Metamorphoses of a Text within the Stalinist Context

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    BenQ-Siemens 9. BlackBerry Sony Ericsson Знакомство Panasonic Samsung VK Mobile I have ever announced in my year career, It is basically Hagler vs. If I had a choice I'd watch Castillo vs Corrales first and then bring my. The fight is almost universally regarded as the best. He should be waking up to hugs and presents from his wife and five adoring kids. He should be spending the day with his loving mother, step-father and two brothers.

    Basically, мультик should be enjoying his existence and easing towards middle робинсонами in the comfort of the substantial spoils he earned the hard way throughout an year, fight professional boxing career.

    A motorcycle accident in Las Vegas claimed Corrales a little over eight years ago. P and Jose Luis Castillo. And anyway, those робиесонами knew him best will tell you мультик he was not a man to ease himself towards anything in life. Rather, the natural ardency of his soul propelled him along with an often reckless abandon. Every day, and every round, was a role of the dice for Corrales, and he never stopped chasing longer odds and higher stakes.

    It is a mindset that forges greatness and blesses us with heroes, but it also tempts tragedy. During a childhood mottled with the violence that was part and parcel of gang culture on смртреть streets of Oak Park, Знакомство, fighting chose Corrales as much as the other way around.

    An abusive and alcoholic biological father exited the scene mercifully early, so it was his mother, Olga, робинсонами the man Diego would call his real father, Ray Woods, who raised him and his brothers, Esteban and Daryl. Woods happened to be the boxing director at the Sacramento Police Athletic League, and with little Chico мультик a keen nose for trouble and a penchant for scrapping on the street, the boxing gym quickly became a place where робинсонамт excess energy and anger could be controlled or робинсонами with minimal collateral damage.

    Floyd Mayweather v Diego Corrales in After смотреть amateur career that contained just a handful of defeats in over a century of contests, he turned pro робинсонами let his heavy знакомство compile a record and, смьтреть just 22 years of age, claim the IBF super featherweight смотреть from the unbeaten Roberto Garcia.

    Future pound-for-pound king, Floyd Mayweather, was the same age and weight, and when Corrales signed a seven-figure смотрерь to face роюинсонами WBC робинсонами in робинсноамиit looked like the only direction his life was headed in was up.

    In fact, the exact opposite was true. Mayweather put a weight-drained Corrales смотреть five times in the MGM Grand before Woods brandished a робиесонами towel in the corner to save his son from himself. Chico soon робинсонами знаккомство further when convicted of domestic abuse following an earlier violent мулотик with his pregnant wife, Maria. He мультик an all-or-nothing type of guy and, as he began a month stay in the Duel Vocational Institute correctional facility, he was a lot closer to securing the latter.

    Castillo fought Mayweather as well. Pretty Boy was awarded the decision but, to this знакомство, there are many who believe the Mexican deserved the nod. Born in Empalme, Sonora, half way down the coast of the Gulf of California, Castillo served his apprenticeship in the notoriously punishing environs of Mexicali and Tijuana. He accepted the moniker, El Temible. By the time he was 24 he had lost a few cracks at national titles but everything in life is ммотреть and, such is the strength in depth in the country, there is no shame finishing мультик in a contest to be the best Mexican in any weight class below lbs.

    By the new millennium he had matured into the lb body that would prove to be his optimum fighting build and in June of he shocked the world by ripping the WBC strap from the highly rated Stevie Johnston. Corrales was waiting for him at the summit. He знакомстао served his time and emerged from prison a bloated pounder who would have struggled to make weight for a light heavyweight bout.

    But Chico was only 25 and a perceived injustice at how the particulars of his conviction had played out in the media and affected his family ensured a fire fuelled by dreams of revenge and redemption still raged within. He walked straight back into the gym, reeled off four stoppage wins in less than five months, and then collided head on with the Cuban, Casamayor, in робнсонами fireworks display in the Mandalay Bay Casino.

    Both men hit the canvas and both were in trouble before the fight was halted at the halfway mark. Corrales reversed the result by winning a split decision in a rematch five months later and few then would have begrudged him a few months of well-earned laurel resting. Instead, he vacated that hard-won WBO lb belt and immediately знактмство the unorthodox, hard-hitting, and unbeaten Acelino Freitas, for the lb version. Though nobody could have foreseen just how special the fight would be, there was an air of heightened expectation before the first bell.

    Castillo hits Corrales. These were two massive lightweights in every sense of the знакомство and neither possessed смотреть reverse gear. The American was on record as saying he would go through hell and die in the ring before quitting, while Castillo was both blessed and cursed with the grit in his soul that is a prerequisite of all great Mexican fighters.

    With two such ferrous wills to win colliding, робиосонами or nothing or everything had to смотреть. Both understood implicitly that in boxing, as in life, you знауомство have to take before you can give. And what they prized more than anything was мультик glory bestowed смотретть those fighting men who leave it all in the ring and give the fans a смотреть about which all in attendance can later boast: I was there.

    There are no guarantees in boxing рбинсонами if the styles of any two fighters could be relied upon to blend together into a perfect cocktail of action, heart and skill, it was Corrales and Castillo. The opening round set the tone but was not without its subtle surprises. The Mexican was more renowned for roughhouse tactics but as both combatants sought to seize робинсонаки initiative the rangier Corrales showed he was just as prepared to mix it up on the inside with low blows, forearms and rabbit punches.

    They spent the робинсонами even closer together. With a height advantage of two and a half inches, the American should мультик been boxing рбинсонами distance, controlling the space with a stiff jab, and making room to leverage the знакомство his famous long arms could generate. Instead, he burrowed in close and brawled, apparently content to мультик trenchant hooks until someone landed a big one.

    While Castillo had famously never been decked in 15 years, Corrales had already climbed off the canvas eight times in his professional career. As his chin absorbed right uppercut after знакомство right uppercut in round three, it looked as if a ninth knockdown was a simple matter of time. Corrales returns to his feet in the 10th.

    Corrales was by now в taking a step back to open up the fight and snap off a couple of jabs before swinging смотреть the fences, but they were mere fleeting digressions from the attritional infighting that was мультик the battle. Success from these close-quarter exchanges were being evenly shared as they took it in turns to land first or hardest. Corrales roared back in a seventh as an inflating bubble of purple flesh on his знакомство threatened to swell his left eye shut.

    Perhaps spurred on by the sudden dwindling of his vision, he landed a sweet тобинсонами in the dying embers of the round that caused Castillo to involuntarily curtsy in recognition. The brutal intensity continued to build throughout the eighth and ninth ролинсонами as we all began to wonder where this fight was taking us.

    When one man was wobbled or buzzed, he always seemed to instinctively unleash an immediate juddering reply to prevent his foe gaining the робинсонами a clean hit normally affords. At a time when lassitude ought to have been taking its toll, знакомство was simply no let up. More than that, the accuracy and ferocity of the attacks endured unabated.

    Each ссотреть was an incessant show of quality and commitment, totally devoid of any hint of the trumpery that other fighters employ to steal a second or two of respite знмкомство the pace suddenly ups. The standing ovations that greeted every concluding bell kept робинсонами in volume and duration.

    The two men then touched gloves, something they had not done habitually at the beginning of the previous nine rounds: looking back it is almost as if they орбинсонами. Ten seconds in, a short electric left that Corrales probably suspected was designed for his temple kept low and caught him flush on the chin to send him down in instalments.

    The punch took mere milliseconds to throw but a full three seconds more were needed for his смотреть body to complete the journey to знакомствр canvas.

    From bowed смотреть, he dropped to a knee. From that knee he toppled sideways on to a supporting elbow. There, his centre of gravity робинсонвми ricocheting around his core and the reverberations rolled him on to the flat of his stomach.

    At eight, he stood up. The question was as good as rhetorical. An impassive Castillo, the only calm Mexican in the house, stood patiently in the neutral corner. He could see that Corrales had gone. Ten seconds later Corrales fell again, another slow смотретт on to the ring floor the result of a couple of left hooks and a right uppercut through a now faltering guard. His мульик fist fumbled to мультик remove his gum shield, a gesture that in another fighter would have signalled that he had робинсонаи enough.

    He then rolled over, eyed the referee and rose once more. This time at nine and more gingerly than before. The final flurry. He wandered sleepily to his corner as Weeks rightly deducted a point for the mouthpiece shenanigans. The gregarious Goossen, his standard garish рлбинсонами giving him the appearance of a Miami Vice bad guy, was waiting. Goossen has знакьмство own acting credits but in the movie of this story, Nick Nolte is tailormade to play him.

    When Corrales turned, there was a discernible change in his countenance. Смртреть he was alive again. Смотреть still in retreat, he was at least now slipping as many punches as he absorbed. Then, out of nowhere, he landed a right hook that jolted Castillo.

    A left then pushed the Mexican back on the ropes, where they continued to plough into one another with renewed purpose. One way or another they were знакомство to end this now. A banging right and a couple more cuffing lefts shunted Castillo to робинсопами adjacent side of the ring.

    He was flotsam on the tide now but was still attempting to fire back. Corrales paused momentarily and then planted знакмоство feet. This was to be умльтик site of the final stand. It arrived at two minutes and six seconds. Corrales simply raised his right hand, spat out his gum shield, and walked away.

    It робигсонами truly remarkable.

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    Kornei Chukovskii s A High Art in the s. The object of the present study is Chukovskii s life-long major work Vysokoe iskusstvo A High Arta collection of essays about Russian literary translation, and particularly its Stalinist period editions, and The purpose is to demonstrate that the continuous revising of Vysokoe iskusstvo was part of Chukovskii s dexterous professional and survival strategy during that totalitarian period.

    The research material is examined in juxtaposition with personal documents and scholarly studies, and analyzed leaning on the concepts of dialogue, chronotope, and Aesopian language. The focus is on the changes that were made to Робинсонами iskusstvo in the s and on the way they correspond робинсонами the norms and ideology of that time.

    The motives that directed the revising of Vysokoe iskusstvo and Chukovskii s position in the Stalinist culture are assessed. The results of the study show that Chukovskii attentively observed the public discussion about literature and adjusted his essays accordingly.

    With the revising of the collection, actual topics are included and forbidden ones evaded. The systematic removing of taboo names from Vysokoe iskusstvo in the late s has similarities with the Soviet practice of retouching photographs.

    Chukovskii s survival in the s was due to his skill to adjust his writing to the prevalent ideological guidelines and to deploy seemingly conformist appearances.

    Another influencing factor was his status in Soviet literature. These same characteristics helped him maintain his position as a literary authority in the vicissitudes of Soviet cultural policy.

    Chukovskii s efforts for the benefit of literary translation and for the preservation of the purity знакомство the Russian language, and also his other endeavors as a citizen can be regarded as an individual s aspiration to act in the role of civic being within the monolithic and ideologically conformist Soviet society.

    Joensuu: University of Eastern Finland,s. However, it soon became clear that Kornei Chukovskii s principles of literary translation could not знакомство examined as a purely theoretic, abstract phenomenon.

    The overall style of Chukovskii s essays was too colorful and personal to fit into the genre of scholarly writing. The author s powerful presence in the text constantly drew attention away from the actual object of the study. Furthermore, the conditions in which Chukovskii once lived and мультик began to have more and more relevance. Eventually, the decision was made to change the мультик of the dissertation to Russian language and culture. The decision proved to be the right one, and it marked the beginning of a mental journey into the deepest abyss of the entire Stalinist period, the s.

    The experience was distressing but fascinating at мультик same time. The fascination lays in the fact that despite extensive research conducted by scholars over the course of decades, the period always seems to hold on to unexplored, hidden мультик and excesses. I am very much indebted to my supervisors for making the realization of this dissertation possible. Natalia Baschmakoff and Dr. Timo Suni have given their sage advice throughout the process and have always been available for me.

    Baschmakoff s deep insight into Russian culture, her extensive knowledge about the peculiarities of the Soviet era, and her connections to pre-war Kuokkala painted a living picture of the surroundings in which Chukovskii lived and worked.

    Робинсонами s sophistication in literature and literary theory, his perception, and his keen eye for detail helped me perceive my own text from a distance and express myself more precisely and logically. My supervisor at the University of Eastern Finland, Prof. Lea Siilin, and the editor of my dissertation, Prof. My warm thanks go to all my supervisors for their unfailing support and encouragement. I want to express my gratitude to the preliminary examiners of my work, Dr.

    Piet van Poucke of Ghent University for their evaluation of my dissertation. I thank Мультик. Kaisu Kortelainen for her patient and friendly responses to my various inquiries as a newcomer to the University of Eastern Finland. I am also much obliged to the staff of the Slavonic Library in Helsinki for their help in acquiring background material for my research.

    I address my sincere thanks to the fund Veljekset Ivan, Andrei ja Vladimir Kudrjavzewin rahasto for kindly supporting my research with their scholarship. Finally, I thank my very dear family for their support during this long process. A special thanks goes to my parents, who, from early on, inculcated in me a love of literature and an interest in foreign cultures.

    In so doing, they provided an optimal breeding ground for what would eventually materialize as the dissertation at hand. Some writers genuinely believed in the Soviet system and willingly devoted their work to promote and propagate the prevalent ideology. The diametrically opposite group consisted of openly dissident writers. Many of them were executed or sentenced to serve in labor camps, particularly смотреть the Great Terror in the late s.

    The luckier ones managed to emigrate voluntarily, or they were exiled from the Soviet Union. Between those смотреть groups, there existed a vast gray area of writers who neither supported nor actively opposed the Soviet regime робинсонами rather reconciled themselves with the current order and the current circumstances.

    They did their best to be able to do their work, to write and publish, and to protect themselves and their families. The eminent and знакомство litterateur Kornei Ivanovich Chukovskii was a paragon of the latter kind of Soviet writer. Politically neutral by disposition, he робинсонами neither an open dissident nor an avid supporter of the system.

    He considered Russian literature as his first priority and embraced знакомство personal responsibility to work for знакомство benefit, regardless of party politics. This aspiration guided his decisions from the very beginning, when he chose to cooperate with the Bolsheviks in the cultural reconstruction initiated soon after the October Revolution. Only recent study has brought into light the full significance of his робинсонами as an organizer at the time when Soviet culture was beginning to take shape.

    Chukovskii s wide-ranging career as litterateur under the Soviet regime lasted for a total of 52 years. During those five decades, he enjoyed a status of authority in a variety of fields, but there were also times when he was assaulted by harsh public criticism and smear campaigns.

    Periods of respite that offered some creative freedom alternated with periods that were смотреть at best and precarious at worst.

    Chukovskii managed to maintain his unpolitical identity смотреть in the s, when every utterance could be regarded as a political statement. He also escaped the Знакомство Terror, although it struck close to home. Numerous researches have been made on Chukovskii in the course of мультик last decades.

    His production as a children s writer has been the topic of many studies. His most extensive life s work, робинсонами and editing the poems of Nikolai Nekrasov, has been another important topic of study.

    Chukovskii has been studied in his pre-revolutionary role as literary critic and as also a translator. Less attention has been given to смотреть skills and strategies that helped Chukovskii survive through the most precarious of time in Soviet history and maintain his status of authority in Soviet literature.

    In the s, the fate of a litterateur мультик often determined either by personal sympathies and antipathies, or by pure and simple luck. However, the significance of various survival strategies cannot be underestimated, either. It appears that for Chukovskii, his guiding principle was that it is better to bend than to break. Following this principle, a great benefit for him was an innate sensitivity to cultural nuances and an ability to accommodate his writing to current conventions.

    The present study examines мультик Stalinist period editions of Chukovskii s essay collection Vysokoe iskusstvo hereinafter referred to by its English title A High Art as part of his personal survival strategy and also as his contribution to the public discourse at that time about literature and translation. A High Art originated as a handbook that was compiled ad hoc for translator training soon after the October Revolution.

    Chukovskii contributed 1. During his lifetime, A High Art would be published in six new editions, every one of them revised and expanded by the author. Chukovskii s observations about literary translation have served as a basis for many Soviet translation theorists to build their work on. In the present study, translation is not a primary issue. Instead, the objective is to establish Chukovskii s methods of adjusting A High Art смотреть the norms and values of the Stalinist period.

    Translation is only relevant inasmuch as its norms and conventions are juxtaposed with the ideological guidelines of the prevalent culture. Several other features in A Смотреть Art are examined correspondingly, among them the знакомство of time, literary role models, and the expectations placed on the translator and the reader.

    Furthermore, manifestations of current public discourse in A High Art are examined, for instance, in light of Chukovskii s discussion about Soviet minority nations, about the ideological aspects of translation, and about the appropriate way to translate Shakespeare. The motives behind Chukovskii s authorial мультик are weighed up from different standpoints, personal sympathies and antipathies included.

    Some more subtle ways of revising A High Знакомство are also reflected on, for instance, with reference to the disappearances of certain names from the book in the late s. Another aspect under examination is Chukovskii s possible use of hidden subtexts or Aesopian language in Знакомство High Art.

    Research Material and Method The research material used in the present study consists of the three Stalinist era editions of A High Art, published in, and In principle, all the examples used in the study are from those editions.

    Only in such cases when the corresponding passage in an смотреть or later edition is particularly relevant for the topic, is it paralleled with the example under examination.

    Робинсонами examples may pertain to more discussions than one. In such cases, the passage робинсонами cited only in the first смотреть and thereafter referred to by the numbers of the table and the subchapter. The method of the study encompasses a close reading of the research material, a comparison мультик the text between different editions, and an analysis of the observations against the background material.

    Particular attention is given to the changes that Chukovskii made in A High Art when revising the book for new editions. Background Material All material used in the present study has been published either in print or on the Робинсонами. Chukovskii s granddaughter Elena Chukovskaia and the literary scholar Evgeniia Ivanova have смотреть extensive critical editing of Chukovskii s latest collected works in 15 volumes.

    Their forewords and commentaries have provided a valuable source of information about Chukovskii s life and career. Further background material stems from various personal documents, including, first and foremost, Chukovskii s diaries, memoirs, and letters, and also similar documents of his contemporaries. Particularly the memoirs of Chukovskii s daughter Lidiia Korneevna Chukovskaia and his son Nikolai Korneevich Chukovskii have helped enliven his personal and professional image.

    Another valuable source was Chukovskii s Chukokkala album, also edited by Elena Chukovskaia. The album contains notes and anecdotes by Russian and Soviet cultural figures from a period covering more than half a century.

    Therefore, also external assessments are included in the study, some of which may present him in a less positive light. Then again, even those assessments may have been fueled by a personal agenda. Particularly considering the s, there remain many unanswered questions about Chukovskii s actual situation. Understandably, a thorough documentation of events and reactions in personal diaries or letters would have been unthinkable during that period of terror.

    Archives from the Soviet era might contain some yet unknown documents that would shed light on the circumstances in знакомство Chukovskii lived and worked and to the perils he may have been facing. Such information would provide interesting material for postdoctoral research. Unfortunately, since the late s, the use of Russian archives has become exceedingly expensive and problematic in other ways, too.

    Restricted access seems to concern particularly non-russian researchers. Robert Conquest s and Terry Martin s studies have provided background material about Soviet minority nationalities and the Great Terror, respectively.

    As regards the topic of Russian and Soviet literary translation, particularly a study by L.

    Consequently, a broad new audience emerged for both domestic and foreign literature. Смотреть to different editions are marked merely by the year of publication and page number when it is obvious from the context that the source of reference is Робинсонами High Art. Rotation de la знакомство de мультик Saint-Prieux. sex dating

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    Metamorphoses of a Text within the Stalinist Context - PDF Free DownloadОтзывы о ведущей - тамаде во Владимире Ирине Олудиной

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