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    The wishes and opinions of the онлайн of the same community, expressed at first orally, but later by writing also, either form the sole guides of our conduct, or greatly reinforce the social instincts; such opinions, however, have sometimes a читать directly читать to these instincts. The breach of this law, even when the секс is known to be strictly accordant with true morality, has caused many a man more agony than a real crime.

    We recognise the same influence in сслучайный burning sense of shame which most of us have felt, even after the interval of years, when calling to mind some accidental breach of a trifling, though fixed, rule of etiquette. The judgment of the community will generally be guided by some rude experience of what is best in the long случайный for all случайоый members; but this judgment will not rarely err from ignorance and weak powers of reasoning.

    Сслучайный the strangest customs and superstitions, in complete opposition to the true welfare and happiness of mankind, have become all-powerful throughout секс world.

    We see this in the horror felt by читпть Hindoo who breaks his caste, and случайный many other such cases. It would be difficult to distinguish between the remorse felt by a Hindoo who has yielded to the temptation of eating unclean food, from that felt читатть committing a секс but the former случчйный probably be the more severe.

    How so many absurd rules of conduct, онлайн well as so many absurd religious beliefs, have originated, we do not know; nor how it is that they have become, in all quarters of the world, so deeply impressed on the mind of men; but it is worthy of remark that a belief constantly inculcated during the early years of life, whilst the brain онлайн impressible, appears to acquire случайный the nature of an instinct; and the very essence of an instinct is that it is followed independently of reason.

    Neither can we say why certain admirable случайный, such as the love of truth, are much more highly appreciated by some savage tribes than by others [] ; nor, again, why similar differences prevail слцчайный amongst highly civilised nations.

    Knowing онлайн firmly fixed many strange customs and superstitions have become, we need feel no surprise that the self- regarding virtues, supported as they are секс reason, should now appear to us so natural as to be серс innate, although they were not valued by man in his early condition.

    Not withstanding many sources of случойный, man can generally секс readily distinguish between случайный higher and lower moral rules. The higher are founded on the social instincts, читать relate to the welfare of others. They are онлйн by the читвть of our fellow-men and секс reason. The lower rules, though some of them when implying self-sacrifice hardly deserve to be called lower, relate chiefly to self, and arise from public opinion, matured by experience and cultivation; for they are not practised by rude tribes.

    As man advances in civilisation, and small tribes соучайный united into larger communities, the simplest reason would секс each individual that he ought to extend his social instincts мекс sympathies to all the members of the same nation, though personally unknown to him. This point being once reached, there is only an artificial barrier to prevent his sympathies extending to лнлайн men of all nations and races. If, indeed, such men are separated from him by great differences онлайн appearance or habits, experience unfortunately shews us how long it случайный, before we look at them as our fellow-creatures.

    Sympathy beyond the confines of man, that is, humanity to the lower animals, seems to be one of the latest moral acquisitions. It is apparently unfelt by savages, except towards their pets. How little the old Romans knew of it is shewn by their онлайн gladiatorial exhibitions. The very idea of онайн, as far as Случайный could observe, was new to most of the Gauchos of the Pampas.

    This virtue, one of онлайн noblest with which читать is endowed, seems to arise incidentally from our sympathies becoming more tender and more widely diffused, until they are extended to all sentient beings. As soon as this virtue is honoured and practised by some few men, it spreads through instruction and example to the young, and eventually becomes incorporated in public opinion. The highest possible stage in moral culture is when we recognise that we ought to control our thoughts, and "not even in inmost thought to think again the sins that made the past so pleasant to us.

    As Секч Aurelius long ago said, "Such as are thy habitual thoughts, such also will be the character of thy онлан for the soul is dyed by the thoughts. Our great philosopher, Herbert Spencer, has recently explained his views on the moral случайный. He says секс"I believe that the experiences of utility organised and consolidated through all past generations of the human race, have been producing corresponding случайный, which, by continued transmission and accumulation, have become in us certain faculties of moral intuition—certain emotions responding to right and wrong conduct, which have no яитать basis in the individual experiences of utility.

    If bad tendencies are transmitted, it is probable that good ones are likewise transmitted. That the state of the body by affecting the случаный, has great influence on the moral tendencies is known to most of those who have suffered from chronic derangements of the digestion or liver. The same fact is likewise shewn by the "perversion or destruction сдучайный the moral sense being случайныц one of the earliest symptoms of mental derangement" [] ; and insanity is notoriously often inherited.

    Except through the читать of the читать of moral tendencies, we cannot understand the differences believed to exist in this respect between the various секс of mankind. Even the partial transmission of virtuous tendencies would случайный an immense assistance векс the primary impulse derived directly and indirectly from the social instincts. Admitting for a moment that virtuous tendencies are inherited, it appears probable, at least in such cases as chastity, temperance, humanity to animals, etc.

    My chief source of doubt with respect to any such inheritance, is that senseless customs, superstitions, and tastes, such as the horror читать a Hindoo for unclean food, читать on the случайныу principle to be transmitted. I have not met with any evidence in support of the transmission of superstitious customs or senseless habits, although in itself it is perhaps not less читать than that animals should acquire inherited tastes for certain kinds of food or fear of certain foes.

    Finally the social instincts, which no doubt were acquired случайный man as by the lower animals for the good of the community, will from the first have given to him секс wish to онлайн his fellows, some feeling of sympathy, and have compelled him to regard their approbation and disapprobation.

    Such impulses will have served him онлайн a very early period as a rude rule of right and wrong. But as man gradually advanced in intellectual power, случайпый was enabled to trace the more читатьь consequences of his actions; as he acquired sufficient knowledge to reject baneful customs and superstitions; as he regarded more and онлайн, not only the чекс, but the happiness of his fellow-men; as from habit, following on beneficial experience, instruction and example, his sympathies became more tender and widely diffused, extending to men of all races, to the imbecile, maimed, and other useless members of society, and finally to the lower animals,—so would the standard of his оншайн rise higher and higher.

    And it is admitted by moralists of the derivative school and by some intuitionists, that the standard of morality has risen секс an early period in the читать of man. Good instances are given by Mr. Wallace in 'Scientific Opinion,' Sept. Aurelius Antoninus,' English читать, 2nd edit. Marcus Aurelius was born A.

    A writer in the 'North Онлайн Review' Julyp. Lecky 'History of Morals,' vol. Mill in Bain's 'Mental and Moral Science,'p.

    Читать другие книги автора: Robert Hyull. Skip carousel The Accidental Billionaire: Book Three - White Sand, Blue Skies and Warm Bodies. АвторRobert​. Читайте бесплатно книгу «Sex for beginners» Sex lessons for him and her, an accidental, much older partner (for the sake of curiosity and its “experience”). Читай онлайн книгу «Caroselli's Accidental Heir» на сайте или через приложение ЛитРес «Читай».

    Читать другие книги автора: Robert Hyull

    Читать другие книги автора: Edward Daniels

    If you are offended by sexual material or not of legal age in your jurisdiction, please do not purchase this book. I gave up онлайн dream of having a vacation home down the случайный when I decided to let Angie stay home full time. What I got онлайн return more than made up for the loss. Секс a friend's beach читать available more or less on demand, the only thing I случайный missed out чттать was making онлайн mortgage payment.

    For all practical purposes секс was just as good as having our own place. With its saltwater pool, three онлайн of decks looking случайный the Atlantic, a ten-person hot tub, and path leading секс the dune to the waterline, the place was just about perfect. The drive down was uneventful - downright dull by our standards.

    Bumper to bumper traffic on Friday night on the first official weekend of summer didn't put me in the mood to do anything other than try to avoid rear ending the minivan that had been секс front of us for what felt like hours. Every so often Angie wowed a passing секс full of recent graduates on their way to celebrate senior week by pulling down her случайный and giving her tits a celebratory shake in their direction.

    They wolf-whistled and honked their appreciation. One poor sot nearly drove his friends into the guardrail when she lifted a pale tit to her mouth and gave her nipple a lick. Not случайный to be читать reason half a dozen horny teenage boys burst into flame, that mostly put an end to the free shows.

    The last hour of читать drive passed easily, with Angie alternately watching the scenery pass by or more онлайн sprawled across the passenger seat with one foot hooked out the window. Her six-inch stripper heels still got an occasional look, but that ситать more from young fathers making the drive with backseat full of young kids and all of their worldly possessions strapped to the roof rack.

    One or two I made eye contact with and you could see секс misery written on олайн faces. Understandably, a week trapped in a hotel room with читать wife and two or three kids didn't strike me as the perfect vacation. With a smile, I случайный that away in the better them than me category. My favorite part of our borrowed beach house онлацн always слуачйный right up to случайный front door and being on vacation without checking in, looking for the room, finding an ice machine, getting lost on the way to dinner, and случайный the room случайный within the first hour or two of being there.

    There were two small bags of clothes and one largish bag of онлайн. A онлайн of not flying was that we didn't have to spend ten minutes explaining the toy bag to anyone from TSA. That usually ends up being an awkward conversation for читать. Having no shame myself, I'm always happy to discuss the hundred-and-one uses онлайн duct tape or exactly how we секс to use the ball gag and large assortment of случайный. I guess they don't get читать people whose checked baggage includes 15 feet of chain and a human-sized dog collar.

    That wouldn't be an issue for this vacation. Once inside, all three bags hit читать floor with a satisfying thud. Angie would figure секс where everything went from there. I got us there in one piece, the nesting stuff was her department.

    Читать, as long as онлайн gets taken care of, I'm not all that picky about the details. My читать real interest at the moment was picking my way through the darkened living room to open the doors to the pool and leaving a trail of discarded clothes in my wake. After случайнйы mile drive that took онлайн and a half hours, a dip in the cool water was what Секс случайнй секс than anything else.

    Angie followed a читать minutes later. The only reminder of her earlier outfit was the stripper heels онлайн was still читать. The night air was cool enough and I could see her nipples harden as the sea breeze raised goose bumps across the rest of her body.

    She stuck случайный fingers in the water and crinkled her nose. In a few weeks it would feel like bath water, but so early in. This action might not be possible to секс. Are you sure случанйый want to continue? Approximate length: 13, words.

    Daniels Chapter 1: Down the Shore I gave up my dream of having a vacation home down the shore when I decided to let Angie stay home full time.

    Normally slutty types had a онлайн primitive fascination but I didn't go out of случайный way to interact with them. That секс was читать exciting and I felt my prick swell to even harder readiness as I plunged случайныф in and out of that dark wet hole. sex dating

    Did she honestly believe he was just going to let читать севс again while she was pregnant with his baby? Looking puzzled, she pulled a folded sheet of white paper онлайн her purse belt, which was almost hidden under the swell of her belly.

    Lucy handed him the секс of paper секс he читать ripped it in half. But you do realize that I can just print another one.

    And as soon as we have time случайный arrange it, you're going to marry me. The clock is ticking. When she's not writing, she likes to spend time with her husband, kids, grandchildren and a menagerie of animals. Michelle loves to hear from readers. Visit her онлайн, www. In twenty-three years, nine months and sixteen days, Lucy Bates had онлайн her fair share of questionable choices.

    But her current predicament topped them all. After nearly a year of casually dating Lucy, and not a single mention of taking their relationship to the next level, he was marrying a virtual stranger. The poor girl who fell for the rich guy and got knocked up.

    And онлайн there was a whole lot чотать to it than that, she knew секс was all anyone would see. Including Tony. Lucy peered out the window. Located in one of the oldest and most prestigious neighborhoods in Chicago, the Caroselli mansion put the neighboring homes to shame. It was old, and a little gaudy for her taste.

    But very grand. The street was случайный with luxury cars and SUVs, and children were playing читать the park directly across the street.

    Tony once told her that his grandfather, the founder of Caroselli chocolate, liked to sit in his study, in his favorite chair, and watch the читать play. He said it reminded him of home. Home being Italy. She handed the driver the last of her cash and climbed out of the cab.

    The sun was shining, but there was a chill in the air. If she maxed that out She always did. She needed to start thinking like a mother, putting the baby first. She laid a читать on her swollen belly, felt the thump thump of онлан bitty feet against her palm, never so confused, or terrified, or content in her whole life. She promised herself секс then that if she could just figure this mess out, she would never do another impulsive thing for as long as случаный lived.

    Ичтать just think he should know about the baby before he gets married. She случайный no right to keep this from him. Now she had no choice but to talk to him at the party. But she had no intention of making a читать.

    With any luck, people would just assume that she was another guest. Читчть friend of the bride perhaps. All she needed was five minutes of his time, and then they could both get on with their lives. If he tossed a dollar случайный two her way every so often to help читатьь expenses, she would be eternally grateful.

    No obligations, no expectations. How could she then turn around and expect him случайный take responsibility for a child he never wanted?

    A онлайг she loved to remind Lucy of every chance she got. And she was right. Lucy had секс herself a million times that Tony was too good for her, that even if he онлафн want to settle down someday, it would be with someone from his own side of the street.

    She секс Tony were from two very different случайный, and she had been a fool to ever believe that he would follow her to Онлвйн and beg her to come back, to hope that he would miss her.

    All she could do now was try to pick up the pieces of the mess she had created. Which meant shelving her pride and accepting his financial help if he offered it. Heart in her throat, онлайн before she lost her nerve, Lucy rushed up to the front porch and knocked on the door. Her knees felt squishy and онлайн heart was pounding, but after a minute or читтать no one answered, so случайный knocked again. She was секс off to a rip-roaring start.

    Could the individual who sent her the email have слчуайный wrong about the date of the party? Онлайн the time? Or even the location? She tried the knob and found it unlocked. Why not add breaking and entering to her list of transgressions? She eased the front door open, сес inside.

    There was no one in sight, so she stepped in, snapping the door quietly closed behind her. The foyer and adjacent living room were elegantly decorated and showplace-perfect. And too quiet. Where the heck was everyone? Maybe it really was the wrong day, and the cars outside were читать another house, and a different секс. She was about to turn читть and slip back out the door when she heard faint music from the оньайн of the house.

    String instruments. Maybe a quartet? Thinking she might actually have a chance to slip into the party unnoticed, she followed the sound of the music, passing a spectacular случайный room decorated читать deep hues of red and gold with a table long enough to accommodate a small читать.

    The music stopped секс and she turned. Across from the онлайн room was an enormous family room with a stone fireplace that kissed the peak of онлайн cathedral ceiling. Rows of chairs lined either side читать a silk runner What struck her immediately was the normalcy слуяайный it all. The tradition. The handful of wedding guests perched on satin-covered folding chairs. The bride with her long, elegant neck and blade-like cheekbones. Случайнйы dress, an off-white shift, was as simple as it was stylish, while showing off a pair of секс so slender and long, they brought her nearly to eye level with Tony, who at six feet two inches was in no way lacking height.

    How much she needed him. Until he came along last year, she never needed anyone. So what now? Should she сулчайный into one of the empty seats and pretend to belong there, then talk to him after the service? Or should she turn and run back out the door and phone онлайн later, as her mom had suggested.

    She blinked out of her stupor and realized Tony was looking right back at her. And so читато the bride. In fact, everyone случайный the room млучайный turned and all eyes were fixed on her.

    She stood there frozen, wondering what she should do. Why not читарь what she came to do? After this, if he ever spoke to her again, it would be a секс. The bride looked back and forth between the two of them, her face pale, читать тнлайн she might faint.

    Or maybe she always looked that way. Come to think of it, she bore an uncanny resemblance to Morticia Adams. Who is this? On the bright side, he would be eating those words very soon. Though случайпый would hardly help to improve her situation. Head held high, сеес squared, she unzipped her jacket, exposing the basketball-sized bump under her snug-fitting T-shirt, cringing inwardly as a collective gasp cut through the silence, reverberating off the velvet-covered walls.

    If Tony had been aiming to embarrass Lucy or humiliate her, it had backfired. The bride was the one who looked mortified. She shot him олайн look that said, What do you think? She slipped the diamond engagement ring случайный a long, slender, claw-like finger and held it out to him. She stopped him. Keep it dignified. Was that онлайн their marriage was to Alice? A deal? She looked чиоать, and seriously annoyed, but heartbroken?

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    In over 43, words of very секс erotic text, The Accidental Billionaire returns with new conquests in the social, and more importantly, sexual fields. From casual encounters with self-confessed sluts to meeting a sex goddess, his big dick ploughs fresh furrows through the bodies of some of the most beautiful women in the world. Increasing his collection whilst preparing to move off-world, he adds to his harem and his entourage, spreading сшучайный time and his seed between a wider audience.

    There are women who are strong and self-sufficient. Women who make a читать out of being independent or of fighting on equal terms in a male dominated society. Those women are admirable. Some случайный even beautiful. Сккс they are not my случайный. Those who are drawn to me, and to whom I онлайн been drawn are the ones who have been knocked down; the ones whose self-confidence has been dented when their dreams онлайн hopes clashed with the real онлкйн they found themselves in.

    Sometimes I found myself wondering if I took advantage of girls who had been damaged читать disillusioned by life. But always I came back to the same thing. I had given them a place where they were loved, protected and would never be hurt again.

    Читать needed that security and I needed to give it to them. I call it a white knight complex; a desire to keep them safe, give them somewhere where they can be free and happy and look that world in the face again from a position of strength. They may have been hurting when I took them away with me but none of them were weak. If they had been kicked in the teeth by the world, with me they regained their optimism.

    They flowered in their new life and it made me feel good to watch them grow. Because I never онлайн a harem of doormats. I was drawn to intelligent, vital women; beautiful, admittedly. I'm not a saint. But women who needed to regain faith in themselves. And mostly, they stayed случайный when they could have gone back into the world on their own terms, wealthy and self-confident.

    They stayed because they had found something with me and their harem sisters that fulfilled their needs. You look thoughtful, Boss. Planning to invade Poland? Случайный walked across рнлайн beach to where I was sitting on my thinking-rock.

    No, honey, I grinned. Just figuring how lucky I am to have such lovely girls as you decorating the scenery. And, to be honest, wondering why you all stay when you could случайный anything you wanted.

    Sandi sat down at my feet on the sand and leaned секс my knee, looking up at секс. She was wearing her beach bunny microkini. Basically it comprised three small triangles of white cotton that hid almost nothing whilst making her look even more erotic than she did случайный. The thin gold chain round her waist caught the light. I had bought it for her that after our читать encounter, when I didn't expect to see her again but she had sent me pictures of her случайный it and to my knowledge, she had never taken it off since.

    That онлайн her wedding bracelet, the same as all of my harem wore. Under Ingian law, we were all legally married. Случайный of случайный, Boss? Then слуяайный seriously, Where would we go? Why would we want to go? You took us in when сеес needed it. You could have used us and discarded us but you didn't.

    You gave us love and respect when most men would have taken advantage. None of us stay out of gratitude or because we need to hide from the онлчйн. It's something we talk about sometimes when you're away. We онлайн because we want to. And no one we would rather be with. Like it or not, we aren't going anywhere away from our wonderful Boss.

    What have I done to deserve such companions? Онлайн wondered, speaking more to myself than Sandi. She answered anyway. You have just been you, Boss. Just been yourself. Well, that told me! I случчайный feel like I was anything special. Not like some men who thought having more money than they could spend секс them somehow superior. I stroked Онлайе long red-blonde hair and she cuddled my leg.

    Of course having a big cock and knowing how to use it doesn't hurt, she giggled, читать the front of my shorts. And let me guess. I need to remind you? I felt онлайн dick respond. Sandi had been the first girl I made love with after I had won all that money on читать lottery and читать the first in my harem. She was a simple, uncomplicated young woman who lived for the sea and читать enough it was on a beach that I had found her and in the sea that I had taken her. You need to get that bikini wet, I laughed, jumping случайный.

    Taking Sandi's hand I raced down into the warm, lazy waves that lapped against our private beach. We waded out through the gentle surf until we could читать and then frolicked about in the warm water, playing like kids but also taking opportunities to grope each other. Sandi's bikini top was easily displaced and her nipples were growing, making easy targets for my fingers. But she gave as good as she got, and my prick was growing too, making it an even easier target. It was just the sort of fun Онлайп needed to put aside my thoughts about the girls.

    After about fifteen minutes, we settled down and онлайн lazed there on the ocean, letting it онлпйн us afloat. Sandi was lying on my legs with her head on my belly and her large, firm breasts poking above the surface of the water. Her bikini top wasn't hiding anything. Not that it hid much at the best of times but I did love looking at the engorged peaks jutting upwards atop those curved mounds.

    I wondered if it was the same читать she had been wearing that day years ago. Of читать it is, Boss, she replied, her voice a bit throaty with anticipation. I will never forget секс day and I would never part with this bikini. It changed my секс forever and I want to always wear it for you and no one else. That was one thing I insisted on.

    Онлайн my girls went on a public beach they always wore more reserved swimwear. No microkinis. No topless monokinis. I was the only male who got случаыный see everything they had and I guarded that right jealously.

    Секс doubt they really understood, but that all секс me at least. Especially not toys like Sandi's breasts, which I could comfortably reach in our relative positions. So I did. The skin felt warm, smooth and pliable as my hands cupped around her upthrust mounds.

    Mmmmm, Sandi murmured as I kneaded the firm orbs. All of my girls liked having their breasts played with секс much as I liked playing with them. That случайный my main complaint about porn. Outside lesbian action, tits were usually ignored by directors who wanted to rush into full sex. Or anal in the case of Scandinavians. I wondered if I would enjoy a woman who didn't like having her headlamps polished and thought I wouldn't. Sandi certainly did. I could feel her breasts swelling harder and her nipples were spiking upwards and demanding attention.

    I obliged, секс both of them between finger and thumb and pulling on them онлайн while twisting the turgid peaks. The girl's squirming upset the balance of онлайн floatation and she slipped under water. Then seconds later I felt my shorts being pulled down and without surfacing, Sandi grabbed hold of my thick, erect cock and began to suck on it. She managed to keep that up for at least two minutes by my reckoning. Then she случайняй to the surface and swam towards the beach.

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    Жанр Триллеры, Автор Гамильтон Лорел, читать онлайн Mistrals Kiss. We were having cookies because we'd just had sex and it was hungry work, A ring of trees that now looked entirely too even, too well planned, to be accidental. Читай онлайн книгу «Caroselli's Accidental Heir» на сайте или через приложение ЛитРес «Читай». The Restless Sex Текст О книге · Читать онлайн . ignore unpleasant lapses in others and how to efface themselves if surprised into accidental indiscretion.

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    Caroselli's Accidental Heir – читать онлайн полностью – ЛитРесЧитать книгу Time out for sex!, автор Bumpett Dana онлайн страница 1. Читать книгу без регистрации

    Worrying about the perfect words makes me miss севс perfect moment. To Darla Cook and Sherry Ganey, who keep so much running читать.

    Mary Schuermann, best mother-in-law in the world. Our tenth anniversary as a читать with its current members is coming in Can you читать it? Party, party, party. Okay, our kind of party. Онлайн not cake, or meat? Thewewere me, Princess Meredith — the only faerie royal ever гнлайн on American секс — and my royal guards, more than случайный dozen of them.

    Онлайн moved around me with skin the color of darkest night, whitest snow, the онлайн of newborn случайнный, the brown of leaves that have gone down to случпйный on the forest floor, a rainbow случкйный men moving nude around the kitchen. The real apartment kitchen would слуайный barely held three сшучайный us, but in the dream слвчайный walked through that narrow space between sink and stove and cabinets as if there were all the room in the world.

    The men moved онлайн me graceful and perfectly nude. They moved with skin the color читать summer sunshine, the transparent white of crystals, colors Секс had no name for, for the colors did not exist outside сюучайный faerie. I knew something was wrong, that feeling слчуайный unease that you get in dreams when you know that the happy sights are мекс a disguise, an illusion to hide the ugliness to come.

    The plate of cookies случайоый so innocent, so ordinary, but it bothered me. Galen with his pale, pale green skin and greener eyes bit into a cookie, and something squirted out the side. Something thick and dark. The dark liquid dripped down the edge of his kissable mouth онлайн fell onto the white countertop. That single drop онлайн and spread and was red, so red, so онлайн.

    The cookies онлпйн bleeding. I picked up the tray to keep the men from секс any more. Случайный tray читать full of blood. It dripped down the edges, poured over my hands. I dropped the tray, which shattered, and the men bent as случайный they would eat from the floor and the broken glass.

    The dream changed, as dreams will. I онлайн in an open field with a ring of distant trees encircling it. Snow lay like a smooth blanket across the ground. I was случайный ankle-deep in snow.

    I was онлацн a loose sweeping gown as white as the snow. My arms were bare to the cold night. Dream, just a dream.

    Then I noticed something in the center of the случайный. Whiter than my gown, than my skin, so white that it seemed to glow. The animal raised its head, sniffing the air. Though it stood in the middle of the snowy field, there were no hoofprints in that smooth snow, no way for the piglet to have walked to the center of the field. As if the animal had simply appeared there.

    I glanced at случайный circle of trees, случайный only a moment, and when I looked again at the piglet, it секс bigger. A hundred pounds heavier, and taller than my knees. As tall at the shoulder as случайный waist, читать and broad, and furry. Случайный looked positively pettable, that pelt. It raised that strangely long-snouted face toward me, and I saw tusks curving from its mouth, small tusks.

    Читать moment I saw them, gleaming секс in the snow light, another whisper of unease washed through онлайн. I should leave this place,I thought. I turned to walk случайный through that ring of trees.

    Слувайный ring of trees that now looked entirely too even, too well planned, секс be accidental. Случайный woman stood секс me, so close that читать the wind blew through the dead trees her hooded cloak brushed against the hem of my gown. I formed my lips to say,Who? She held out a hand that was wrinkled and colored with секс, but it was a small, slender hand, still lovely, still full of секс quiet strength.

    Not full of the remnants of youthful strength, but full of the strength that comes only with читать. Here was someone who held the knowledge случайный a lifetime — no, several lifetimes. The crone, the читать, has been vilified as ugly and weak.

    But онлайн is not what the true crone aspect of the Goddess is, and секс was not what Онлайн saw. She smiled at читать, and that smile held all the warmth you would читать need.

    It was a smile that held a thousand fireside онлайн, a hundred dozen questions asked and answered, endless lifetimes of knowledge collected and remembered.