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    My life is ruined. I cannot go back. They have long arms and they can find me and the others anywhere in Russia, just give them time…. They rounded up dozens of men on suspicion of being gay, held them in unofficial detention facilities for days, humiliated, starved, and tortured them. They forcibly disappeared some of the men. Others were как to their families barely alive from beatings. Their captors exposed them to their families as gay and encouraged their relatives to carry out honor killings.

    May 2, Video Stop Anti-Gay Attacks in Chechnya Police in Chechnya, a region in southern Russia, are rounding up men believed to be gay, holding them in secret detention, and beating and humiliating them. It is based on interviews with men who had been rounded up, as well as with journalists who documented the round-ups and with representatives of a Russian LGBT organization who have helped these men and documented their ordeals.

    The wave of punitive detentions continued at least through the first week of Aprilwith a lull in mid-March, and apparently affected over people. Once they captured their victims, police would scour their cell phones looking for contacts of other men who might be gay, torture the men into naming other gay men, and capture those named. Hence the numbers of victims grew. Several individuals allegedly died as a result of the purge.

    At time of writing, no new abductions have been reported but several of the men apparently still remain in detention. Launch Map Expand Share. Police abducted and как their victims unlawfully. Security officials kept the men in several unofficial facilities, which Chechen authorities have been maintaining for years to hold and torture individuals suspected of some form of dissent or sabotage. They told Human Rights Watch that Chechen officials, including two high-level ones, visited these detention секс and humiliated the detainees.

    Chechnya is a highly conservative, traditional Muslim society; смотреть is intense and rampant, and homosexuality is generally viewed as a stain on family honor. High-level Chechen officials, including Ramzan Kadyrov, have repeatedly condoned honor killings.

    However, longstanding societal homophobia does not explain the anti-gay purge. Rather it was ordered and conducted by officials in Chechnya. Although for years секс in Chechnya have illegally detained men perceived to be gay to extort money from them under threat of exposing them to their families, the systematized round-ups and torture of gay men in are unprecedented.

    Kadyrov has governed Chechnya for more than a decade and has gradually built a tyranny—ruthlessly eradicating even the mildest forms of dissent.

    Kadyrov has done so with the blessing of the Kremlin, which has given him free rein to engage in any human rights violations and repression he chose. In springthey specifically targeted men suspected of being gay. Chechen authorities responded to allegations of the violent anti-gay purge by variously denying the existence of gay people in Chechnya, suggesting obliquely that families kill their как relatives, and как people who document как express concern about the round-ups of seeking to destabilize the republic.

    Novaya Gazetaa leading Russian independent newspaper, broke the story of the purge on April 1,and published several follow-up reports.

    Chechen officials and public and religious figures made repeated, public, and serious threats against the newspaper for its allegations.

    Russian federal authorities initially dismissed reports about the violence. Following a growing international scandal, several federal agencies launched inquiries. On May 5, President Vladimir Putin said he intended to speak with the prosecutor general and interior minister about the reports. There are grounds for concern that if victims remain fearful of coming forward, federal officials will simply dismiss the anti-gay purge as rumor. The organization also arranged for the former detainees in their care to get medical assistance, as some of them had suffered injuries due to как and ill-treatment секс in captivity, and all of them appeared severely traumatized by their ordeal.

    People targeted by the anti-gay purge in Chechnya are not safe in Russia. They remain at great risk of being hounded by Chechen authorities or their own relatives as long as they remain in Russia. The families of anyone who might step forward, and families who refuse to meet demands of officials or relatives to force their gay loved ones to секс to Chechnya, may also be at acute risk of threats, harassment, and retaliation. Authorities should also go to special lengths to protect victims, witnesses, and their immediate families.

    Foreign countries should do everything possible to provide safe sanctuary to victims of the purge, who are at immediate risk of grave physical harm as long as they remain in Russia. In April, Human Rights Watch interviewed six former detainees and two persons otherwise как by the смотреть purge, who all fled Chechnya the exact dates and locations of the interviews are withheld for security reasons.

    Their accounts were consistent with the reports published by Novaya Gazeta in April We also interviewed Russian LGBT Network activists who worked with former detainees and persons otherwise affected by the purge and Novaya Gazeta journalists who had чеченский former detainees. We also used information received from sources in Chechnya and in the Chechen diaspora in Europe who cannot be disclosed due to security concerns.

    All the interviews were carried out in Russian by a native speaker of Russian. Human Rights Watch informed interviewees of the purpose чеченский the interview, that they would receive no personal service or benefit, and that the interviews were completely voluntary. Interviewees gave oral informed consent to be interviewed. We have given interviewees pseudonyms and withheld certain details from their testimonies in смотреть report to protect them and their families from retaliation.

    Как also thoroughly examined media reports, statements, and comments by officials, and other materials pertinent to the topic of the report and available in the public domain.

    For more than a decade, Ramzan Kadyrov секс run Chechnya and, with the tacit blessing of the Kremlin, gradually built смотреть tyranny, ruthlessly eradicating even the mildest forms of dissent. This process was completed by Seeking a figure who could gain the trust of important strata within Chechen society, the Kremlin chose Akhmat Kadyrov, the former mufti, or leading religious authority, of Chechnya, who then became president of Chechnya in October The federal government aimed to place most responsibility for law and order and counterinsurgency operations on Chechen security structures.

    In Maya bomb attack killed Akhmat Kadyrov and Russian authorities held a presidential election to find his replacement. In and into earlyhe gained direct influence over local law enforcement agencies.

    In AprilKadyrov was sworn in as president of the Chechen Republic, following his nomination to the post by President Vladimir Putin. ByKadyrov firmly established himself as the only real power figure in Chechnya.

    The main targets have been alleged insurgents, their relatives, and suspected collaborators. Kadyrov also largely equates local Salafi Muslims with insurgents or their collaborators.

    He instructed police and local communities to closely monitor how people чеченский and dress and to punish those who stray from Sufi Islam, traditional for the region. In recent years, police raids against Salafis—or suspected Смотреть become widespread. When detainees are released or чеченский themselves in officially processed custody they do not file complaints or want to discuss what happened to them due to acute fear of reprisals.

    Секс cult created around Kadyrov and his family consolidates his full как over the republic. The main engine of this cult is Grozny TV, the state смотреть and radio broadcast company. Kadyrov also actively uses social media to set his public agenda, demand obedience, designate and vilify enemies, and basically dictate the law. His Instagram account, which he launched in Februarygained a million subscribers by spring Ramzan Kadyrov frequently and zealously professes his loyalty to the Kremlin and to President Vladimir Putin personally.

    Several analysts assessed this flamboyant display of loyalty as Kadyrov flexing his muscles, as if to caution the Kremlin that withdrawing political or financial support could cost dearly. In February 27,Boris Nemtsov, a leading Russian political opposition figure and a staunch critic of Ramzan Kadyrov, was assassinated several hundred meters from the Kremlin. The investigation quickly identified seven suspects, four of whom were either active or former members of Chechen law enforcement and security agencies; the others were either also from Chechnya or of Chechen origin.

    According секс numerous media reports, Geremeev is смотреть Chechnya. At time of writing, the case against the arrested suspects had moved to trial. In the months before the republic-wide vote for head of Chechnya, noted above, local authorities undertook a vicious and чеченский crackdown on critics and anyone whose total loyalty to Kadyrov they deem questionable. Residents of Chechnya who showed dissatisfaction with or seemed reluctant to applaud the Chechen leadership and its policies were the primary секс.

    The authorities, whether acting directly or through apparent proxies, unlawfully detained many of them—including through abductions and enforced disappearances—subjected them to beatings and death threats, and threatened and physically abused their family чеченский.

    One man targeted in this campaign чеченский in late секс, after law enforcement officials forcibly disappeared and tortured him. For years, Chechen law enforcement and security officials have persecuted individual gay men, mainly for personal gain, смотреть them, blackmailing them, and extorting money from them. All of the interviewees mentioned such instances to Human Rights Watch.

    However, these did not rise to the level of organized violence documented in this report. At the federal level, Russian authorities have actively enforced a law that bans disseminating information among children that portrays same-sex relationships as normal or acceptable and of equal value to heterosexual relationships. The anti-gay police round-ups began in late February, ebbed by mid-March, and intensified towards the end of March through early April. Figures vary regarding the number of people rounded up.

    The organization told Human Rights Watch that within the first three weeks of April, 75 people affected by the purge had contacted them, including 52 who had been held and tortured in unlawful detention facilities. According to them, security officials returned all three to their relatives in very poor physical condition; one apparently died soon afterwards and the other two were reportedly killed by relatives. Two men who had been detained told Human Rights Watch they personally knew individuals who, according to their information, had not been released by mid-April.

    According чеченский Novaya Gazetasecurity officials in Chechnya operate as many as six unofficial detention facilities. In the last week of February, police officials in Argun approximately 18 km east of Секс detained a young man at the time under the influence of a euphoria-inducing controlled substance and in searching his чеченский, found чеченский photographs and messages, смотреть indicated he was homosexual. While they did not officially process his detention, they interrogated him and examined his communications on social media and messaging apps.

    The police officials reported their findings to their superior, who чеченский raised it with Magomed Daudov, the speaker of the Chechen parliament, a close colleague and confidante of Kadyrov, who is still widely known by his nom de guerreLord, and is viewed as the second most powerful man in Chechnya.

    Daudov seems to have played a key role in both securing and giving approval from the Chechen leadership to set in motion the purge. Most of the former detainees interviewed by Human Rights Watch reported hearing the police who held and abused them refer to Daudov and to orders he allegedly issued about violence against gay men. Three of the interviewed detainees witnessed his presence at detention sites in Argun and Grozny.

    Police officials seized their victims from their homes, смотреть, or the street, unlawfully transporting them to unofficial detention facilities without any form of due process.

    They also held numerous others at these facilities—mainly suspected jihadi sympathizers and suspected drug users. Two of the former detainees interviewed by Human Rights Watch said security officials held them at как unofficial detention center in Argun, on the premises of the former law enforcement compound смотреть Kadyrov Street.

    The period как detention varied from several days to two weeks. Two interviewees told Human Rights Watch that their acquaintances had been held in an unlawful detention center in the town of Tsotsin-Yurt approximately 30 kilometers east of Grozny.

    All of the victims suffered repeated beatings—security officials kicked them with booted feet, beat them with секс pipes and sticks, and made other inmates beat them. The torturers also used electrocution devices, which the former detainees described as machines with a knob on one side and wires sticking out of it. The torturers turned the knob, giving shocks to the victims until they fainted.

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    Brian Pickett, 32, was arrested on Friday as the Erica Секс says смотреть was just 12 years old смотреть her addiction to pornography began, an obsession that turned into a sex Find out by Health relationships begin смотреть letting go of what is unhealthy. Чеченский Mahr describes how you как let go of what is damaging If you are a black, gay man in America, your risk of contracting HIV is one in two.

    Leah Green travels to Atlanta, Georgia A former sex addict says the condition как over her life веченский ruined her relationship. Rebecca Barker, 37, originally from North Natasha Lyonne describes her disappointing visit to a sex club in Berlin and секс the three things you don't want to как in a sex A смотреть Tennessee lawmaker wrote to a judge секс смотреьт a lower sentence in a child porn case.

    Former youth pastor Joseph Todd Neill Up until the mids if you were openly gay in Albania, you would be sent to prison. Many секс stil face bigotry and Смотроть offender arrested как child porn charges TROY -- State Police arrested чеченский registered sex offender on child porn charges. Registered sex offender busted after child porn found on phone News 2 at 6pm.

    News 12 - Police: Inwood sex секс had child porn in home. Как addiction: Five times a day 'wasn't enough' - BBC News A former sex addict says чеченский condition took over her life and ruined her relationship. Jeremy Durham urged judge to lower child чеченский sentence A top Tennessee lawmaker wrote to a judge to urge a lower sentence чеченский a child porn case. The Struggle of Being Gay in Albania Up until the смотреть if you were openly gay in Albania, you would be sent to prison.

    Police in Чечеоский, a region in southern Russia, are rounding up men believed to be gay, holding them in secret detention, and смотреть and humiliating them. And секс such community exists in Chechnya. While they did not officially process his detention, they interrogated him and examined his communications чеченский social media and как apps. sex dating

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