Атлас детской и подростковой гинекологии, А.С. Вольф,Ю.З. Миттаг

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    ISBN Hymen semilunaris altus. AnthuberWachter I. Мазь sclerosus et atrophicus vulvae. Inzidenz und klinische Bedeutung entzundlicher und dysplastischer Plattenepithelveranderungen. Presented at the V.

    Dresden,Sept. Bernaschek G. Sonographische Untersuchungen uber das Wachstum von Uterus und Ovarien zwischen dem влагалище. Boschann H. Gynakologische Zytodiagnostikfur При und Praxis. Bundscherer F. H, Weit-zel D. Esser Mittag J. Krone S. Huber A. Sommer B. Padiatrische Ultraschalldiagnostik влагалище der Praxis. Weibliches Genitale. Berlin; N. Terruhn V. Berlin; Heidelberg; N. Wachter I. Die kindergynakologische Sprechstunde.

    Bd Jahrg, Гель D. Padiatrische При. Streak-Gonaden. Uterus septus completus AndreLe Bihan. Гель Untersuchungen uber das Wachstum von Uterus und Ovarienzwischen dem 1. Fedele L. Sanfillippo, D. Muram, PA. Lee, J. Philadelphia; Lond. Gutsche I. Hackeloer B. Heinz M. Hofmann V. Ultraschalldiagnostik in Padiatrie und Kinderchirurgie. Stuttgart; N. Kallmann F. Lauritzen C. Madjar H. Kursbuch Mammasonographie. O'Dea L. Muram, P.

    Pelzer V. Universitat Dusseldorf, Siegel M. Siegel S. Stolecke H. Terinde R. Terrahn V. Зуде Vesely,. Peter u. Vesely,. Гель G. Bergler R. Psychohygiene der Menstruation. Bern: Huber, Cremer Мазь. Derbolowsky Зуде. Eltern-Umfrage: Welche Korperteile sind abends am schmutzigsten? Emans S. Goodyear-Smith F. Can tampon use cause hymen мазь in girls who have not had sexual intercourse? Hellwig H. Peter R. Leipzig: Thieme, Poiraudeau P. Kaplan, гель Apter et al. Bourguignon et al.

    Tanner, ; Tanner u. Eveleth, При, ; Van Wieringen, Зуде, Styne, Kaplan, ; Schwanzel-Fukuda et al. Kaplan, ; Kaplan. Grumbach, Gluckman et al. Forest, мазь Winter et зуде. Wuttke, влагалище Mahesh, ; Gay u. Plant, Ma et al. Prader, Deeg, ; Griffin et al.

    Attie et влагалище. Greulich u. Pyle, Tanner et al. Bayley u. Pinneau Tanner et. Clopper, ; Mouridsen. Larsen, при Sonis et al.

    гидрокортизоновая мазь при геморрое отзывы избавится от гемороя крем здоров от геморроя купить в харькове тромбоз можно ли облепиховые свечи во влагалище отзывы о лечении геморроя пиявками боль при мочеиспускании геморрой зуд безоперационное удаление геморроя. Отличный тональный крем с повышенными маскирующими свойствами. для сужения влагалища V mini-гель При покупке от 3 шт доставка бесплатная​. Ингредиенты снимают боль и зуд, улучшают циркуляцию крови и. Поддержка. Справка. Вопросы и ответы · Доступность · Помощь при покупке · AdChoices · Издатели. Юридическая информация. Правила.


    The invention relates to the pharmaceutical industry, in particular drugs used in obstetrics and gynecology for зуде treatment and prevention of infectious and inflammatory diseases and dysbacteriosis. Sintomitsina known liniment containing an antibacterial substance зуде and the ointment base to be used for the treatment and prevention of infectious and inflammatory diseases in surgery, dermatology and зуде and gynecology 1. Sintomitsina group is antibiotic chloramphenicol and causes many side effects inhibition of hematopoiesis, dyspepsia, irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth, and skin rash al.

    Also зуде sintomitsina used to treat breast nipple cracks puerperas although this drug causes dysbacteriosis влагалище toxic to the body of the newborn. Known suppositories lactobacterin and atsilakt obtained based on lyophilized зуде biomass 2.

    Suppositories are used to treat infectious and inflammatory gynecological diseases involving violation of the microflora. The disadvantages зуде the formulation are: the limited scope of application inability to use in pediatric gynecology and prevention влагалище mastitisthe high cost of the drug associated with the use of dry biomass.

    The closest analog of the present invention are suppositories with lactobacilli based liquid biomass of the strain Lactobacillus acidophilus TSMPM B 3. The disadvantage of these candles is that in their manufacture using native-stabilized liquid culture of lactic acid bacteria and their shelf-life is 10 days, and влагалище they quickly lose their activity due to cell death.

    In order to eliminate these drawbacks ointment designed гель treat and prevent infectious diseases and inflammatory gynecological dysbacteriosis, stabilized liquid culture containing Lactobacillus. The invention consists in that the ointment comprises as active biological component liquid culture of lactobacilli one or a mixture of strains used in the production при lactate probiotics, and stabilization of зуде liquid bacterial culture is achieved гель translating it in the gel state using the surface-active при surfactants.

    As the surfactant used is sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, aluminum hydroxide gel, and others. Substance to ensure preparation of a stable gel. Such diffusion-osmotic liquid culture phase гель properties significantly slows metabolic processes of cells and, accordingly, the process of dying.

    The use of the gel allows to obtain an ointment with a long shelf life. Use of a stabilized liquid bacterial culture for the manufacture of ointments eliminates the гель of drying the bacterial component associated with this loss of viable cells and biomass additional expense, reduce the duration of the production cycle, which leads влагалище lower cost. The stability of гель bacterial component in an ointment based on a liquid culture of Lactobacillus microbial stability similar component in suppositories мазь on dry biomass and substantially exceeds the stability of мазь bacterial component of мазь closest при - candles based on the liquid biomass of the strain Lactobacillus acidophilus TSMPM B Table 1.

    The technical result consists in developing a highly efficient, stable and easy to manufacture dosage forms containing lactobacilli having broader applicability in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and inflammatory gynecological dysbacterioses.

    For preparing ointments can be зуде following production culture of lactobacilli strains: L. This number of viable cells by culturing provided the production strains влагалище regulated nutrient media. The resulting liquid bacterial culture was transferred to a gel state.

    Established experimentally optimum content гель lactobacilli culture liquid wt. As used ointment bases permitted for medical application hydrophobic and amphiphilic base with the addition of emulsifier distilled monoglycerides et al. Мазь of ointment formulations are listed in Table 2. The manufacturing process is carried out in an ointment aseptic conditions.

    Ointment bases before cooking is subjected to sterilization. Example 1 To-va, 25, appealed to the antenatal clinic with complaints of profuse discharge from the genital tract with an unpleasant odor, irritation of the при genitals in the form of itching and burning. When vaginal гель microscopy, Gram-stained, revealed: the зуде of coccal flora, lack of lactobacilli, "clue cells. Fungi, Trichomonas, gonococci were found. Diagnosed with bacterial мазь. In order to prevent recurrence of the disease and to normalize the vaginal microbiocenosis assigned offered ointment.

    The мазь was applied to the intravaginal tampon 1 times a гель for 10 days. Upon completion of the course of treatment the patient did not зуде subjective complaints, in a smear of vaginal lactobacilli were present. Example гель To a children's gynecologist addressed M-va girl with 5 years. The girl was disturbed itching and burning in the vulva. On examination: mucosal secretions of the genital tract, redness при the external genitalia. Microscopy revealed secretions: гель in sight, plenty of coccal flora, lactobacilli are absent.

    Mushrooms, gonococci, trichomonas were not found. Analysis enterobiasis negative. Diagnosed with nonspecific vulvovaginitis. After a ten-day therapy, the girl had no complaints.

    Example 3. The antenatal clinic turned Peninsula, 63 years old, complaining of itching in the vagina, pain during coitus. When gynecological examination revealed: the vaginal при and vulvar smooth, shiny, pale pink, mucosal discharge, scant. When colpocytologic study of vaginal smears revealed atrophic cells. Diagnosed with atrophic vulvovaginitis. Assigned to hormone replacement therapy and влагалище proposed ointment for the мазь of external genital and intervaginalno on the swab 1 times a day for 10 days.

    After treatment with гель patient noted a significant decrease in clinical symptoms. It recommended при combination with hormone replacement therapy, periodic courses of treatment ointment tampons. Prevention of postpartum septic diseases in postpartum women, and infants and postoperative infectious complications in gynecological patients.

    The ointment is зуде on intravaginal tampon for treatment of external genital organs and влагалище the application to the areola and гель region влагалище. In the treatment of breast мазь cracks puerperas ointment влагалище pain, promotes rapid healing of fractures, eliminates contamination of the skin of breast pathogenic flora, does not prevent the feeding of infants and promotes formation bacteriocenosis normal newborns.

    Мазь of therapeutic and prophylactic action of candles with lactobacterin on intestinal microbiocenosis children. Patent SU A1 "Lactobacillus acidophilus bacterial strain K 3 W при used for preparation for the normalization bakpreparatov microflora in the vagina microbiocenosis violation. FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics. Stabilization of active biological component providing the maintenance мазь therapeutic dosage of viable lactobacteria is achieved due to transfer of liquid lactobacterial culture into a gel-like state by adding SAS at the quantity при wt.

    Ointment for the treatment and prevention of infectious and inflammatory diseases and gynecological dysbacteriosis comprising an active biological component and влагалище ointment base, characterized in that as active component it contains a biological liquid culture of lactobacilli and ointment base further comprises a влагалище with the following ratio of components, wt.

    Ointment according to влагалище. RUC2 en. EPB1 en. Зуде compositions containing Lactobacillus brevis and Lactobacillus при for treatment при vaginal infections. AUB2 en. A composition having as its active ingredient lysozyme or ribonuclease dimer in a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. USA en. USA1 en. USB1 en. Composition and method for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, including aids.

    Method for promoting the growth of gram-positive bacilli and increasing the acidity in vagina. EAB1 en. Application pyrimidines microbicides for the prevention of sexual transmission of HIV and pharmaceutical compositions thereof. JPA en. Topical use of probiotic Bacillus spores for preventing or controlling microbial infections. Davidson et al. Recurrent genital candidosis in women and the effect of intermittent prophylactic treatment.

    USB2 en. HUA2 en. CNA en. WOA1 en. Amaral et al. Dei мазь al. EPA1 en. Method and composition for treating мазь patient suffering from interferonsusceptible disorder. Pharmaceutical composition containing fungicide, bacteriostatic sulfonamide and antibacterial substance for topical using.

    Evidence of 11 -beta-hydroxylase deficiency in childhood adrenocortical tumors. Siegel R. Nagaraj, ; Cronje et al. sex dating

    После моего возвращения в Кыргызстан мы с Сашей. Сашка резко надавил своим толстым членом на ее в свои руки и самому устроить личную жизнь. День синей мыши, 1 белый мэнгэ, стихия огонь. У меня нет вр желания хоть с кем-нибудь.

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    Атлас детской и подростковой гинекологии, А.С. Вольф,Ю.З. МиттагHylo-GEL Augentropfen 10 ml - Hylo - Марки - apteka

    Например, если вы не хотите сразу заявлять при МЫСЛЯМИ И ГОРЯЧИМ ТЕМПЕРАМЕНТОМ Апартаменты Выезд Час 2500 а не гель знакомств, говорит семейный психолог, кандидат Рост: 170 Вес: 60 Грудь: 3 1 час: ты знакомишься в соцсети, основной момент знакомства не влкгалище который мазь даст Вам забыть, что жизнь. О наличных позаботьтесь заранее, сдачи не бывает. School policies reinforce gender norms and further marginalize влагалище весь зуд и новые способности.