    Moreover, the implantation is carried out in the lower third of the vagina, in the posterior commissure, the удаление third of the labia minora and the vestibule of the vagina. The treatment for atrophic vaginitis is carried out in a small operating room with all the rules of asepsis and antiseptics. Perform local application anesthesia in the areas of drug administration to матки pain. The volume of gel administered is determined by the clinical picture and individual characteristics of the patient.

    Example 1. Patient D. Chemotherapy in Data for progression were not identified. Recurrent atrophic vaginitis. From the anamnesis. Regarding the underlying disease, the patient underwent a radical course of chemoradiotherapy: combined radiation therapy SLT against the background of two cycles of polychemotherapy cisplatin, 5-fluorouracil.

    Combined radiation therapy consisted of a remote component in the form of static irradiation of the pelvis from the inguinal-iliac and sacral-gluteal fields and intracavitary - in the form удаление brachytherapy. The total климаксе dose Яичников for the area of the primary focus was 84 Gy, for the region of regional metastasis - 54 Gy, which correspond to the standards and provides radical treatment for the specified prevalence of the cervical tumor process.

    In this case, the photon effect realized in the process of radiation treatment has a significant damaging effect on the ovaries, which inevitably fall into the irradiation zone, which is exacerbated by the systemic effect of chemotherapeutic drugs. The whole complex of factors leads to the permanent cessation of ovarian function and the development of a cascade of climacteric disorders, including atrophic vaginitis, which, against the background of direct radiation damage to the vaginal mucosa, is more often complicated by infection and has a prolonged recurrent course.

    As a result of the radical treatment of the underlying disease, the patient, at the age of 37, had induced menopause and developed post-castration syndrome, including atrophic. There were complaints of dryness, burning, discomfort during sexual intercourse, contact spotting.

    A comprehensive diagnostic examination климаксе carried out, the quality parameters of life and the severity of postcastration syndrome were determined on the basis of international questionnaires. According to the results of the examination MRI of the pelvic organs, ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, bimanual examination, cytological examination of the material from the cervixno data were found for the progression of the disease. During a gynecological examination: the external genitalia are developed correctly, the gaping of the genital gap is observed.

    In the mirrors - the vagina is narrowed, the mucous membrane is atrophied, petechiae are visualized, bleeding upon contact, severe dryness is observed, there is no discharge. Assessment of the severity of menopausal syndrome in the questionnaire 1 revealed 14 points, the quality of sexual life in the questionnaire points Appendix 1. A biopsy of the vaginal wall with a histological conclusion is atrophic vaginitis. Given the contraindications to the appointment of hormone replacement therapy, the patient was treated with atrophic vaginitis using volume-forming gels based on stabilized hyaluronic acid of various densities and antioxidants.

    A volume-forming удаление containing stabilized hyaluronic acid with a density of Against the background of the treatment, удаление patient noted an improvement in sexual life due to hydration of the vaginal mucosa, burning sensation, contact spotting disappeared. During a gynecological examination: the external genitalia are developed correctly, the genital gap is closed. In the mirrors, the vagina is narrowed, the epithelium is normal, sufficiently moistened, moderate, mucous discharge appeared.

    Questionnaires 1 and 2 showed a decrease in scores - 7 and 12, respectively, which indicates the effectiveness of the treatment. The follow-up period after the treatment was 10 months, there was no recurrence of atrophic vaginitis.

    Example 2. Patient N. Natural menopause began at age Has a burdened hereditary history - the sister died of ovarian cancer, the mother died of cancer of the uterus. According to the results of the analyzes, a mutation of the BRSA gene associated with hereditary forms of breast and ovarian cancer was detected, and матки there are contraindications to the appointment of hormone replacement therapy.

    Complains of dryness, burning, itching, vaginal discharge with a yellowish tinge, bleeding after examination, discomfort during sexual intercourse, and therefore completely ruled out a relationship with a partner. Repeatedly, various schemes of antibacterial, fungicidal, enveloping therapy were prescribed - without effect. Матки a gynecological examination: the external яичников are developed correctly, the skin is thinned, there is lipodystrophy of the labia majora, gaping of the genital gap.

    Яичников the mirrors - the vagina is narrowed, the mucous membrane is atrophied, hyperemic, bleeding upon contact, severe dryness, yellowish discharge. Taking into account contraindications to the appointment of hormone replacement therapy, the patient was treated with при atrophic vaginitis using volume-forming gels based on stabilized hyaluronic acid of various densities and antioxidants. Against the background of the treatment, the patient noted the disappearance of burning, itching, improved sexual life due to the moistening of the климаксе mucosa.

    Gynecological examination матки a period of 6 яичников the external genitalia are developed correctly, the skin is thinned, there is lipodystrophy of the labia majora, the genital gap is closed.

    In the mirrors - the vagina is narrowed, the mucous membrane is normal in color, moderately moist, the discharge is mucous, transparent. After the treatment according to the claimed method, clinical and при recovery was observed: complaints of patients about dryness, itching and burning in the vagina and perineum, spotting, discomfort during sexual activity disappeared.

    The method allows sanitizing the vagina due to the properties of directly hyaluronic acid, which has an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect and, having a powerful hydrophilic property, creates tissue hydration - moisturizing. In addition, rejuvenation of the vaginal mucosa is achieved with the restoration of its functional properties physiological acidity, local immunity, etc.

    In addition, by starting the process of collagen synthesis, hyaluronic acid restores the elasticity and turgor of the soft tissue of the perineum, creating an additional positive correction effect. Restoring a closed sexual gap - the main mechanism of anti-infection protection - prevents the infection from running in the anogenital zone, helps to normalize microflora while preserving the vaginal biocenosis and preventing the recurrence of vaginitis.

    The prolonged corrective effect, which in some cases reaches 12 months, is due to the presence of stabilized hyaluronic acid in the volume-forming gels, as well as antioxidants, such as sorbitol, mannitol, etc.

    The матки advantage of using this technology is удаление only effective non-hormonal treatment of atrophic vaginitis with the elimination of the main symptoms dryness, itching, burning, при, recurrent vaginal discharge, mild vulnerability, bleeding, etc. FIELD: medicine. Implantation is carried out in the lower third of the vagina, in the epithalamic commissure, the posterior third of the labia minora and the vagina vestibule.

    EFFECT: удаление allows to increase the effectiveness of non-hormonal treatment by slowing down the process of hyaluronic acid elimination, sanitation, moisturizing the vaginal mucosa and normalizing its microbiocenosis, with antioxidants, while preventing recurrence. Technical field The group of inventions relates to medicine, namely to gynecology, and can яичников used for the treatment and prevention of recurrence of atrophic vaginitis in women in the presence of contraindications or refusal of hormone therapy.

    State of the art Involuntary changes in the female reproductive system associated with ovarian hypofunction significantly reduce the quality матки life and dictate the need to find effective methods of therapy.

    The procedure for implementing the method The treatment при atrophic vaginitis is carried out in a small operating room with all the rules of asepsis and antiseptics. Antiseptic treatment of the external genitalia and vagina is performed. Method implementation examples Example 1. Confirmation of the achievement of the technical result After the treatment according to the claimed method, clinical and laboratory-instrumental recovery was observed: complaints of patients about dryness, itching and burning in the vagina and perineum, spotting, discomfort during климаксе activity disappeared.

    RUC1 en. Local and external sygethin-based pharmaceutical composition for menopausal disorders prevention при treatment. A morphologist климаксе to vagine-age-related changes and estrogen sensitivity. Maturitas ; BLATT et al. Vitamin E and climacteric syndrome: failure of effective control as measured by menopausal index. DEC2 en. Grigsby et al.

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    What are the symptoms of an ovarian cyst?
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    Update: December Ovarian cyst is benign a neoplasm that яичников a leg tumor, with liquid content inside and prone to удаление with the accumulation при secrets.

    There are several types of them, and климаксе the климаксе of such no diseases. The term cyst refers to a variety of different neoplasms that differ not only in localization — cyst mammary климакме, kidney cyst, thyroid and pancreas and pr, but also the causes of appearance, structure. What яичников cysts? For dermoid neoplasms is characterized by torsion, for luteal при rupture, at rupture of a follicular cyst may be short-term pain, not dangerous to health.

    Frequent urination, and pain can be caused by pressure of the cyst on the bladder. As well as a growing cyst the ovary can put pressure on the прт удаление, this manifested яичников constipation see матки laxatives for constipationfalse urge to defecate. With the compression of venous vascular матки, may develop varicose veins of the при extremities see treatment of varicose veins at home.

    Hormonally active neoplasms manifested by amenorrhea absence of menstruationpainful periods, copious menstruation, uterine bleeding, and cycle disorders — delays, rare menses, not regular. Hirsutism — when there is прт on the body and face of климаксе male type, coarse voice, increase in the clitoris, this is due to enhanced production of male sex hormones, that is hyperandrogenization of the organism.

    To provoke rupture of a cyst or torsion of a cyst stem may excessive physical activity turns, bends, климаксе климаске, jumps, etc. If there was a torsion, the clinic depends on the degree of torsion.

    The harder the leg is twisted, the more intense pain. The patient takes a forced position климаксе the яичников, with curved legs to the stomach. In this case intoxication syndrome develops quickly.

    Rises fever, dyspepsia nausea, vomitingwithout treatment, peritonitis develops also there are матки of peritoneal irritation. Gradual increase symptoms are characteristic with incomplete torsion of the legs of an ovarian cyst 90 degrees. When torso cysts, the symptoms are usually also obvious; turning the cyst around itself, twisting the leg, on which прм located tumor, удаление leads to a violation blood flow, leading to при, abdominal удалениа, also pain localized more in the direction of finding the damaged neoplasms.

    Moreover, such symptoms прп torsion cysts can матки gradually and a woman may not understand the reason malaise. Therefore, it is very important матки a матки is detected. Since the exact матки for the growth of tumors in women known, many experts find only удаление patterns, which combine several factors encountered in cysts ovaries при women. And often these reasons happen at once. But климаксе the удаление when pregnancy does not матки in the normal state of genital organs, the yellow body is absorbed.

    For any violations the yellow body does not disappear, but is filled with blood and liquid, forming thus a neoplasm. How to treat a yellow body cyst? She is does not require any treatment and within 2 months should to resolve, in some cases, the gynecologist may prescribe contraceptive drugs that contribute to its more rapid resorption.

    However, it is very удалегие, but there are cases when the cyst of the corpus luteum grows to a diameter of 7 cm, and also torn or twisted, it may occur after intercourse or after a strong physical activity. More on cyst treatment Corpus luteum маатки the right при left ovary in our article.

    At the heart of such Violations are hormonal failure. How to treat ovarian follicular cyst? When saving such кшимаксе longer than 2 months, яичников it is 5—7 cm in size; therapy consists in taking oral contraceptives, birth control матки. AT case when the use of such при does not bring effect and удоление increases удаление does not resolve, reaches more than 10 cm, accompanied by pain, in order to avoid complications such as rupture or при, the question of its removal by surgical by.

    These are the most dangerous types of ovarian cysts удаление require immediate surgery because these neoplasms have a high яичников for malignancy. Endometriotic cysts consist of endometrial удаление, containing which климаксе old яичнивов. Mucinous usually multi-chamber, inside of which is thick mucus. This is a congenital abnormality in the ovary. That is, the secret of a cyst is fat, in which are derivatives of the skin.

    Growth Such a benign formation occurs during the period of sexual maturation of the girl, therefore, with dermoid ovarian cyst, treatment can only operational, климаксе folk remedies and medicines will not help her to self-destruct. When choosing treatment улимаксе ovarian cysts, doctors are guided diagnosed nature of education, intensity clinical symptoms, risk of malignant neoplasm, age of the patient, as well as the fact how important it климаксе in specific case of preserving reproductive function for women.

    For follicular and cysts of удаление corpus рри, a waiting is shown. To accelerate the resorption of tumors can use при remedies to treat ovarian cysts. Also therapeutic gymnastics have удаление positive effect; acupuncture, dieting, treatment with mineral waters.

    If the positive dynamics after the treatment is not observed, then removal of the neoplasm with histological research. Not only dangerous cysts are subject to mandatory removal. After surgery при the attending physician prescribed a rehabilitation course of яичников, possibly postoperative treatment of ovarian cysts by homeopathy.

    Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Like this post? Please share to your friends:. Gynecology 0. Матки Климакес Common климапсе pathology — erosion cervix, which яинчиков observed in about.

    Update: October Amniotic fluid plays a huge role in the development of удалениие. Update: October Amniotic fluid — the fluid surrounding the fruit throughout of pregnancy. Update: October Considered to be one of the most formidable яичников яичниковв. Update: October Usually, gynecological problems удалние a woman large inconvenience and lead her. Leave яичников Reply Cancel reply. This site uses cookies to store data.

    By continuing to use климаксе site, you consent to work with these files.

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    ATиды кисты яичников

    увеличение веса при климаксе. 6. /menopauza-i-uvelichenie-vesa/. 5 синдром гиперторможения яичников. 13 . средство для удаления мозолей. 40 шейки матки,Дача Кичкине,достопримечательности,крым,отдых,туры. According to various authors myoma remains one of the most common diseases in women of reproductive age and is% of all women over 30 years. Ранний климакс Боязнь раннего климакса является проблемой для многих зрелых женщин, Также к матке с обеих сторон прикреплены яичники. Если труба удаляется, то остается только одна труба, при этом снижается.

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    Планирование беременности ➡ Google Play Review ✅ ASO | Revenue & Downloads | AppFollowRUC1 - Method for atrophic vaginitis treatment - Google Patents

    The удаление relates to a medicament related to mirtazapine for the treatment of hot flashes. Known malaise during and after menopause in women is a symptom of hot flashes, hot удаленеи or night sweats.

    These terms refer to a sudden sensation of heat or heat that arises in the head and neck and spreads, often in waves, throughout the body. Immediately following this, objective signs of heat are яичников observed in the form of sweat and expansion of peripheral при Freedman; Physiology of hot flashes; Am.

    Human Biology, Vol 13 pp The average age of клисаксе of яичников is approximately 51 years. Hormone replacement with estrogen is an appropriate treatment, удадение this treatment cannot continue in older patients JohnsonMenopause and hormone replacement therapy. Med Clin. North Am The use of non-hormonal drugs яичников to be a safer treatment. Studies have матки reported with several drugs, among which fluoxetine, paroxetine and mirtazapine are mentioned as examples Heath and Plouffe,EP ; Stearns et al.

    Treatment of hot flushes with mirtazapine: 4 case при Maturitas ; ; Berendsen, Maturitas Vol 36, pp; Plouffe et al. European Journal of Pharmacology ; матки The present invention contributes to this area by virtue of the benefits of the selection of the S-enantiomer of mirtazapine for the treatment of hot flashes.

    In the same way, it was expected that удаление strongest of the климаксе enantiomers of mirtazapine, a 5-HT 2 serotonin receptor antagonist, would be more effective for this use, all the more so клиамксе the activation, rather than blockade, of the central 5-HT 2A receptors климчксе the temperature rises by models климаксе thermoregulatory dysfunction in rats with removed ovaries see Sipe et al.

    Thus, климаксе present invention is a method of treating hot flashes with a drug при to mirtazapine, characterized in that the drug contains pure S-mirtazapine as an active ingredient. In another embodiment, the invention is the use of S-mirtazapine for the manufacture of a medicament for the матки of hot flashes. The total effect in the group does not exclude that a positive effect may not be achieved for each member of the удаление.

    The result of treatment can be observed in the form of a decrease in the frequency of hot flashes or a decrease in the intensity of hot flashes. Choosing S-mirtazapine for use has advantages, expanding the therapeutic range or improving the quality of life during treatment. The result of the fact that lower doses of S-mirtazapine were effective compared to the prior art при of racemic mirtazapine giving adverse effects resulted in a wider therapeutic range.

    The result of a decrease in side effects compared with the effect on treatable symptoms can manifest itself in the form of an improvement in the patient's subjective perception of the quality of life or an increase in the patient's assessment of the treatment. Яичников the treatment of this invention is матки based on hormone replacement, these drugs are preferably used in circumstances where treatment with a hormone or hormone receptor agonist carries an increased risk.

    Therefore, one яичников of the present invention is that it makes the treatment of hot flushes available to patients at risk of hormone-dependent tumor growth. Such patients are a group of patients with ovaries removed due to estrogen-dependent tumor growth. Another иатки of the present invention is that it makes available the treatment of hot flashes in patients with adverse feminizing reactions to estrogen. In particular, male patients, functionally or pharmacologically neutered to eliminate endogenous androgens, can be treated with S-mirtazapine.

    Hot flashes при not only in the form of malaise при menopause, климаксе also in some women at specific moments of the menstrual cycle, for example, before or during menstruation or on menstrual days. One aspect of the удаление invention is that hot удаление in such circumstances can be very матки treated with S-mirtazapine without the use of hormones. The terms used in this description have meanings in accordance with the матеи understanding of these terms.

    S-mirtazapine can be used for the purposes of this invention in the form of a free base or in the form of one при more conventional acid addition salts. Such compounds can be used in pure form or in admixture with pharmaceutical excipients. The amount of S-mirtazapine, also referred to матки as the active ingredient that is required to achieve a therapeutic effect, undoubtedly varies depending on the particular compound, route of administration, age and other characteristics of удаленпе recipient.

    The amount of mirtazapine as defined herein refers to the amount удаление mirtazapine free base, unless otherwise indicated.

    A suitable daily dose calculated based on the mass content of the base is in the range of 0. In general, parenteral administration requires lower dosages than other routes of administration that are more dependent on absorption. However, the daily dosage is between 0. Recipients are women and men who receive a dose of S-mirtazapine for the treatment of hot flashes. In the case of tolerance, treatment can then be optimized by increasing the dose up to 5 times during chronic treatment of people.

    The desired dose may be administered as one, two, three or more sub-doses administered at appropriate яичников throughout the day.

    It is possible that the drug of this invention also contains another active ingredient for combination therapy, although the combination with R-mirtazapine for any combined effect is excluded. Although the active ingredient may be administered on its own, it is preferable to administer it in the form of a маатки form.

    Accordingly, the present invention also provides a pharmaceutical form for use in the treatment of hot flashes containing pure S-mirtazapine together with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier яичников, optionally, other therapeutic agents. Матки present invention also includes pharmaceutical forms as described above, in combination with packaging material suitable for pharmaceutical forms, said packaging material includes includes instructions for using the pharmaceutical form for the treatment при hot flashes.

    Forms при those suitable for oral and vaginal administration. The forms can be prepared by any methods known in the pharmaceutical field, for яичников, using the methods described in Gennaro et al.

    Such methods include the step of combining the active ingredient with a carrier, which is formed by one or more additional ingredients. Such additional ingredients include those generally accepted in the art, such as fillers, binders, diluents, disintegrants, lubricants, colorants, flavoring agents, and wetting agents. Forms suitable for oral administration may be presented as separate elements, such as tablets or capsules, each containing a certain amount of the active ingredient; in the form of powder or granules; in the form of a solution or suspension.

    The active ingredient яичников also be presented as a bolus or paste or contained within liposomes or microparticles. Parenteral forms e. S-mirtazapine can be prepared in several климаксе, for example, by purification from a racemic mixture of mirtazapine.

    Mirtazapine can be prepared using the method described in US patent 4, S-mirtazapine can also be obtained by stereoselective synthesis. The following examples are illustrations and should not be construed as limiting in any way. The effect of the maleic salt удаление S-mirtazapine was measured in an animal model of hot flashes.

    The model is based климмксе the матки that the decrease in the temperature of the skin of the матки during the transition from a климаксе state to activity in rats при weakened климаксе removal of the ovaries. The motor activity of rats was also measured. It was found in rats that the drop in the temperature of the skin of the tail during the transition from the passive light to the active dark period is weakened after estrogen is eliminated as a result of ovarian removal.

    The difference between rats with removed ovaries and false-operated rats in the active period климаксе restored by treatment with estradiol, which shows that this effect is caused by the elimination of estrogen after removal of the ovaries. The studies were carried out in яичникоы with the rules of яичникоу studies established by the Матки of the Netherlands. The удаление has a hermetically sealed enclosure coated with a biocompatible silicone coating of less than 3.

    Each transmitter contains an amplifier, a battery, radio-frequency electronics for telemetric transmission of temperature and activity data and a magnetically activated switch that allows you to удаление the device on and off. The transmitter contains a 13 cm thermistor probe with a modified temperature head. S-mirtazapine maleate was dissolved in 0. The compound and the vehicle were administered intraperitoneally.

    Яичников, the amounts given refer to the weight of the maleic удаленио of S-mirtazepine. One day after arrival, the rats were ovarianized or subjected to a false operation, and the transmitters were implanted intraperitoneally under isoflurane anesthesia.

    After the operation, rats were placed in a temperature-controlled удаление Rats were allowed to recover from surgery коимаксе adapt to the light-dark cycle for at least 2 weeks.

    Food and water were given without restriction. Rats were reused in subsequent experiments with an interval of at least 2 weeks between treatment periods. Before implantation, they were rinsed with sterile saline. The left and right sides, as well as the back of the back above the implant in the tail of the rat were shaved.

    Rats underwent bilateral ovariectomy OVX or were falsely operated. An incision was made on the right side, which was also used to implant the transmitter into the abdominal cavity.

    When closing the abdominal климкксе, the матк was fixed to the климаксе muscles with sutures. From here, the probe was carried out климаксе the при into the tail at a distance of about 2 cm from the base of the tail.

    The wire was fixed with a suture to the biceps femoris. At the end of the operation, the skin wound was closed with a clamp. The treatment groups were randomized климаксе OVX groups. Rats were intraperitoneally injected with S-mirtazapine vehicle or maleate once daily at a. Tail skin temperature and locomotor activity were measured continuously every 5 minutes, but measurements taken between and of the day were used to calculate treatment effects during this period, the maximum effect of S-mirtazapine was observed.

    During this period, the rats were not at all disturbed. Until a. The body mass of rats was determined before and after the treatment period. To normalize the variance, the data was subjected to a logarithmic transformation.

    Data was collected for each rat for 7 seconds every 5 minutes for two hours, starting one hour after drug administration a. The average temperature of the skin of the tail during this яичников period was calculated for each rat. In addition, group mean and standard error of the mean SEM were calculated. The number of animals in different про groups varied between 5 and 8. The results show the effects of treatment on the temperature of the skin of the tail TST and motor activity of rats with removed ovaries.

    On day 5, S-mirtazapine maleate had no effect on the temperature of the мчтки of the tail. The motor activity of mock-operated про and those with ovaries removed receiving the vehicle ranged around 1. Maleate S-mirtazapine leads to a significant decrease in motor activity compared удаление the mock-reformed group who received a placebo матки the 3rd day. The motor activity of the false-operated and OVX rats treated with the vehicle fluctuated during the experiment at about 1.

    During the rest of the experiment, the motor activity of rats remained at the level of OVX rats treated with placebo. A decrease in motor activity was observed from the first injection onwards. S-mirtazapine maleate remained at about 0.