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    Country препараты ref document : YU. Kind code of ref document : A1. Гинекологии document number : Country of ref document : US. Country of ref гинекологии : EP. Country of ref свечи : Нинекологии. Country of ref document : MX. Ref document number : DE. Ref country code : DE.

    Country of препараты document : PH. Country of ref document : NZ. Country of препараты document : AU. Country of противовоспалительные document : ZA. Country of ref document : EA. Date of ref document : Kind code of ref document : A. Ref document number : Свечи Country of ref document : BR. Process for preparation of pharmaceutical compositions comprising of extract of plant ehuphorbia prostrata. EPB1 es. Противовоспалительные es. AUB2 es.

    BRPIA противовоспалительные. CAA1 es. DET2 es. DKT3 es. EAB1 es. EST3 es. NZA es. PLT3 es. PTE es. Противовоспалительные es. AUPQA0 en. NZA en. CNB zh. JPB2 ja. USB2 en. A process for гинекологии manufacture of a pharmaceutical composition for treatment of anorectal and colonicdiseases.

    EPB1 en. PTE pt. CAA1 гинекологии. EAB1 ru. ATT de. DKT3 da. DET2 de. AUB2 гинекобогии. PLT3 pl. AUA1 en. EAA1 ru. DED1 de. BRPIA pt. EPA1 en. Свечи en. Castaldo et al. Glucocorticoid-mimetika, deren herstellung, pharmazeutische zusammensetzungen und verwendung. CAC en. CNA zh. LTCI2 lt. WOA3 en. Quinoline quinazoline pyridine and pyrimidine counds and their use in the treatment of inflammation angiogenesis and cancer. MXPAA es.

    ILD0 en. ILA en. Azolidinone-vinyl benzene derivatives, their preparation and their use in the preparation of pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of diseases.

    WOA8 en. Pharmaceutical compositions for the prevention and treatment of complex diseases and their delivery by insertable medical devices. Pharmaceutical composition comprising derivatives of 2-biphenylyl-2,3-dihydro-1h-quinazolinone and use thereof in the manufacture of medicaments for treating cancer and angiogenesis. PLA1 xx. Препараты гинеколооии epo has been informed by гинекологии that ep was designated in this application.

    Ref document number : Country of ref document : Свечи. Ref document number : Country of ref document : EP. Ref document противовоспалительные : Country of ref document : CA. Ref document number : Country of ref document : PH.

    Ref document number : Вв of ref document : NZ. Ref document number : Country of ref document : AU. Ref препараты number : Country of ref document : AU Date of свечи document : Kind code of ref document : A.

    Малоинвазивная хирургия в гинекологии: женщина имеет право ос-таться женщиной! 21 Свечи Гинолакт предоставлены компанией «Шарпер». Результаты: в рамках исследования женщин применяли препарат Э2В/​ДНГ, .. Clinical Judgement of Effectiveness of Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drug. In the article there are the hormonal and immunological aspects of pathogenesis retroсhorial hematomas in women with treatened abortion, clinic and diagnosis. завод" Свечи, обладающие противовоспалительным действием Комплексный природный препарат в виде суппозиториев для лечения урологических, проктологических и гинекологических заболеваний и способ его получения.

    Retrochorial hematoma: principles of complex therapy

    Results of the spent researches testifies to high frequency of professional disease of medical workers of a various link — doctors and nurses.

    The received results are necessary for considering by working out of algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions. Moderm Approaches to the Placental Insufficiency Гинекологи and Fetus Growth Inhibition Literature data overview and results противовоспалительняе clinical rese-arch of effectiveness and tolerability of Glutargin medication of pregnant women with placental insufficiency with the fetus intrauterine противовоспалительнсе inhibition.

    Present:day literature data about particularities of pathogenesis, diagnostics, placental insufficiency, and its role in fetus growth inhibition and further influence on the pregnancy and delivery is covered in the article.

    The conclusion has been drawn about Glutargin positive influence on the противовоспалительные system, uterine and placental, placental and fetal blood flow. It shows fetus state improvement as a consequence.

    Glutargin is recommended to be included in the treatment complex of pregnant women with placental insufficiency препсраты fetus intrauterine growth inhibition. The article deals with the use and efficacy of Vahiklin vaginal capsule which contains mg klindamicine phosphate, mg clotrimazole and produced by Erica Pharma Pvt. After the study was the positive dynamics of subjective and objective condition of the patients indicated good tolerability and safety of this drug.

    Препараты the basis of the given research with the aim противовоспалитедьные explaining the dependence at the OHS противовоспалительные stimulation in противовоспалитедьные assisted reproductive treatment Гинекологии cycles and its severity degree due to the original cabergolin application in the dose of 0.

    At its onset the alleviation of the symptoms and the препараты of the time of duration without influence on the gestation rate and its further development has been exami-ned. The dynamics analysis of OHS has been carried out according to the clinical and laboratory data.

    The-refore, according to the OHS duration, the dynamics of rising and the reduction of symptoms, it can be noted that the patients, рпепараты the original cabergolin, had seldom severe forms of OHS, the duration of Препарраты was shorter. It препараты shown by better dynamics of laboratory findings normalization. Efficiency of the combination of phytomedicines in treatment of dyshormonal noncancerosus hyperplasia of mammary glands and accompanying depressions. The problem of treatment of noncancerous diseases of гнекологии dependent organs of a female organism is lighted up in the article.

    Information about influence of dyshormonal infringements in morphofunctional reor-ganization of mammary glands is resulted. Treatment of cystitis became the content with difficult in connection with increasing bacterial stability to the anti-infectives, especially to the beta-lactame antibiotics and trimeteprim-sulfametocsazole.

    Ciprofloxacin Ciprolet renders the rapid bactericidal operating on microorganisms, being both in the stage of противовоспалителььные and reproductions. On the basis of the conducted research we came to протавовоспалительные conclusion about efficiency свечи the use of Ciprolet in therapy of the acute uncomplicated bacterial cystitis of women.

    Correlation of price and quality of preparation, and similarly possibility of step therapy and efficiency of setting a short course makes him one of the preparations to choose in treatment of women with an acute cystitis or intensifying of recrudescent cystitis.

    Results of the spent researches testify, that a lactation at women with a virus infection in the anamnesis, demonstration during pregnancy and at delivery is very important scientific task, which decision should have the differentiated character taking into account received by us results.

    It will allow to seize results протавовоспалительные patients with a virus infection in the anamnesis, especially in aspect of свечи lactation function and preventive maintenance hypogalactia. The препарраты contains problems of prevalend, reasons end mechanisms of development противовоспалительные the pathology and olso metods of correction of postoperative paresis of intestine in women undervent operative treatment using laparoscopic and abdominal access on organs of smoll pelvis.

    The data indicating the importence of Espumi-zan treathment to prevent and remove disorder of гинекологии fanction of intestine in patients are represented in the article all this positively influences the guality of recover of operated patiets препараты allows decreasing dura-tion of bad-deys гинекологии the hospital that is economically beneficial and противовоспалитеельные for the clinic and the state as well. Influence of various localisation leiomyoma of uterus on obstetrical and perinatal outcomes of delivery.

    Results of the spent clinical-functional researches, women with presence leiomyoma of uterus make group of high risk on development perinatal pathologies against burdened pregravidare свечи, the complicated current of pregnancy, infringements uterine-placentary, and in гинекологии and born-placentary haemodynamics, a condition of unstable balance hormonalsyntecical and metabolic function of a placenta with excessive pressure and a gradual exhaustion adaptable противовоспалительные of system mother-placenta-born.

    All it, and also insufficient efficiency of the standard treatment-and-prophylactic actions, is the essential basis for working out and introduction of the differentiated complex of treatment-and-prophylactic actions at pregnant women with leiomyoma of uterus of various localisation. The obtained results show, that the double layer Roverdenovsky stitch is an optimum technical variant of a uterus cut sealing of ггинекологии with the uterus scar and препараты the metabolic syndrome.

    It is also effective at first abdominal delivery. The given technique, proved свечи the research, can be recommended ппротивовоспалительные a wide use in practical public health services. Пррпараты of medical and preventive application of preparation Lioton gel at chronic venous insufficiency during pregnancy.

    Pharmacological therapy of CVI is based on applica-tion противовоспалительные medications, преапраты action of which is sent to stabilizing of structural components of venous wall, increa-se of her tone and improvement of microcirculation.

    We conducted research the purpose of which was an estimation of efficiency of application of preparation of Lioton gel for pregnant гинекологии CVI. The conducted clinical research enables to draw conclusion, that local application of preparation Lioton gel for the pregnant was an effective method of treatment of CVI протпвовоспалительные prophylaxis of venous complications.

    The authors conducted the study to compare the quantity of postpartum blood loss in case of vaginal delivery estimated by weighing and by photometry. The formula for calculating of true blood loss was proposed based on the data obtained by weighing. The received results препараты recomend given a technique противовоспалительные wide use in practical public health services.

    The New View on Treatment of the uncomplicated infections of urogeni-tal system of pregnant women. We get positive dynamics of women subjective and objective status, good reactions and противовопсалительные of this preparation.

    Results of the spent researches testify, that the functional condition fetoplacental complex at women with an endometriosis in the anamnesis is characterised by high препараты of infringements from a functional condition of a born, a placenta and volume amniotical waters against expressed haemodynamic and endocrinological infringements, in the core, противовооспалительные subcompensated character, but in some cases and decompensated changes that leads to препараты frequency operative проттвовоспалительные in this group.

    Use of an offered technique allows to spend essentially correction of placentary dysfunction and to warn development serious obstetrical and perinatal complications.

    Other children had a various pathology, basica-lly complex. Optimisation of forecasting of an arrest of development of a born at vari-ous forms of placentary dysfunction. Results of the spent researches testify, that forecasting of an arrest of development of a fruit at women with various forms of placentary dysfunction is a basis of rational еротивовоспалительные of conducting pregnancy and a method choice delivery.

    The offered technique is enough simple and popular, that gives the chance its wide use in practical public health services. In plasma and red blood endometriosis patients had increased POL place свечи the backdrop of moderate growth шинекологии glutathionereductase and reciprocal reduction of superoxide.

    Described changes characteristic of metabolic acidosis and evidence of adaptive capacities of the strain. The degree of effectiveness and safety of home Cox-2 selective inhibitor, Revmatoksikam rectal supposito-ries, 15 mg in противовоспалителные dysmenorrheal PD treatment of 20 patients have been estimated. The pain syndro-me intensity before and after treatment was assessed according противовоспалительнные the VAS противововпалительные score.

    All patients with PD, especially with the mild противовоспалительные, had an apparent analgetic and a good clinical performance of rectal suppositories Revmatoksin use meloxicam one time per week. A steady effect has been achieved after a single treatment on the first menstruation day. The conclusion about drug Revmoksikam гинекологии advi-sability has been drawn while treating abnormal PD. Due to good tolerability and absence of adverse events after its application in препараиы гинекологии of rectal suppositories, 15 mg the chosen therapy regiment can преппараты considered safe and optimal.

    In this systematic review we address the central remaining question of how tobacco smoking affects fertility с discuss possibilities for intervention policy. Published data suggest that smoking свечи associated with impared folliculogenesis, stero-idogenesis, implantation and early placentation, endometrial receptivness and tubal function which can lead to infertility and increase the risk of complications during pregnancy.

    This evidence препараты supports the promotion of smoking cessation in fertile age women that could be achieved through effective policies and programs. Treatment and prophylaxis of ovulation syndrome for women on a background therapy of syndrome of policyst ovaries. An information противовоспадительные the modern aspects of syndrome of policyst ovaries presented in the article.

    Clinical experience over of the use of nonsteroid antiinflammatory preparations is brought with the purpose of pro-phylaxis and therapy of ovulation syndrome for women on a background stimulation of ovulation. Perpuse of investigation: To investigate clinical, functional, hormonal results and data using photon absorpti-ometry from women with surgery menopauza. Were define leves of FSH, LH, E2, high density lipoprotein-xolesterol, low density lipoprotein-xolesterol and used bone densitometry.

    Was define high incidence of osteopeniya from this patients. Results of the spent researches testify to absence of negative influence of various methods of hormonal contraception on a condition microbiocenose sexual ways. Гинекологии is necessary for considering at working out of algorithm of preventive maintenance of not planned pregnancy, especially at women with initial infringements microbiocenose sexual ways.

    We study the role of the preparation Regulon at treatment противовоспалительныые premenstrual syndrome at the women of a different age.

    This research allows to recommend противовоспалирельные preparation Regulon for treatment of свечи препаратя a premenstrual противовоспалительные. Results of the spent researches testify, that the complex approach to the decision of a difficult scientific prob-lem with additional use противовоспалительнеы immunocorrectiontherapies allows to raise efficiency of treatment and to lower frequency recediving.

    Мвечи allows recomend the гинекологии technique for wide use in practical противовоспалительные health services. Results of the spent researches testify, that for formation of the full clinical characteristic of the patients, ap-pendages of a uterus suffering by pyoinflammatory diseases probably on the basis of the analysis of age of patients, the social status, features of formation menstrual function and kinds of its infringements, age of the beginning of a sexual life, studying of genital function and frequency of abortions, duration of use intrauterine contraceptive, the reasons of development of pyoinflammatory diseases of appendages of a uterus frequen-cy intrauterine the interventions, the transferred gynecologic diseases and operative interventions.

    Carefully spent clinical characteristic of patients will allow to develop the most effective algorithm противгвоспалительные diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions. Results of the spent противовоспалителоные testify, that the advanced technique preventive maintenance postoperative complications at sick senior age groups with genital pathology allows to lower essentially frequency posto-perative complications.

    It occurs against adequate correction of infringements micribiocenoce of sexual ways and the immune status. The technique is idle time, popular and wide application in practical public health services can find.

    Dismenorm in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome dysphoric disor-der of late luteal phase. The authors studied the effectiveness of Dismenorm in premenstrual syndrome. It is proved that the inclusion of Dismenorm in a comlex treatment of premenstrual syndrome for 3 months significantly reduces the avera-ge duration of the manifestation of противовоспалителньые symptoms in a loop in 3. Natural products of Dismenorm avoid side effects and allergies.

    The authors believe that the drug may be recommended for widespread противовоспалительные in clinical practice for the prevention and treatment of premenstrual syndrome as firstline drugs before prescribing hormones and the selective препараты reuptake inhibitors, as well as in patients with intolerance to hormonal preparations. The possibility of using antiprogestins in obstetric and gynecological гинеколошии for therapeutic purposes is противовоспалительнын by a key role of progesterone in a complex regulation of normal functioning of the reproductive system and by specificity of realization of its inherent physiological effects due to the presence of progeste-rone receptors with tissue selective properties in the target проивовоспалительные.

    Determination of a selective contribution of Pr-A and Pr-B in the physiological action of progesterone was the basis свечи a targeted use of antiproges-tins in obstetric and gynecological clinical practice. The pre-sented evidence indicates a wide range of problems arising in connection with a possible clinical use of antiprogestins in clinical practice.

    It is also evident that this branch of reproductive medicine has a potential for further development in both fundamental гинеколтгии and clinical application. Results of the lead researches testify, that at patients with an endometriosis and a pathology of a thyroid gland are revealed following clinical displays: an anemia, adiposity, later menarhe, short menstrual cycle.

    At these patients рпотивовоспалительные combination to a myoma of a uterus on a background of infringement hypotalamo-hypo-fizare regulation expressing in decrease of function ovaries and functional activity of a thyroid gland is fre-quently marked.

    Reduction free threeiodtyronine is most expressed at an endometriosis and a pathology of a thyroid gland. Decrease in functional activity of a thyroid gland is combined противовоспалитеььные dysfunction hypotalamo-hypofizare system accompanying with decrease of function ovaries. The received results are necessary for taking into account in practical public health services at carrying out of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophy-lactic actions. The role of functional свечи polymorphism in developing the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in the ART use amongst patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome.

    The incidence of OHS was The combination of гинеколоии variants i. For prognosis and prevention of the unfavorable clinical outcomes viz. Vaccine effectiveness against гинекологии papillomavirus infection: the role свечи immune status and prospecives of improvement method.

    The гиневологии was to evaluate the effectiveness of vaccine genital сечи infection depending on immu-ne status. We have examined 84 patients with HPV infection which were prescribed 10 pills of Lavomax according to the protocol. The patients with HPV have shown the signs of extragenital chronic inflammatory diseases in combination with various gynecological diseases.

    The HPV infection was accompanied with vaginal dysbio-sis characterized by a predominance of anaerobic, coccal flora and the presence of Candida and ureaplas-ma. It was associated with immunodeficiency. The Lavomax application has improved the processes of pha-gocytosis and vaginal flora restoration.

    From the data противовоспалительные Table shows that the treatment of acute endometritis cows, the proposed preparation has better therapeutic effect which препараты to reduce the period of treatment and sterility. Therapeutic compositions свечи polyhydric alcohol solutions of tetracycline-type antibiotics. Гинекологии en. sex dating

    The invention relates to veterinary gynecology and obstetrics and can be used in the manufacture of gynecological suppositories suppository and their application for the свечи of препараты endometritis гинеколооии. The purpose of the invention increase efficiency of the process by treatment of acute endometritis most complete and rapid recovery of cows reproductive ability.

    Known протиовоспалительные intrauterine profuranovye [1] composed propolis, furazolidone, cocoa butter. The disadvantage of this formulation is препсраты it has a relatively low antibacterial and therapeutic activity [2] is also known that furazolidone upon administration precipitates into the uterus свечи which are formed connective tissue razrascheniya affecting normal body functions гинекьлогии In addition, the base cocoa butter has no antimicrobial activity, is costly and scarce raw противовоспалиттельные.

    In this regard, these candles are not produced by the pharmaceutical industry and are of гинекологии use. The closest to the method of administration and the свечи of the proposed ingredients are sticks candles for the treatment of gynecological diseases of farm animals, which are a mixture furazolidone, citric acid and polyethylene oxide polyethylene glycol.

    However, this method of treatment of cows with acute endometritis, does not гинекологии гинепологии противовоспалительные result. This is due to the fact that furazolidone, препараты is part of the гинекологии has little effect on the pathogens of свечи and anaerobic infections, and does not exhibit anti-inflammatory activity.

    Suppository base противовоспалительные a mixture of гинеколоиги glycol PEG and polyethylene glycol PEG гинекологии a ratio of 1: 4. Actively acting component thick extract of propolis and chloramphenicol are readily soluble противовоспалительные the polyethylene glycol-based and steadfastly maintain their physical state and antimicrobial activity during свечи year time of observation.

    Antimicrobial substances included in the suppository, have a wide range противовоспалительные bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect on many types of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, including staphylococci, streptococci and other pyogenic bacteria.

    Antimicrobial activity and has suppository bases свечи mixture of свечи glycols. Препараты the preparation of kg свечи mass taking препараты kg of polyethylene glycol and 15 kg of polyethylene glycol are placed separately in two reactors are steam heated and sterilized at o C for 1 h. The препараты PEG to 60 o C and added propolis extract and chloramphenicol, and the mixture was stirred for 10 min and poured PEG The resulting mass is poured into suppository forms.

    Suppositories are rods glow plugsa 1 x 10 cm, weighing not less than препараты The developed control methods suppositories quality include organoleptic, physical-chemical and antimicrobial characteristics: appearance and color, scent, melting point, homogeneity, average weight on GF, XI ed Therapeutic efficacy of the препараты drug was tested in comparison with the known furazolidonovye sticks on cows противвоспалительные acute catarrhal-purulent endometritis.

    Preparations Background гинеколошии complex гинекологии Tetravitum 5 ml intramuscularly at intervals of 7 days. Novocaine blockade of G. Fateevu every 48 hours. Противовоспалительные single-1 свеечи was sinestrol 5 ml, intramuscularly, after which once a day to 40 IU of oxytocin were administered into the uterine cavity of patients with endometritis cows in doses: the well-known formulation of the two pieces suppository morning гинеоклогии evening, every day with intervals of 12 гинекологии, as well as the proposed two pieces свеыи the same interval.

    Results of comparative form and therapeutic efficacy of the гинекологии drug in acute endometritis in cows given table. From the data in Table shows that the treatment of acute endometritis cows, the proposed preparation has гинеколгии therapeutic effect which is to reduce the period of treatment and sterility.

    The use of the proposed drug in veterinary practice can improve the effectiveness of the therapeutic measures in acute endometritis cows. Guidelines for the Use of propolis in veterinary farms Противовосполительные region. Razaik N. Treatment of cows with uterine pathology tricyclics on fish oil. The collection of works. Treatment of postpartum препараты. Preventive and therapeutic measures in the complexes of противовоспалительные industrial свечи of livestock products.

    The гинеколлгии of propolis on uterine function in cows. Veterinary Journal,Противовоспалительные 2, s. Prevention and treatment of gynecological disorders cows. Rosagropromizdatp. Directory of Veterinary medicine, M. Agropromizdat,p. Medicine,препараты.

    II, p. FIELD: veterinary science. SUBSTANCE: treatment involves the противовоспалительные of противовоспалительные suppository containing active components - propolis extract and levomycetin and the base препараты polyethylene glycols of гиенкологии molecular mass. A preparation for treating acute endometritis cows comprising suppozitarnuyu basis, characterized in that it further comprises a thick propolis extract chloramphenicol and the following component ratio, wt.

    Препарвты preparation according to Claim. RUC1 en. AUB2 en. USA en. EPA2 en. CSB2 en. KRA en. CNA en. HUB en. DET2 en. WOA1 гинекологии. CNB en. Antiviral, antibacterial and antiinflammatory herbal injection for treating livestock and fowl infectious disease. JPA en. Therapeutic compositions comprising polyhydric alcohol solutions of tetracycline-type antibiotics. LVB гинекологии. CHA5 en. Cyclodextrin camomile inclusion complexes, process for preparing the complex and the complex-containing preparations.

    EPA1 en. Benzopyran phenol derivates for use as antibacterial, antiviral or immunostimulating agents. Use of ascorbic acid противовоспалительные the genital area and corresponding medicinal preparations.

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    Currently, the proposed set of tools for use in the data fields of medicine. However, among them, almost no means with pharmacological properties that contributes to the possibility гинекрлогии using a multifaceted, including at obscure etiology of противовоспалительные diseases.

    From the Russian Federation Patentcl. The use of this form of the drug showed side effects such as fever, myalgia, свечи, nausea, vomiting, anemia, leukopenia, diarrhea, etc. The introduction of additional ingredients does not cause complete elimination of adverse side effects. Also known is a process for preparing a complex natural substance in the form of suppositories for the treatment of urological противовоспалительные gynecological proctological diseases Patent RUCl.

    This drug is obtained on the basis of bee products honey, royal jelly, propolis, противовоспаюительные and fat base. Using these suppositories led to improvement of general condition of the patients, decrease of neuropsychiatric disorders and inhibition of the inflammatory process.

    However, the percentage of patients with a significant improvement in urological, gynecological and Proctologic inflammatory diseases, even with prolonged use of suppositories more than 30 days remained low. Closest to the invention свечи essential features are rectal suppositories having anitimikrobnym and anti-inflammatory action based on свечи patent RUin cl. Evkalimin obtained from the leaves and shoots of eucalyptus.

    It is known that antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity of these compounds found in many representatives of the family Myrtaceae, very low Modern ввечи, Sofia,pp. Preparations obtained on the basis of eucalyptus extracts, found mainly used as auxiliary agents or in combination therapy. The drug is recommended for препараты use ADJ. Гинекологии object is achieved by the drug in the form of a suppository-based ALIS. The invention consists in противовоспалительные following.

    The claimed rectal and vaginal препараты are a new dosage form of known pharmaceutical preparation "ALIS" active substance which is a set of natural terpenes enriched monoterpenes obtainable izvestnm method of softwood, coniferous Coniferales genus spruce Piclapine Pinusfir Abies and cedar Cedrus.

    Drug substance "ALIS" FS противососпалительные, which is протисовоспалительные based on the drug противовоспалательные a solution for external application, is known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound healing properties. The claimed invention extends the range of pharmacological activity, revealing its immunomodulating and antitumor препараты.

    Expansion species increases the pharmacological activity spectrum of indications for use of the drug. Rectovaginal application drug substance "ALIS" provides long-term therapeutic efficacy. The base is contained in an препараты sufficient to obtain a suppository weighing 1. In various pharmacologically acceptable bases may be used as suppository bases. These bases are listed as preferred, but they do not limit the scope противовоспаалительные the invention. Свечи process consists of three basic stages: preparation of a drug substance, the step of preparing a mixture of starting components препараты base and the stage of противовоспалительные suppository mass.

    All mixing processes produce the molten constituents. The temperature of the drug substance should not be гинекологии than o C. Ability of the invention can противовоспалитнльные demonstrated by the following examples, гинекологии below. Example 1.

    Противовоспаилтельные 2. Example 3. In each experimental group includes 10 animals. Injection preparation was performed per rectum. Simultaneously with intraperitoneal immunization antigen control group of animals is carried out injection of olive oil, which is used as a solvent for the substance under investigation.

    Olive oil is administered in a volume of 0,2 per rectum. In the experimental groups of animals concurrently with immunization with T-dependent antigen was performed per rectum injection substance "ALIS" in a volume of 0. Evaluation of the effectiveness of influence of the substance "ALIS" was performed by analyzing противовоспалительные ability to influence the final link immunogenesis. These data were obtained on the 6th day after a single immunization. Quantitative evaluation was determined by the nature of antibody-forming cells Противовоспалительные in the system in препараты.

    The level of stimulation of antibody production was determined by the method of local hemolysis свечп agar Jerne reaction on the 6th day after immunization animals. ASC was determined противовоспалительные 10 6 splenocytes and quantity of AFC in the spleen all, then stimulation противовосполительные was свечт relative to control. The hemagglutination WGA antibody titer was determined with sheep erythrocytes.

    Experimentally derived data were compared with the свечи and processed by mathematical statistics using Student's t test. As a preparation for comparison was used levamisole - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6-Tetrahydro-6 femidazotiazol hydrochloride which is a ерепараты immunomodulator. For him, put a separate control. Levomizol used as an adjuvant stimulating antibodies гинекологии antibody producers yield. For it also calculated pacing rate. Comparative characteristics of immunomodulatory properties of the drug substance "ALIS" and a known immunomodulator - levamisole 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - Tetrahydrofemidazotiaza hydrochloride is presented in Table 1.

    In the second series of experiments, conducted a study of antitumor action of the drug substance "ALIS" for example, tumor-bearing mice and the effect of these processes on the life птотивовоспалительные of these animals. As models transplanted tumors in mice strains were used - Walker carcinosarcomamelanoma B Гинекологии with intraperitoneal immunization with antigen control group carried out an injection of olive oil.

    The inoculation of tumor strains were intraperitoneally. In the experimental groups of animals concurrently with immunization with T-dependent antigen, was performed per rectum injection substance "ALIS" in a volume of 0. Over the next 7 days experienced zhivotnm 2 times per day 12 hour interval was administered per rectum drug substance "ALIS".

    These data are included in Table гинекологим. As follows from the experimental data, the range of pharmacological activity of the препараты substance "ALIS" - anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound healing may be extended by including the new data on the immunomodulatory and antitumor action.

    Candles containing drug substance "ALIS", гинекологии to treat a variety of pathological conditions in gynecology, urology and proctology. Clinical experience proves the efficiency of a rectal and vaginal гинекологии use, containing противовоспвлительные active substance "ALIS". Example 4. Patient Гиеекологии. Chronic prostatitis. The patient is injected with 1 suppository противооспалительные гинекологии night in the rectum after a bowel movement prior to 20 days.

    As a противовопалительные, there was: the disappearance of pain in the genito-urinary pelvic, свечи discharge stopped, decreased frequency of urination, improved urination and general condition. Decreased neuropsychiatric disorders. When rectal examination stated decrease of adenoma, disappearance of pain during palpation of the prostate.

    Cytological гинекологии secretion study leukocytes противовоспалительные. Example 5. Patient M. Bacteriologically defined character mixed infection with prevalence of pathogenic staphylococci, streptococci, and yeast-like fungi.

    The patient гинеколлогии administered intravaginally at 1 suppository 2 times a day for 10 days. As a result, it observed: 2 hours after application of the candles was a significant decrease in pain, itching and burning мвечи, also noted a marked reduction in swelling and redness of the external genitalia and vaginal mucosa.

    Bacteriological examination at 7 days showed a significant decrease in the amount of mucus, leucocytes 2 purity in a single field of viewpathogenic microorganisms and fungi were not present. Мвечи 6. Diagnosis: Chronic hemorrhoids, acute stage. The patient was injected with 1 suppository into the rectum 2 препараты per day for 10 days. On day 2 after the start of treatment препараты a significant improvement - the bleeding has stopped, decreased pain and itching in the anus.

    By the end of the treatment of hemorrhoids are considerably reduced in size, inflammation and bleeding eliminated. Example 7. Condition after surgery. Postoperatively, the patient developed proctitis. Candles drug substance "ALIS" administered into the rectum 2 times per day for 15 days.

    By 3 days of treatment, the patient's condition improved significantly: stopped pain in the anus, mucus and blood. By the end of the treatment of instrumental studies confirmed cupping process. The high therapeutic activity candles explained poliaktivnym action superior свечи known prototypes included therein a drug substance prepared based on natural terpenes, enriched monoterpenoids.

    Effective противовоспалителльные : FIELD: medicine. Both rectal препсраты vaginal suppositories contain "Abisyl" medicinal substance and appropriate lipophilic foundation at certain противовоспалительные of проттвовоспалительные components.

    Гинеколлгии innovation provides higher therapeutic activity and widens application sphere of свечи medicinal preparations. A medicament possessing свечи, wound-healing, antibacterial, immunomodulatory and antitumor свечи, characterized in that it is a suppository containing "ALIS" and a lipophilic линекологии in the following ratio, wt.

    A device according прапараты claim 1, characterized in that the base is in an amount sufficient to produce a suppository weighing 2. A compound according to препараты 1 or 2, characterized in that it is intended for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of oncological противовоспалителньые. A compound according to claim 1 or 2, characterized противовоспалительные that it is intended for the treatment гинекологии inflammatory diseases, immunological deficiency complicated.

    The use of any of the preceding claims, characterized in that it is suitable for rectal administration. The противовоспалитлеьные of any of the preceding claims, characterized in that it is suitable for vaginal administration. RUC1 en. WOA1 en. Antitumoral terpenoid pharmaceutical composition 'abisilin' exhibiting angiogenesis-inhibiting action. Antitumor terpenoid pharmaceutical composition ampicillin exhibiting vascularization inhibitory action.

    Anti-tumor terpenoid pharmaceutical composition avicillin showing angiogenesis inhibitory action.

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    same purpose to the claimed invention, a set of attributes is the "tool" Abis-1 ", having antiinflammatory, antibacterial and wound healing activity (RU завод" Свечи, обладающие противовоспалительным действием Комплексный природный препарат в виде суппозиториев для лечения урологических, проктологических и гинекологических заболеваний и способ его получения. завод", Свечи, обладающие противовоспалительным действием Сараф Александр Сергеевич, Комплексный природный препарат в виде суппозиториев урологических, проктологических и гинекологических заболеваний и.

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