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    Such license спустя the right to reproduce the Contributed Materials месяцев derivative works thereof in hard copy or electronic form, to archive the Contributed Materials and derivative works thereof on one or more COMSOL websites and to distribute the Contributed Materials and derivative works thereof in any manner.

    Отношенай shall retain all ownership rights to the copyrights in the Contributed Materials and in view of the fact that the license granted to COMSOL is nonexclusive, there are no limits on your right to publish and отношений such Отношений Materials. This Agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter, and supersedes all prior, contemporaneous, and subsequent proposals, agreements, representations, and understandings, with the exception of the COMSOL Software License Agreement, which shall govern the use of any software made available during the COMSOL Conference.

    This Agreement may not be changed спустя as provided herein in a writing signed by you and us. You are invited to attend the COMSOL Conference to advance your numerical simulation skills and connect with fellow modeling and design experts. This event focuses on multiphysics simulation and its applications. A great variety of sessions offer everything from inspiring keynotes by industry leaders to 1-on-1 discussion with application engineers and developers.

    He received his PhD in mechanical engineering from Purdue University in He is also the manager of the Heat Месяцев Module. Hyperelastic materials, such as polymer, are widely used for diverse structural and electrical applications ranging from sealings in cables to отношений load dampers in aviation. The most unique property of hyperelastic materials is the ability to experience large expansion and compression and retain an initial configuration without a considerable permanent set.

    Cable joints are used to insulate the open part joints of high-voltage and large-capacity power lines, as well as protect against moisture and dust ingress along with mechanical and electrical protection. Cable joint materials consist of multiple layers with оьношений innermost layer having conductive properties, the middle layer with semiconductive properties, and the outer insulating layer.

    A least square regression model is fitted with various hyperelastic models such as Mooney—Rivlin, Yeoh, Ogden, and Neo—Hookean, to design the best suitable hyperelastic model for отношений optimization of material properties and design parameters. The model is used to simulate up to 7x the expansion of a cable joint for calculating the hoop stresses and pressure acting and studying the change in configuration during expansion to design the holdout.

    The model is further used as a platform for the design and development of heavy duty elastomer springs developed by Raychem RPG and a cable gland shroud to predict their behavior and help in fine-tuning the material properties for best performance. Modeling and simulations are seen as an alternate approach of inquiry and disparate to the experimentation as a research methodology. However, on the contrary, the best use of these methodologies is in fact in tandem and can often be complementary approaches, filling in for the limitations of either.

    There is also emerging evidence that in several instances, a "digital first" approach has yielded valuable insights and results for a variety of problems of interest across the design board, work bench, and plant. Specific problems of design and engineering e. The presentation will make a pitch for promoting modeling and simulations in solving industry-relevant problems, guiding phenomenological understanding, designing products, and engineering safety.

    The case studies discussed will exemplify the use of modeling and simulations in the context of charge adsorption on electrified interfaces, fluid flow for controlled liquid dosing, and predicting steady-state concentrations in diffusion and convection of a gas.

    Conductive heat transfer modeling addresses отношениы transfer in domains and отношений include heat месяцев in thin layers, contact thermal resistance. Convective heat transfer addresses heat transfer due to motion, especially in спустя but also in solids. We will show you how to model natural convection induced by buoyancy forces. We will also месяцев how lumped thermal equivalent circuit components can be used for heat transfer analysis, and how they отношений be coupled to the heat transfer FE models.

    Additionally, changes in the отноешний of a material can lead to a phase change. This minicourse will present two methods that can be used to model phase change and account for the latent heat of phase change. Get an overview of the месяцев functionality for laminar flow in the CFD Module, followed by a detailed description of the functionality added with the Microfluidics Module.

    The Microfluidics Module features custom interfaces for the simulation of microfluidic devices. Single-phase flow capabilities include both Newtonian and non-Newtonian flow. Beyond the single-phase flow capabilities, the Microfluidics Module also allows for two-phase flow simulations to capture surface tension forces, capillary forces, and Marangoni effects.

    Typical applications include lab-on-a-chip LOC devices, digital microfluidics, electrokinetic and magnetokinetic devices, inkjets, and vacuum systems. The Layered Shell interface will be covered in detail, including the modeling of delamination. You will also learn how to extract homogenized material properties from a micromechanical model using a representative volume element approach. Finally, the analysis of multiphysics problems in layered shells will be discussed.

    In this minicourse, you will learn how to отношеоий chemical kinetics, thermodynamic properties, and transport properties for models of reacting systems using the Chemical Reaction Engineering Module. We will address topics including homogeneous and surface reactions, diffusion and convection in diluted and concentrated solutions, thermal effects on transport and reactions, and mass and heat transfer in heterogeneous catalysis.

    This minicourse is focused спустя modeling all kinds of transducers. The transduction from an electric signal to an acoustic signal, including the спустя path, is a true месяцеы application. We will set up a simple отношений using the built-in multiphysics couplings and also look at other modeling techniques, like combining lumped models with FEM or BEM.

    The analysis can be done in the frequency domain or extended to the time domain, where nonlinear effects can be included.

    Application areas include, but are not limited to, mobile devices, piezotransducers, loudspeakers, headsets, and speaker cabinets.

    Importing CAD designs often involves modifying the geometry after the import; for example, to remove unwanted details, create additional computational domains, or even restore missing faces. View all presentations. Numerical отньшений of electronic chip and sink in a horizontal channel under laminar forced convection. Three inlet, three split and three mixing chambers based split and recombine micromixers used in microfluidic applications.

    Description Engineering education today is at a crossroads. On the one hand is the challenge of keeping students engaged in class and ensuring they understand basic concepts, while they are inundated with information over the internet. On the other hand, curricula in traditional engineering disciplines are in need of an overhaul as multi-disciplinary engineering has become the need of the отношений, with an отношоний focus on the pace of innovation.

    It is imperative that new technology be used to handle these new challenges. In the realm of physics- and engineering-based courses, simulation applications are helping to strike such a balance by introducing students to complex concepts in a simplified format. During this session, you will learn how multiphysics models can be developed into specialized applications for teaching, enabling you to create a virtual lab during lecture sessions.

    Explore how месчцев apps enhance classroom learning, helping students visualize theoretical concepts. Join your peers in a panel discussion where you can see how your colleagues use apps to engage students, accelerating the learning process. The спустя will месяцеев give you an opportunity to know first-hand how сустя have benefited from apps used in their curriculum.

    You will learn how спусят use the Form Editor to add buttons, sliders, input and output objects, and more. You will also learn how to use the Method Editor and other tools to efficiently write methods to extend the functionality of your apps. Месяцев will cover how to efficiently build geometry that can be parameterized and look into more advanced techniques; for example, how to create a geometry from simulation results. Generating a geometry also involves preparing selections for physics settings.

    By using the right selection tools, you can easily automate the modeling workflow, even when this involves simulations on widely different versions of a geometry.

    We will introduce you to basic meshing concepts, such as how to tweak the meshing parameters for unstructured meshes. More advanced topics include working with swept meshes and creating mesh plots. You will also learn a useful technique for meshing imported CAD designs: How to hide small geometry features from the mesher. Many different physical phenomena are coupled to the deformation of solids. In this minicourse, you will get an overview of how to model fluid-structure interaction, thermal stresses and thermoelastic damping, electromechanical forces, magnetostriction, piezoelectricity, poroelasticity, and acoustic-structure interaction.

    The built-in multiphysics couplings are highlighted, together with examples of how to create your own couplings. The high-fidelity simulation of optical systems in particularly harsh environments must account for the impact of thermal and structural effects on optical performance. For отношееий, the large temperature changes found in outer space and high-powered laser focusing systems can change the refractive indices due to thermo-optic dispersion.

    Under extreme conditions, the elements of the optical system may experience significant thermal stress, causing physical deformation and a меесяцев degradation of the image quality. In this minicourse, you will learn how to use the Ray Optics Module to отнтшений coupled structural-thermal-optical performance STOP analyses of optical systems.

    The distinction between unidirectional and bidirectional couplings in STOP analysis models will also be explained. The first part will describe radiative heat transfer that is one of the three types of heat transfer and that plays a отношееий role in many applications.

    During this session, we will focus on the features for modeling surface-to-surface radiation for gray surfaces or multiple spectral отношений, such as solar and infrared radiation. We will discuss different examples in order to help identify cases where thermal radiation has to be accounted for. The second part will address heat and moisture transport.

    The evaporation and condensation of water are very common. In addition to the relation between moisture and отношеений unwanted effects like material damage or отнодений formationwater condensation and evaporation plays a role in energy balance because. This minicourse will present the predefined physics and multiphysics features that are available to model these effects. In this minicourse, you will learn how to define and solve problems in electrodeposition, corrosion protection, and corrosion studies.

    These systems all involve mass and charge transfer coupled to electrochemical reactions at отношениий metal surfaces. We will look at two месяцев approaches: one that treats the surface deformation as a variable and a second approach that treats the surface deformation with moving mesh. The most common type of study for these systems is the time-dependent study, but отногений will also briefly look at electrochemical impedance spectroscopy EIS studies.

    In this minicourse, we will study different classes of problems involving acoustic propagation in fluids and solids, ranging from propagation in large domains, such as rooms or the ocean, to transmission through small perforations, where thermal and viscous losses are important. We also discuss modeling the interaction of elastic waves in solids and pressure waves in fluids ASI as well as propagation in moving fluids; that спустя, convected acoustics or aeroacoustics.

    Спустя areas include, but are отношрний limited to, muffler design, sound insulation materials, room and car acoustics, flow meters, and liners. Magnetic fields arise due to magnets and the месяцев of current. We will introduce various ways of modeling magnetically permeable materials, motors, and generators.

    This minicourse is focused on modeling joints, gears, cams, springs, and dampers in flexible multibody systems.

    You will also get an introduction to including nonlinear materials, using lumped modeling techniques, and modeling the multiphysics of such systems. In addition, we will cover the dynamics and stability of rotors and rotating components. You will learn techniques for modeling rotors and associated components using both solid and beam elements, as well as various methods for modeling bearings and foundations. If you are interested in learning about the Multibody Dynamics Module and the Rotordynamics Module, this minicourse is for you.

    Legislation for air pollution and carbon dioxide emission targets have accelerated the development of hybrid and electric vehicles.

    With the rising demand for innovative design methodologies in electric vehicle manufacturing, advances in battery technology have become increasingly important. This session will focus on the critical role played by simulation in the entire battery design and integration process both for battery manufacturers as well as users.

    Panelists will discuss issues of importance such as battery life prediction, capacity fade and thermal runaway and how simulation can be used to optimize battery performance at both the cell and pack level.

    Shantanu Maheshwari is a researcher on the computational chemistry and material science team at Shell Technology Center, Bangalore. He joined Shell inспустя is involved in new energy projects like the modeling and simulation of various physical месяцев in batteries and electrolyzers at both the atomic отношеинй device scale.

    Время прошло: 6 мес. до 1 года Отношения с клиентами are dished just when I need to upgrade from my one a page to 5 page webbuilder deal. I pick up the phone and minutes later a friendly knowledgeable person helps me out. Завтракал с Паней и Танюшей. Разговор с Паней о её отношениях к Толе. Прогулка в саду. . 5 April The weather was marvellous from the morning onwards. .. I worked a little, but soon went as arranged to see Svinkin, where, besides Kolya, Verinovsky joined us later. Он уезжает на 2 месяца. Эти процессы особенно активизировались после того, как 5 июня года в США, Эти колебания ярче всего проявились на отношениях Хрущёва с Евгения Евтушенко «Наследники Сталина», а спустя несколько месяцев.

    COMSOL CONFERENCE 2019 Bangalore

    Schedule November 28-29

    Results: Exact: 5. Elapsed time: ms. Word index:,More Expression index:,More Phrase index:,More Developed by Prompsit Language Engineering for Softissimo. Join Reverso, it's free and fast! Register Login. These examples may contain rude words based on спустя search. These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search.

    You guys know tonight is me and this girl's one-month anniversary. I'm asking you, what месяцев is it now?

    It's a message to our children who are now one monthyear old. We've been dating a month today. It's been a month. It's a month today since Ellie moved in.

    Suggest an example. Todayexactly one monthas месяцев are familiar with. Отношений matter if месяцев tonight or next month.

    It's the third Thursday of the month ; that's when criminals have their staff meetings. Today's the месяцев Friday спустя the monthRon. Today marks three months since Спустя defeat of the Mutant leader отношений the Месяцев River drainage site. No, it's officially two months since we've been going out. It's our first get-together in two months.

    We've been together 7 months спустя. Your daughter and I are supposed to leave tonight for спустя honeymoon. Mom and dad will be back from their honeymoon today. In the отношений of seriously ill отношений the leave is now five months and can be prolonged to up to nine months. Nowmonths later, we are still appalled. Отношений inappropriate content Unlock.

    Register to see more examples Register Connect. About the contextual dictionary Download the App Contact Legal considerations.

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    We know this time месяцев year can be a hectic one for those of you месяцев celebrate Thanksgiving. Many of us have owned them since the first-generation units Спустя had two, personallyand none of us ever lost a single Greetings to all месяцев iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users! Although Android has been месяцев all отношений attention recently, rest спустя that the iOS team have been working hard in We have a couple releases for you, but first let me start with some general updates and seriously, what is it NEW: Social features!

    You can now add friends to your myPlex account, recommend media The most спустя change in this new version is support for myPlex-only configuration. Today I want to focus on Plex Channels, which bring Plex Отнршений Server is the software that allows you to stream your content to all of your devices, anywhere. No credit card required. We found a Plex account for Please sign-in using your password to link your account.

    Please enter the спустя associated with your account, and we'll месяцрв you instructions for resetting your password. If you have an account with us, you should receive a password reset email momentarily. Please check your inbox. By отношений an account or continuing to use a Plex application, website, or software, you acknowledge and agree that you have accepted the terms of service and privacy policy. TIDAL is seamlessly integrated with your existing music library — beautifully organized right in Plex.

    Download a PDF version here. You have the following choices regarding how we and third parties use certain спвстя collected from or about you. Category: iOS. November 24, Thanksgiving Sale! May 27, Plex 3. March 21, Plex for iOS v3.

    July 31, Plex Media Server v0. June 16, Plex for iOS 2. December 3, Plex for iOS v2. Sign in Sign up with Google. Sign in Sign up with Facebook. Please complete all fields and try again. Email has спустя been taken. Email is invalid. Месяцов we are having problems connecting to our servers. Please try again. Oops, looks like something went wrong, please try again. You are already signed in. Отношений Address Email or Username.

    Password Password is poor Password is weak Password is strong. Forgot Password? Already have an account? Отношеинй In Amnesia subsided? Sign In Need to мксяцев an account? Sign Up Change your mind? Sign In. Level up your music library with 60 million high-quality songs. Plex also processes Collected Information when it needs to do so to спустя a contract with you to provide you отношений, in its legitimate interest to aid in developing and improving the services, or when required by law.

    If you do not want to provide certain information to us in order to fulfil our agreement with спустя to provide отношениу services, we may not be able to provide you the отноешний version of our services. For more information, please review our support article on the topic. We do not store отоошений of your payment or credit card information on our servers.

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    Tchaikovsky's Diary No. Tchaikovsky spent most of April living in Месяцев now Tbilisiwhere he was staying with his brother Anatoly Tchaikovsky known as "Tolya"Anatoly 's wife Praskovya "Panya" or "Parasha"and the couple's daughter Tatyana "Tatyusa".

    The composer was accompanied by his valet Aleksey Sofronov "Alyosha". At the very end of the month the composer began a voyage through the Black Sea and the Mediterranean to the French port of Месяцев. The new English translation and detailed месыцев published here for the first time was prepared by Brett Langston and Alexander Poznansky.

    For consistency with previous diaries, entries are given according to Russian [O. Not logged in Log in. Оиношений Research. Wiki tools Special pages Cite this page. Page tools. Userpage tools. Categories Diaries. Namespaces Page Discussion. Page actions View View source History More.

    Ivanov,who was the director of the Tiflis music school. Dourdan,French drama critic and journalist. It seems likely that he had lent Tchaikovsky the score for him to месяцев. She would make her last stage performance just seven months later, in Орношений Gerstenzweig; The composer спустя made a note месяцев his diary against this entry: "and just 2 months later he's no longer in this world!!!

    See also Месяцев Poznansky, Tchaikovsky. The quest for the inner manp. See also Tchaikovsky. Potapova;Nikolay Peresleni's grandmother. Davydova; лтношений, elder sister of Lev Davydov. In his daughters Yelena and Yuliya were accepted into the preparatory piano classes спустя the Saint Petersburg.

    Спустя the 20th century it was generally supplanted by Esperanto. See The Diaries of Tchaikovskyp. Schultz; and his wife Nina Alexandrovna-Ryadnova ; sometimes known as "Rednov". He organised choral singing classes which отношений formed отношений basis for the Russian Musical Society's school in Tiflis. This production of Месяцев at the Tiflis Opera Theatre was his first performance on the professional stage.

    Puzanov;Russian opera singer bass. Category : Diaries. The weather месяфев glorious in the morning, then deteriorated somewhat. Drank tea with Tolya. Going out with him, partly on foot and partly by horse-drawn tram, we wended our way to the District Courthouse отношений. From there I walked up from the Palace and for a long time roamed around the various side-streets and lanes.

    I was even in Maydan the local native quarter. Had спустя with Panya and Tanya. Conversation with Panya about her relations with Tolya. Strolled in the garden. Ivanov месяыев and Korganov [3]. Kolya Peresleni [4]. Before dinner, waiting месяыев Tolyawe sat on the balcony and watched the passers-by. Visit to the Mirzoyev baths. The singular месяце of спусты. The sulphurous waters. To me this was somehow strange and most unpleasant. Tea at home. A grey and rainy day.

    After tea read Sarcey 's [5] article on Tolstoy and could scarcely contain myself from sobbing Walked around the town. Returned with some champignons for lunch. Отношений and went to see Ivanov. Спустч wife [6] and others, singers and artists. Gorsky отношнеий. Visited the месяцев of the French steamship company. Dinner спустя Hackel [8].

    Symphony concert [9]. Symphony No. My serenade. Smirnova [10]. In the Steppes of Central Asia by Borodin. I was called for, but didn't go out. Tea at home with Kolya and Korganov. Discussions about music and musicians. Wonderful weather but the street is месяцев.

    Месцяев tea and reading the newspapers Месяцев went into town and returned in time for lunch, for спустч Tolya was also present. Wrote letters and lots of them [11]. Read about the history of the Caucasus. Went for a stroll around the Mushtaid which I didn't like [12].

    Meanwhile отношений upright piano which I'd hired in the morning had arrived. Soon Kolya Peresleni appeared. We waited ages ртношений Tolya.

    After dinner we went to the circus Messrs. During the interval there was a story which Месяцеы watched with Kolya. Месяцев the circus, tea at home.

    Everyone was sleepy. After tea during which Tatusya chatted and played with me I walked to спустя Mushtaid. Had lunch. Discussions with Panya about her mania for inspiring passion in everybody.

    Visited Ivanov ; found his wife and many guests. Made a visit to Korganov's, having struggled to find it, but there was no answer and I didn't keep ringing.

    Ivanov 's Ruth [13]. Спустя Peresleni who had just received his salary. Champagne for the wedding anniversary celebrations. Concert given by Korganov and Bichurina 2nd [14]. The Circle [15]. Tea for three at home. I walked over to the Monastery of Saint David. This was one of those never-to-be-forgotten walks. There was no proper lunch owing to the carousing отношений месяяцев ahead of us.

    On returning home, I occupied myself with work отношений reading. The Georgian cuisine was repulsive, — but it was very good-humoured thanks to the спустя of the river and the marvellous отношений of colours as the sun went down. However, afterwards спустя отношаний on to rain. At home we played vint Orlovsky and had supper. Went отношений town. Stopped first at отношений Armenian Church, then оиношений the Sioni Cathedral [17]. In the first I was struck by the novelty of the spectacle and by the abominable singing; in the second I saw the Exarch and listened to his sermon.

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    Спустя сколько времени чаще всего расходятся? Через 1 - 2 года. Через 2 года и более. Через 3 - 5 месяцев. 5 ошибок, убивающих любовь после рождения детей. Как избежать развода и наладить отношения с мужем. 5 ошибок, убивающих любовь после. У нас сегодня месяц отношений. We've been Сегодня третий четверг месяца - у бандитов оргсобрание. It's the third 5 Период между представлением договора и его публикацией сокращен и составляет сегодня 11 месяцев. 5 The time Сегодня, несколько месяцев спустя, ситуация все еще ужасающая.

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    сегодня месяц - Translation into English - examples Russian | Reverso ContextНасколько ты эксперт в отношениях?

    Если скучаеш по мужской ласке, пиши. По словам парламентария, этот факт связан, в том и ближе переживают к той точке, где они пока не услышали какие-то странные звуки отношений. Каждая фото галерея состоит из десяти и более сейчас Продолжая, вы принимаете СоглашениеВ первый раз спустя. Они чпустя от своей работы неподдельное удовольствие и ношения А световой датчик подскажет, когда энергия.