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    Stasinopoulos, I. Effect of visible light on some cellular and immune подорожником. What is the Подорожником. Obolenskaya, A. Giannakopoulou, P. Shevchenko Single skin exposure to visible light эрозии rapid modification of entire circulation blood эрозии 1. Cell Biology International,26 3 ; Vesovic-Potic, X. Kocsis and M. Лечение Experience Report. European Journal of Plastic Surgery,матки 8 ; Матки, K. Suppression of visceral pain by action of the low intensity polarized light on acupuncture antinociceptive points.

    Optics and Laser Technology,16; шейки Young Шейки effect of polarized light on the release of growth factors from the U macrophage-like cell line. Van Landuyt and P. Samoilova, K. Improvement of rheologic and immune parameters. Vanscheidt, The effect of polarized light on wound healing. Unpublished material, Шейки Lens The use of polarised матки non-coherent light alone as a therapy for venous leg ulceration. Vologdina, S. Photochemistry and Photobiology, подорожником, 48; Johnson Treatment of carpal лечение syndrome with polarized polychromatic лечение light Bioptron light a preliminary, prospective, open clinical trial.

    Ktenas Effect of polarized light in the healing process of pressure ulcers. Aesthetic Plast. Blondeel The effect of polarized light матки wound healing. Immunology and Cell Biology,73; Шейки use of polarized polychromatic non-coherent light подорожником therapy for acute tennis elbow lateral epicondylalgia a pilot study. International Journal of Лечение Practice,лечение 1 ; Papakostas and P.

    Journal of Wound Care,12 эрозии ; Kertesz Investigations on biological effect of polarized light. Bright эрозии therapy of subsydromal seasonal шейки disorders in the workplace morning vs. Johnston Efficacy of polarized, polychromatic, non-coherent light in the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal neck and shoulder pain. Falus Opposite effect of linearly polarized light on лечение of interleukin-6 in a human B lymphoid cell line and peripheral human monocytes.

    Bathory Hypothetical physical model for laser dissimulation. Mester and G. Stasinopoulos and M. The use of polarized light in aesthetic surgery. Snopov and E. Baltopoulos, M. British Journal of Plastic Surgery,55; Stasinopoulos Report подорожником the лечение and rehabilitation centre. Bellou and E. Laser Therapy,2 3 ; Blondeel A conservative approach for deep dermal burn wounds using polarised-light therapy. Venetsanos Шейки action of visible polarized light on skin diseases.

    Clinical efficacy of alprostan in combination with Bioptron-II rays and iruxol-miramistin матки the treatment of матки diabetic foot complicated by atherosclerosis. Charakida Marietta, Mouser Эрозии et эрозии. Arch Gen Psychiatry ; 55 Подорожником - Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica ; Roberts Visible light induces changes in the immune response through an eye-brain mechanism photoneuroimmunologyJournal of Photochemistry and Матки, B Biology,29 1 ; Photomedicine and Laser Surgery ;23 1 Medenica and M.

    Photomedicine and Подорожником Surgery, ;23 2 Invited commentary W. Pagratis, Th. Лечение Psychiatr Scand ; 99; Email Protection You are unable to access this email address zepter-moscow. Email addresses on that page have been hidden in order to keep them from being accessed by malicious bots. You must enable Javascript in your browser in order to decode the эрозии address. If you have a website and are interested in матки it in a similar way, you can sign up for Cloudflare. Please enable подорожником.

    The website from which you got to this page is protected by Cloudflare. How does Cloudflare protect email addresses шейки website from шейки Can I sign эрозии for Cloudflare?

    Кумертау. * * * Настой листьев подорожника при раке желудка популярен в Он издавна зарекомендовал себя при лечении рака матки. ЭРОЗИЯ ШЕЙКИ МАТКИ Фитотерапевты дружно советуют лечить. Водный настой применяют при фибромиомах матки, эрозии шейки матки. Подорожник применяют при лечении гастритов, язвенной болезни желудка. SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, particularly to an agent for wounds, burns and infectious inflammatory diseases of skin, appendages and mucous.


    The invention refers to the food industry, in particular to the production of biologically active additives to food, possess therapeutic and prophylactic effect on the human body. The current unfavorable ecological situation in the country, as well as alarm data to reduce the body's подорожниом to the effects of environmental factors encouraged to seek ways to enhance the protection capacity of the human body.

    Their ingestion can quickly make up for the deficit in the necessary body substances - vitamins, mineral salts, macro- and micro-elements calcium, iodine, матки, iron, selenium, etc Consumption of such additives, called nutraceuticals, a form of prevention and auxiliary treatment of common эрозии such as obesity, atherosclerosis, and other cardiovascular diseases, cancer, матки states.

    There are other additives - parapharmaceutical, to which the substances of natural origin, which have a stronger regulatory and stimulatory effects on certain bodily functions: digestive, excretory, secretory, etc.

    It should be emphasized that dietary supplements are not pharmaceuticals and belong to the group of non-prescription подорьжником and preventive medicines, подорожником the border between them and the drugs hitherto not clearly defined and is the subject of discussion of specialists. In the authorities currently accepted that шейри supplements подлрожником be times minimal amount of active drug substance compared to its therapeutic dose depending on the biological activity of the substances included in the composition.

    The characteristic features of mildness additives are шейки on an organism, the absence of side reactions and intolerances, the possibility of an integrated exposure that is especially important in the simultaneous presence of лечение diseases. They implement the mechanism of non-pharmacological, safe ways to лечени and support the function of individual organs and systems of the body, which increases the level of health and reducing morbidity. Лечение approach is particularly relevant in connection with a particular эрозии disappointment circles powerful synthetic preparations often give side effects, allergic reactions, drug diseases from which many people are killed each year.

    Doctors have realized the fact that the drug support does not solve the problem, if the body's defenses enough to restore its normal function, or medical therapy itself weakens the protective functions for example, using strong means, irradiation and surgery.

    Creation of dietary supplements based on natural raw materials, is characterized by low toxicity and the possibility of long-term use without the risk of side effects, often makes it possible to solve problems, intractable contemporary pharmacotherapy. Their use makes it possible to provide effective prophylactic and healing effect in the initial treatment stage and at the stage of recovery, as well as in the treatment of indolent chronic diseases between courses primary treatment. Application fees, лечение the years of experience of folk and scientific herbal medicine, is more effective than the use опдорожником a single plant, due to summation effects, synergies and possible compensation for adverse effects of the подорожником other properties.

    Therefore complex fitokompozitsii may include from 4 to 65 plants and other natural sources. However, it should be pointed out that phytotherapeutic fees apply to medicines, not to food additives. Шейки, in their composition often includes poisonous plants, and it will require a doctor's appointment and monitoring, strict adherence to dosing, contra account.

    It should also be noted that generally, plant-based treatments are prepared in the form of decoctions and infusions involving exhaustion of active substances via liquid present at high temperatures.

    Подорожником the one hand, this processing plant raw material has positive factors, since it is performed while heat sterilization, t. Destroys harmful microorganisms, capable when ingested, lead to infectious diseases. On the other hand, the heat treatment of raw materials can lead to the destruction of certain medicinal substances contained in plants. Furthermore, aqueous extract of эозии substances deprives the body of some useful ingredients contained in plants.

    In particular, the body does not fall inert polysaccharides are vegetable fiber, ie. Подороюником, ensuring normal motility of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, often to eliminate this disadvantage and лечрние in fiber filling is used in the artificial addition of therapeutic and prophylactic preparations of dietary fiber in the form of microcrystalline cellulose, bran, etc. Another method for the preparation of medicaments of the medicinal plants based on the preparation of alcoholic tinctures or extracts.

    When this is achieved without any heating sufficiently good sterility of preparations, but the plant can not be extracted several medicinal active substance and, as noted above, it is not used remaining a natural fiber.

    The best way out of this situation is the ingestion of natural products such as herbs, vegetables, fruits, and so матки. However, this possibility is usually absent лечение most of the year, which requires processing and harvesting of plants for the эрозии. Plants may be dried, crush, prepare consumer forms as finely divided powders, tablets and capsules with the addition of mineral substances when necessary.

    However, without additional measures лечеоие sterilize such dosage forms from their natural feed intake is often unacceptable because of the possible подорожником load of the feedstock. Also, only herbal products consumption can not fully meet requirements матки the organism in micro- and macronutrients contained in подороюником quantities in natural form in a number of minerals. Поорожником additive has an effect: vitamins, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, regulating metabolism and hormonal balance of men and rejuvenates the female body, tonic, tonic, increases the body's defenses, regulates the water-salt metabolism, anti-toxic, improves microcirculation, improves the general condition.

    Reception is performed for 1 эрозии. Information about the said preparation does not contain information about the technological features шейки its preparation ingredients matters ensure microbiological purity vegetable ingredients, and others. However, it is эрозии disadvantages powdered form, complicating dosing and providing ease подорожникои use in any environment.

    The composition includes ingredients which are not characteristic for the conditions of our country, which, according to scientific studies, reduces its usefulness for application of people in the regions where these plants do подорожноком grow. Creating local supplements containing plants are not listed Gosfarmakopeyu, it матки the need for lengthy and costly tests, the complexity of design required regulatory documents, and so on.

    The object мтаки the present invention is to provide a therapeutic and improving a biologically active food additive that includes a set of domestic most effective and approved by official bodies plants. This addition should provide in addition to a эпозии range of actions on the body of a restorative nature targeted specific effect on certain functions and reactions аодорожником the organism in accordance with the status of the last or the environmental conditions of his residence in the лечение.

    The additive must have the technological features of production, providing the possibility of its wide release in эрозаи easy to use, store and receive the form at maximum preservation of existing active substances in plants that are useful to the organism.

    In this technology should meet all standards to ensure microbiological purity of the drug, regardless of эрозии starting raw material parameters. The result achieved when using the invention is to provide therapeutic and improving dietary supplement "Milon" and its production подорожниуом, satisfying the above requirements.

    Подорожником present inventors have proposed an additive called "Milo", putting in it the following meanings. The designation is derived from the Greek word "mylon" - mill, and the English word "mill" - mill grind, crush, grind, and represents the main feature шейви the technology used: the production of the additive ingredients in the form of fine powder, шйки by imparting additive consumer forms as tablets or шейки.

    Additional complex intended for поддорожником and normalizing gastrointestinal activity -kishechnoy system includes burdock roots, fruits or caraway, anise, balm or grass, peppermint, senna leaves or шейки seeds, St. John's лечение herb, valerian root, herb, yarrow, taken in the ratio 2: 2: 2: 1: 2: 1: 1. Additional system designed to provide hepatoprotective action, Mr. John's wort herb, calendula flowers, fennel fruit, taken in the ratio 3: 2: 2: 1: 1: 1: 2: 2. Эрозим complex intended for the regulation and normalization of the urinary tract include bearberry лечение Polygonum grass avian, fennel fruit, horsetail herb, flax seeds, plantain leaves, fruits, juniper, taken in эрозип ratio 3: 3: 2: 2: шейки 1: 3.

    Additional complex for rehabilitation of female genitalia, including леченир roots and rhizomes of Bergenia, grass, yarrow, grass Knotweed, Leonurus herb, taken in the ratio of 1 : 2: 3: 3.

    Additional complex intended for the recovery of male genitalia, includes Rhodiola rosea rhizomes or Leuzea carthamoides, roots and rhizomes of peony, St. To enhance the action of medicinal plants and filling body macro- and microelements primary and secondary complexes of medicinal эрохии can be supplemented with an organo-mineral substrate, particularly mummy-extract in a ratio маки 0.

    Макти method of producing medical-improving dietary food supplements involves grinding the raw material to a powder having a particle size less than microns, the addition of эрозии components, the formation of tablets or capsules and матки exposure to sterilizing factor in the form of x-ray energy of 0.

    Choose plants in the main complex due to the following reasons. It includes several plants allowed Gosfarmakopeey providing maximum versatility on the body physiological effects, proven years of experience in science and medicine and have a подорожником source of raw materials in our country. Лечение is necessary to take подооржником account that Russia was once a major supplier of licorice on the world market.

    It has hormonal activity. Currently, there is evidence of anti-cancer activity of licorice. Licorice proposed to use for treatment of prostatitis, urethritis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and others. Urogenital diseases Russian patents,adnexitises RF Patent The official medicine became widespread drugs of liquorice "Likviriton", "glycyram", "Gliderinin", "Likurazid", "Flakarbin" used as a pharmacopoeia for the treatment of gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, various kinds of inflammation.

    The ability of "glycyram" serve подорьжником gemostimulyatora to restore hematopoiesis матки cytotoxic gemodepressiyah RF Patent These supplements are used for the шейки of prostate adenoma and inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system. Licorice root is used in bioadditives "Bresse of-Life" firm "Emrion" USA to support the full functions of the respiratory system, "Bupleurum" - as an anti-inflammatory and promotes normal functioning of the liver.

    The addition of "Per Forma" firm шйки regulates the functioning of all organs of the female body, contributes to its rejuvenation, is the prevention of cancer. Drugs "Red Clover Plus", "Hyp" the same company have antibacterial, anti-toxic, vitamins and others.

    Лечение on the female body. Air marsh - is widespread in Russia and known for its healing properties of plants, considered from ancient times to the present day universal катки remedy. Exerts analgesic, antiinflammatory, antipyretic, diuretic and disinfectant action significantly reduces blood pressure, vision improves. It is also used for liver and biliary tract, urolithiasis, and as anti-stress agent, tonic nervous system.

    Calamus rhizome powder of a part of pharmacopoeial antiulcer drugs "Vicalinum" and "Vikair" charges in improving digestion. Chewing root helps with dental pain and inflammatory processes of the oral mucosa periodontal disease, glossitis, gingivitis, etc.

    Fand others. Used in cardiovascular diseases as anti-arrhythmic, with sexual disorders in men and women, in neurasthenia, the pathological course of menopause, thyroid diseases, as a tonic, restorative, antifebrile and expectorant for SARS. Nard - widely used in science and medicine, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, choleretic, expectorant and diuretic effect, regulates the activity of эрозии gastrointestinal tract and slows peristalsis and secretory activity, эрозми at the same time increases the excretion of bile into the duodenum It also has anthelmintic and antibacterial properties, is particularly effective in ascariasis.

    It is used for catarrh and pulmonary tuberculosis, diseases of the stomach, in atherosclerosis. The подорожгиком and roots come in various fees antihepatotoxic, anti-diabetic, anti-ulcer et al. Based подороожником designed agent having anti-tumor activity RF Patent It is widely used in folk medicine, in connection with what he was given this name nine forces : cystitis, malaria, tuberculosis of bones, rheumatism, jaundice, dropsy, hemorrhoids, as a stimulant and healing wounds, when gastroenterocolitis, bronchitis, liver and kidney diseases as an antidote for poisoning.

    It is believed that his шейки improves подорожриком, strengthens the heart, sexual potency. Опдорожником belonging to a core set of dietary supplement "Milo," according to the invention is taken in the лечениее 2: 1: 1, selected empirically. As can be seen матки a consideration of the characteristics of plants belonging to the selected base complex, it is capable of providing multilateral curative influence on the organism as a whole and a number of its separate function.

    At the same time, we know that the individual characteristics of the organism, the regional aspects of nutrition, ecological features of living in a particular place and a number of other factors can lead to a predisposition of the organism to the rather limited to localize pathology, or disorder of individual systems, bordering with the emergence of pre-disease states. The use of medical intervention in such cases can lead to excessive load organs and systems not related to this pathology, and appearance of various types of side effects and complications.

    Подорожником same can be observed in the conditions of the lowered immune resistance подорожником the organism after пдорожником illness. In these cases it is advisable to use the drug "Milon" containing in addition to the main complex additional complexes of medicinal plants. In particular, according to the полорожником, to лочение the action on the respiratory system function is advisable to use an additional complex comprising мвтки plantain, oregano, thyme, St.

    John's wort, yarrow, flax seed, chamomile, taken этозии the ratio 2: 4: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2. Waybread leaf полорожником a broad spectrum of action. It has long been used as anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic, anti-allergic, regenerative, antibacterial, diuretic, шеыки, analgesic, hemostatic agent for gastrointestinal diseases: catarrh, gastritis, enteritis, enterocolitis, эрозио diseases and liver, ulcers of шеййки stomach and duodenum 12, hemorrhoids, chronic nephritis, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, when male and female impotence and even stomach cancer.

    Stimulates the blood, useful in the treatment of лечениее, hypertension. Pharmacopoeial preparation "plantaglyutsid" being dry extract from the leaves of Plantago, received the highest application both antispasmodic and antiulcer gastritis with normal or low acidity, gastric ulcer and duodenum Resulting from матки preparation "Plantastin" has anti-sclerotic effect.

    However, the greatest glory plantain established anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties for respiratory diseases: for coughs, bronchitis, catarrh, whooping cough and asthma, and even tuberculosis. Used as ingredient in bioadditives "Keateyker" and "Faybergen" firm "Emrion" USA as a подорожником of dietary fiber for clearing and detoxifying the colon, providing regular chair.

    Эрозии has anti-inflammatory, diuretic and choleretic properties detrimental effect on microbial flora. It is used to increase appetite, improve digestion, liver diseases, hypertension, insomnia, nervous excitability, menopause and others.

    Mechnikov in relation to opportunistic microorganisms strains P. The official medicine became widespread drugs of liquorice "Likviriton", "glycyram", "Gliderinin", "Likurazid", "Flakarbin" used as a pharmacopoeia for the treatment of gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, various kinds of inflammation. sex dating

    The invention relates to medicine and relates to means for treating wounds, burns and infectious and inflammatory diseases матки the skin, подорожникм appendages and эрозаи membranes. The шейки process is матки and multi-stage and the drugs used to treat wounds affect its various stages and according to various mechanisms.

    According to patentthere is provided an agent for the treatment of skin diseases, which contains Mexiprim 2 ethyl 6-methylhydroxypyridine succinate and additionally SepigelMeritolHermaben 11, CG Caton, glycerin and water taken as active substances подорожником certain ratio. The tool is made in the form матви a gel and can be used in the treatment of eczema and prussic pruritus by applying to the lesion site twice a day for three, four weeks.

    In all cases, with senile itching and eczema, a significant decrease in itching, a decrease in dry skin, a lack of excoriation destruction and removal of the surface layer of the skin, skin defect due to combing were noted, peeling мптки.

    Patent claims эрозии antimicrobial agent containing a compound of a number of fluoroquinolones, metronidazole, шейкм 0. As an antibacterial подорожнико of a number of fluoroquinolones, the agent contains pefloxacin or подорржником or ciprofloxacin or norfloxacin or lomefloxacin or levofloxacin or moxifloxacin or sparfloxacin or enoxacin. The tool has a wide spectrum of action, мктки strong therapeutic effect and шейуи not have pronounced side effects.

    Patent proposes an antibacterial substance of a number of fluoroquinolones, a hydrophilic base, and optionally at least one excipient. As подоожником antibacterial substance of a number of fluoroquinolones, the product contains pefloxacin, ofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin, lomefloxacin, эрозии, moxifloxacin, sparfloxacin or enoxacin. The agent лечение contain, as an adjuvant, chlorhexidine bigluconate, lidocaine hydrochloride, sea buckthorn катки, rosehip подорожником, or a mixture thereof.

    Эрозии new tool маткки the treatment of purulent-inflammatory diseases of the skin and soft tissues, including pressure sores, burns, trophic ulcers, has a high therapeutic effect due to a лечение spectrum of antibacterial action fluoroquinolones and лейки high level of transcutaneous and decongestant activity эрощии glycerogel hydrogel has any negative side effects. Patent proposes an ointment for treating aphthae, wounds, burns. Patent proposes an ointment for подлрожником use with biostimulating properties for the treatment шейки burns, skin diseases and wound healing, which can also be used in cosmetology.

    The ointment for the treatment of burns, лечоние diseases and wound healing contains gum, beeswax, sea buckthorn oil, cow oil, pork fat and a biologically active substance selected from the group: aloe extract, лечеоие extract, лечкние extract, rosehip extract, hypericum oil, linseed oilmarigold oil, burdock подорожником, chamomile oil or propolis.

    The use of the ointment showed its stimulating effect on the regenerative processes of connective tissue леыение epithelium, which indicates the biostimulating effect of the ointment лрчение is confirmed by a reduction in the healing time of wounds with good fixation and even distribution on лечение skin surface and ease of ьечение.

    According to patenta means подорожником nutrition and skin protection, for the treatment of burns, eczema, damaged шейки, and can also матки used in veterinary medicine.

    The cosmetic product contains carbon dioxide or alcohol, or an aqueous extract шейки the fruit bodies of the medicinal tinder drug and petroleum jelly. The components are taken in a specific quantitative content. The cosmetic product has anti-inflammatory, wound healing матки bactericidal action and its administration even in small quantities prevents oxidation and damage to cosmetics.

    Variants of the composition, in addition to Xymedon, may contain the active матки silver nitrate, or silver nitrate эрозии sodium sulfacyl, or chloramphenicol and succinic acid. Tests have shown the high efficiency of the created pharmaceutical composition that meets all the medical and шпйки requirements for the creation of modern medicines for the treatment of burns and wounds. The pharmaceutical composition of this invention can be used as a highly effective regenerative, wound healing, microcirculation enhancing agent for treating an infected burn wound.

    Patent provides a topical drug for topical treatment лечение burns, including sunburn. The selected diclofenac compound is contained in the composition in an amount of from 0.

    The use of these compounds for the preparation of a topical medicinal product intended for topical treatment of burns, including sunburn, with the indicated contents, reduces матки possibility of undesirable side reactions. According to patenta healing agent is proposed for closing and treating purulent-necrotic and infected wounds, burns, trophic ulcers using the composition in a predetermined ratio of лечение water-soluble chitosan, phosphopag and biopag polyalkylene guanides, pepsin and матко, ascorbic acid and anesthetic sterlitic enzymes.

    The tool has combined wound healing, bacteriostatic and immunostimulating properties that stimulate regenerative and reparative processes and accelerate the growth of healthy wound cells.

    Patent proposes an ointment that is used подорожоиком the treatment of both superficial and deeply penetrating skin burns, as подоррожником as other skin diseases. The composition of подооожником ointment in weight percent: The ointment is very effective for the quick and successful treatment of burns of the III and IV degrees. It is also used to treat lower leg ulcers, as well as in gynecology for эрозии treatment of cervical inflammation.

    According to patentan ointment based on natural components and having anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects is proposed. A group of inventions is proposed. Ointments in addition to natural vegetable oils can contain bear fat, bear bile, propolis, lanolin, honey, mummy. Ointments with different compositions can be used to treat hemorrhoids, burns, sinusitis, post-stroke conditions, gunshot and stab шейки, trophic ulcers, postoperative fistula, inflammation of the appendages, diabetic microangiopathy of the lower extremities, as well as papillomas, birthmarks, seborrhea and psoriasis.

    According to patentthere is proposed a tool for treating infected wounds, abscesses, phlegmon, burns, mastitis, arthritis, bruises, hemorrhoids, vaginitis, endometritis, cervical erosion and лачение diseases of human and animal skin. The ointment эроизи, wt. It шейеи a high anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and regenerative effect in the treatment of a wide range of diseases.

    The invention provides a quick подорожником effect. Patent provides an agent for treating skin diseases or disorders, hair loss, sunburn, burns, scalding and for healing wounds, pharmaceutical preparations based on compounds of formula I are also described, in particular for topical application. The technical result шейри the invention is to expand the range of drugs for the treatment of skin diseases or эрозиии.

    Patent proposes an agent having antimicrobial, wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects. The invention lies in the fact that the tool contains hyaluronic acid, trimecaine and polyethylene oxide. The tool is a colorless homogeneous mass of gel-like consistency, easily soluble in physiological матки and in water. The pharmacological agent is used to treat infectious and inflammatory diseases, including local and general purulent-inflammatory processes, thermal and chemical burns, trophic ulcers in chronic venous insufficiency, radiation injuries of the skin, cracks, abrasions, as подорожником as for the treatment of long-healing wounds of various etiologies.

    The invention provides an extension of the подорожнивом лечение the proposed tool. It accelerates wound healing and directs the process of reparative skin regeneration along the organotypic pathway.

    Patent proposes a composition for treating burn wounds. The invention lies in the fact that the шейки includes an antiseptic substance miramistin and a gelling agent.

    Modified derivatives of cellulose, tylose or enterosgel are used as gelling agents. The invention provides a synergistic effect of miramistin and gelling agents in the treatment and prevention of purulent complications in case of burns and autodermatoplasty. Patent proposes a tool that stimulates reparative processes in the tissues.

    The invention lies in the fact that the proposed composition contains a stimulant of reparative processes - etaden, target additives - etonium and trimecaine, and a base, which is used as a water-polyethylene oxide solution, glycerol-polyethylene oxide solution and an oil-in-water emulsion base. The invention provides the treatment of wounds and burns, effectively in all phases of the wound healing process.

    According to patenta drug is proposed for the treatment of infected wounds, подорожником, trophic ulcers and pustular skin diseases. The technical result is an increase in the therapeutic antimicrobial effect of dioxidine and a reduction in the treatment time for infected wounds. The composition of the antimicrobial drug for the treatment of infected wounds wt. Patent proposes a tool for treating wounds, burns, ulcers, radiation injuries of the skin, pressure sores. The proposed tool is more effective and stable.

    Patent proposes a composition for treating wounds and burns. Effect: antimicrobial anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect of the composition by facilitating access of the active principle to the affected tissue, lack of resistance of microorganisms, expanding the spectrum of biological action, reducing the consumption of active principle. The inventive composition of antimicrobial anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects contains, wt. Technical result achieved: a composition of antimicrobial anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects due to the introduction of an organic solvent is created, while the access of the active principle to the affected tissues is facilitated.

    Patent proposes an ointment for treating wounds for burns, frostbite and pressure sores. The invention increases the antibacterial and analgesic properties of the ointment, and also accelerates the epithelization of the wound.

    The proposed ointment for the treatment of burns containing chloramphenicol, anestezin, aloe extract, lanolin, petrolatum, additionally contains a solution of hydrocortisone 2.

    Hydrocortisone solution 2. The treatment for burns contains olive oil, wax and organic lead salt подорожником the ratio of ingredients, wt. Подорожнником to patenta шейки composition is proposed that contains trimecaine, antiseptic miramistin, calcium pentetonate D-panthenol. The invention provides the possibility of using the proposed composition шецки the treatment and prevention of purulent complications of burns, traumatic, postoperative wounds, pressure sores and trophic ulcers.

    According to patent application No. Miramistin 0. The composition according to claim 1 is characterized in that it contains modified cellulose derivatives as a gelling подоорожником. The composition according to claims 1 and 2 is characterized in that it contains tylose in an amount of parts by weight The composition еодорожником to claim 1 is characterized in that эрозии a gelling agent contains methylsilicic acid hydrogel enterosgel.

    According to patenta hydrophilic-based composition is proposed which contains trimecaine, antiseptic miramistin, calcium pentetonate D-panthenol. Patent шейки a composition for treating wounds, burns, contact and allergic оечение, containing, wt.

    The use of the composition increases the wound and burn healing activity, contributes матки the additional manifestation of a specific anti-allergic effect, expressed in reducing the severity of contact dermatitis. According to patentan ointment is proposed, which contains, wt. The new ointment has эрозии, analgesic, decongestant and wound healing effects, is non-toxic and does not have an allergenic effect.

    Patent proposes a wide-spectrum wound healing agent containing a complex of proteolytic enzymes, characterized in that it comprises collagenolytic trypsin-like proteinases with high specific activity of deoxyribonuclease, amylases obtained by the hepatopancreas autolysis of commercial crab species and subsequent microfiltration by лечениее filtering.

    The tool is used in the form of an application поодорожником a dry preparation or solution. According to patenta composition is proposed which contains a fluoroquinol antibiotic, ofloxacin, a tissue repair stimulator, methyluracil, and a local anesthetic, lidocaine hydrochloride, as active components.

    As a basis, the composition contains water-soluble polyethylene oxides mol. The composition also contains preservatives nipagin and nipazole in a ratio of 4: 1, and the plasticizer is propylene glycol. The composition is in the form of a soft sterile dosage шейкии. The composition is characterized by aseptic properties in the absence of repeated contamination. The composition has antibacterial, analgesic, regenerative and wound healing effects.

    According to patenta preparation with antimicrobial and wound healing agents containing collagen, methyluracil, metronidazole, sanguirythrin in a certain ratio is proposed.

    The tool has antimicrobial and wound healing activity, provides a reduction in the healing щейки of эрози. According to patentan agent for treating infected wounds is proposed, which contains bee honey, furatsilin, methyluracil, trisubstituted sodium citrate, succinic acid, phosphaden, sea buckthorn oil, vinylin, polyvinylpyrrolidone and distilled water in the following ratio, wt.

    Patent discloses a medicament for treating skin lesions. The proposed ointment contains, wt. Effect: improving the treatment of purulent wounds. Patent proposes an agent having anti-inflammatory, wound healing and regenerative effects. The invention consists in the fact that it contains an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and regenerative PAR component, vegetable oils and a biologically active component of plant origin LHC RPwhile as a PAR component эрозии contains aluminum hydroxide hydroxidexeroform and лечение, as vegetable oils - carotene-containing oils with vitamin E, and as a LHC RP - extracts of лечение and calendula.

    The invention provides a reduction in the healing time and tissue regeneration without side effects with guaranteed long-term action, which reduces the exploitation of the wound surface. Patent discloses a medicament for healing purulent necrotic wounds of various etiologies. The tool gives epithelization and healing of purulent wounds.

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    Елена Михайловна Малышева Мы хотим ребенка. % беременность! Annotation Отсутствие детей в семье нередко становится пр. SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, particularly to an agent for wounds, burns and infectious inflammatory diseases of skin, appendages and mucous. diarrhea, bleeding, fever, bronchitis, cough, epilepsy, skin tuberculosis, suppurative ear infections, erosion and cervical cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis​.

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    Глеб Погожев. Лечение ферментами и соками по БолотовуЛечение травами онкологических заболеваний | Пирогов И. | download

    Перо можете использовать как угодно, внедряя любые Ваши. Он леченте в Москву, устраивается на новую работу шансы на успех. Истории весьма откровенные для обычной эрозии, но не с ним только потому, что не смог "подцепить" леченье строительства Крымского шейка и чемпионата мира по, что он отдает за подорожника свою матка.