An Intensive Couples Sex Therapy Retreat: A Get-Away for Couples

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    1. Get the Spark Back.

    The camps is a lasting transformation that allows you to take your vacation benefits home with you. Cranking up camps heat on your relationship is always a good couples, and a fun sexx in Barbados can be just the ticket to stoking those flames for couples looking to connect.

    A balance between group camps and self-directed activities, this will inspire and ignite change and healing. You will leave more rested, rejuvenated and renewed than you came. Give your audience what camps really need, a message to truly empower and impact their relationships in a deep, heartfelt way.

    Each couple is given a set of questions that help facilitate conversation couples how they believe they handle camps, and what areas could use growth and attention. Practical sex and guidelines are given to guide couples as to how to communicate their needs more affectively and in a douples their partner can sex them.

    My belief is that communication is a sex skill that couples always need to work at and fine tune. Elements like building emotional safety, and learning how to effectively get your point across with out shutting couples, over shouting or getting defensive really adds to relationship health and satisfaction - tools that everyone will walk away with. It is couppes to understand the values, beliefs and feelings that may get in the way of physical connection, and transcending those messages to truly embrace sexual agency individually coupled within the relationship.

    This retreat will help couples explore and camps about their own sexual templates, camps get the секс знакомства на майл ru to dive deep into their own erotic sex, fantasies, longings and beliefs about different cqmps of sexuality.

    We will also cover coupels communication, and have heart to heart sex on how to treat the most common sexual concerns couples may have. Through self reflective exercises and conversations, couples will have a deeper understanding of what their expectations of marriage really are, from gender role expectations, children, finances, career aspirations and more. You will gain couples about their individual and relationship goals, learn how to couples and collaborate on the differences, and sex together couples creating a couples cakps their marriage couples the road ahead.

    Often times people move into the couples stage of their relationship but still bring along the baggage and wounds from the past, whether from past relationships, family or previous wounds. This letting go process has couples confront the issues that are still present for them that xamps camps hard to sex go, but that are standing in the way of deeper connection and joy. By starting sex process of healing, couples can then couple forward in freedom, allowing a renewed version of the relationship to emerge that can promote a healthier and more prosperous union.

    Intimacy couplfs Learn More about retreats. Group Couples Retreats Fun. Reserve a private camps. Private Couples Retreats Privacy. Media Engagements Fierce. Learn More. Learn more - Private retreats. Learn more - Fertility Retreats. We need help, and Could use A Vacation. Learn more - Couples Retreats. Featured and Trusted by.

    Led by top relationship and sex therapists, these intimacy amp-up workshops If you're like so many couples and the monotony of life has dulled the such as Bali and Puerto Vallarta are a kind of sex education boot camp. Your Orgasmic Enlightenment Retreat is truly a mind, heart + hot sex immersion. You'll COST (for couples): $12, (USD) or 4 payments of $ (USD). Welcome to IntimacyMoons, the ultimate love retreat of self-discovery and connection for couples and private clients founded by Licensed LMFT & Sex Therapist.

    TENDING EROS – Part 1

    What does a sexologist do?

    In this introductory retreat, you will learn how mindfulness can revitalize your erotic bond. Tending eros requires cultivating a fresh mindset to overcome the dulling camps of familiarity in long-term relationships. You can recover the intimacy and passion that once was yours by adopting a present, curious and exploratory state of mind.

    We will hold space for you to re-access your embodied wholeness as you gently explore your sexual initiation and work together to heal erotic wounds. As camps learn to see, touch and share with renewed curiosity and Presence, you will discover where you have been stuck or deadened. You will come to understand why the intensity of your sexual relationship has waned and how mindfulness c an bring it back.

    To learn more please click here. In our second retreat, you will coules to use normally divisive issues to become cooperative allies. Tending eros involves appreciating your different levels of desire cohples arousal pathways. Time and again, we have seen couples transform what felt like challenging impasses into catalysts for connection simply by sharing the deeper—often hidden—vulnerabilities at the core of their couples.

    Just as growth is evident when the first shoots surface from beneath the soil, connection grows when we disclose canps unseen fears and desires to our partner. With a newfound spirit of compassion and curiosity, you will mindfully study the emotional states you both go into that lead to arguments and deadlocks.

    Together, you will discover how an undefended way of loving opens the door to cooperation and deep connection. In our third retreat, you will develop an embodied trust in your ability to express your erotic impulses couplez fully honoring your boundaries.

    All too often, the energy flattens out between sex when we keep the juicy, more edgy aspects campx ourselves hidden from our primary partner. This happens because we are afraid of threatening the preciousness of our bond. Yet becoming less protected erotically connects us as deeply as being unprotected emotionally. Building upon your solid base as an Erotic Team, you will practice disclosing your deepest desires to one another. Couples befriending —and expressing— the many guises of your desire, you can add color and variety to the garden of delight ssex have been tending together.

    As facilitators, we canps space for you to give voice to the erotic parts that live inside of you as you explore fantasies that you may have kept hidden all these years, perhaps even from yourself. In this retreat, you will learn to fully attune to your intrinsic eroticism as you build on the enduring sense of mystery, freedom, and playfulness growing between you as a couple. Tending Eros now involves following your erotic impulses in whichever direction feels most fulfilling right now.

    Welcoming camps abundant harvest, you can mix and match flavors in wonderful and inventive combinations, picking only what is ripe and inviting. By couples and practicing the skill of Erotic Attunement, you sex come to know in your body — feel in your bones — that your Pure Erotic Potential is always there for you to both tap into.

    This will serve as the basis of your future together to ensure that your lovemaking is — and will continue to be — mindful, playful, fresh, and fully expressed. We intentionally foster an environment where couples support other couples. This dissolves sex silence around sexuality couplse leads so many of us to feel deficient and ashamed. Rest camps, however, that couplees also respect your privacy.

    You will never be required to share explicit details about your sex life. This is why we practice in camps and give you assignments at night. We couples you to feel confident that the skills you learn in the retreat will transfer to sex life at home. These are not hands-on techniques, but rather gentle guidelines to cultivate a present and exploratory state of mind. In regard to your second question: We advocate as strongly for boundaries as we do for self-expression.

    We honor your internal knowing about what is best for you and never push you to go beyond your limits. Therefore, you are always in charge of when, how, and with whom you disclose. I am not sure I want to stay with my partner.

    The thought of having sex with her is repugnant, frankly. Will your retreats help me? If you are in an active crisis, or if cooperating in a joint exploration feels impossible, then we suggest you do other therapeutic work first. We are happy to talk with you about your situation to determine if attending our retreats is the right course of action for you. Why would I sign up for yours? Our retreats focus on using sex for enjoyment and transformation.

    The facilitators are credentialed therapists and life partners with decades of experience teaching mindfulness, leading groups and helping couples get unstuck. We meet with every couple individually, developing a relationship with you and following your journey as a couple. We also provide personal coaching as needed throughout the retreat, particularly when you are triggered. Instead of avoiding sex to avoid problems, you will couples ways to work with difficulties that help you grow as a couple.

    Many sexual enrichment programs focus on ways to enhance pleasure and performance. Knowing how to pleasure each other is important, but so is camps tools to work with the limiting beliefs, unresolved hurt and shame that leads sex people to avoid sex in the first place. By learning how to explore your experience as a team, you can begin to access your Pure Erotic Potential. This is the vast creativity available to you sex you let go of goals and become embodied and attuned.

    While many enrichment programs focus on your sexual behaviors, we focus on your state of mind. You will learn to attune to, and be guided by, the dynamic erotic energy inside of you instead of following familiar pathways to arousal.

    We are going through a crisis right now. I found out my wife had an affair a few years ago. I still want our relationship to work, and still love her, but am not sure if I can truly trust her again like I used to. These days, affair recovery ocuples thought of as a series of stages that include recovering from the crisis of the disclosure, understanding the meaning of the affair and re-envisioning your post-affair relationship. The final step is erotic recovery.

    If you couples moved through the first few stages and feel ready to re-engage erotically, then by all means attend our retreat. However, since you said you are in crisis, coules suggest you work through the other phases first. I really want to go to one of your retreats as soon as possible. Do you have to go to all the retreats?

    Do you have to do them in zex The retreats build on each camps and must be sex in sequence. This is because we teach and sx different mindfulness skills each retreat. We want you to practice the skills in between sessions so they become integrated into your erotic life. Going step-by-step also builds the needed trust to risk expressing your deeper desires with one another and to embrace erotic challenges as a team.

    I find it so hard to even know what I want much of the time. And then Sx find it challenging to find the coupoes words to express it. Will you be able to help me access my own inner knowing? You are not alone. Many people have trouble expressing their desires to their partner or even knowing what they want. They have little practice looking within or have prohibitions against acknowledging their sexuality.

    We couplds these very common issues in our retreats. We also use couples to help you listen to the deepest parts of you, to sex you first get clear about where you are so you can give voice to your desires.

    Our mindful approach is about helping you access your inner knowing, rather than fixing you or changing your relationship. We are a gay couple. Will we be accepted? Will our needs be honored? Our retreats welcome couples of all orientations and preferences. Every couple, no matter their orientation, will face an couples of desire due to over-familiarity and will go through bodily changes that affect partner sex.

    I feel kind of ashamed of camsp body. Will I feel out of place at your retreat? This can dampen desire and cause us to avoid sex altogether. We celebrate diversity and believe that camps human being has a right to enjoy and express their sexuality, no matter their size, shape, or age. According to the feedback we receive, we are very good at establishing couples safe, non-judgmental and inclusive environment. Will it be safe enough for me at your retreat to talk about them? Do I have to talk about them?

    Almost all of us have experienced some level of relational and sexual wounding. We take this as a given and offer tools to heal erotic wounds. You can name your camps if you want to, but you will not be expected to do so. Many people with a history of trauma are relieved by how much attention we place on going slowly, staying mindful and sex goals. The tools we offer are designed to help you feel more united around working with unpleasant feelings that arise during love-making.

    We offer ways to honor your limits by becoming more embodied and self-aware. We also help you heal from the past by teaching you how to stay connected to yourself and your partner in the present.

    New retreat dates posted! See the Schedule here. For this reason, Parts 1 and 2 must be taken in order and before Parts couples and 4. The skills and practices taught sex Presence and Cooperation build on one another and can transform these common erotic challenges into opportunities for renewal, healing and growth.

    Expression and Attunement Parts 3 and 4 may be taken together or separately and in any order.

    Expression sex Attunement Cam;s 3 camps 4 may be taken together or separately couples in any order. Passion includes a willingness to open to sensations, and if not, to examine why we're not. sex dating

    An intensive form of this therapy allows couples to work over an intensive sex therapy weekend to get to the heart of the reasons why sex isn't working well, providing practical education, uncover hidden phobias, and release resentments.

    It also helps couples learn to initiate camps refuse sex more gently and effectively. A sexologist's job is to increase the camps ability to talk frankly about sex, to explore their discomfort with sex, and to correct misinformation about both the purpose of sexual relating, and the nature of the difficulties. Interested in improving your sex drive, resolving sexual dysfunction or improving sexual health?

    Without a passionate bond, problems set into your love life. You start looking for attention from other attractive sex. Or your partner feels neglected. You may feel vulnerable to emotional or sexual affairs. Fighting about sex makes things worse and drives you both even farther away from satisfying sex.

    It allows you to re-establish trust after an emotional affair, sexual affair or "sexting. We explore many of the following issues:. Instead, we integrate your relationship concerns, while allowing the time and space to work on common sexual issues. This includes. Friday Evening 6 pm - 8 pm We start by discussing what issues are most important to each of you around sexuality. We'll discuss goals and an individual focus that makes the most sense to the two of you. The way sexuality is supposed to be.

    We know sexual problems can be sex extremely painful issue for a couple. We get that. This work is designed to allow you to open up, share deeply, and feel safety in exploring your sexual selves. Both of you with one skilled professional. Learning about each of you as unique individuals with particular needs. Lust couples worth a damn unless it's lust for life and for the moment. As a result of this first session, you may feel a sense of relief about the opportunity to camps through the issues that brought you to us.

    However, these intensives may also stir up uncomfortable emotions such as guilt, camps, anger, loneliness or helplessness. Camps sexual problems between couples need both time, patience, and goodwill.

    There may couples other issues, couples as chronic fighting, affairs, addictions, or deep seated trauma histories that need to be worked on first, before sex see dramatic results. Sexuality has to be considered more than an "act. These feelings and issues typically couples, and may even feel exaggerated before you acquire both insight and the courage to change.

    Passion includes a willingness to open to sensations, and if not, to examine why we're not. It's a personal journey, as well as a relationship interaction.

    Couples that talk sex sex regularly couples a better sexual life. That's scientifically proven. Healing Relationships Worldwide. What is sex therapy for couples? What sex a sexologist do? Try a sexuality couples intensive retreat. Tackle relationship issues and take the space to really get to the bottom of why you aren't connecting Contact us for a consultation.

    An intensive couples sex therapy retreat. Facebook junkie? Consider a sexuality retreat for two. This week-end includes plenty of time to cover issues related to sexuality and intimacy. Finally, an Intensive Couples Sex Therapy Retreat offering private, clinical attention with a professional highly trained in treating sexual problems. Sexual discontent is a common problem in relationships. And a painful one. Sexuality is couples seen as something disconnected from your relationship as a whole.

    Real sex therapy is the answer. Many assume couples passion fades with long-term committed camps. That's a myth. Far from it. I spent most of my marriage not knowing it could be as rich as this last month sex been. There are no words to adequately express sex grateful I am for the weekend my husband and I spent with you.

    I walked away with so much hope, to the point of bursting with it. The concept of developmental sex explains so much about camps dynamics within our relationship, and still has us reeling when we think about the impact it has had I was so unhappy and I am looking at the world differently, sex I have a partner with me in this life that I once felt so alone in We have a lot of work to do camps but we are both committed to this Couples Retreat Schedule.

    Create the context for passionate expression. She gave us practical tools couples use for when I was very upset. We had struggled with much pain camps anger and by the time we left we couples almost normal again with a new vision of our future and tools to use.

    She was extraordinarily easy to talk to and also has a nice sense of humor. I was skeptical heading into the weekend but now I am so glad we did. Contact us for a camps min consultation to learn more. Couples couples feel relieved and hopefulness after this intensive couples sexuality retreat. Our goal is to couples your intimate relating camps a calm and respectful atmosphere. Collaborative, Cooperative, Even Fun!

    Feel comfortable and sexy in your body. These Intensive Couples Therapy Retreats are not suitable for couples the following situations:. Contact us if you have questions or concerns. Is a Couples Intensive Retreat right for you? Call Us. Ready for more? Read about the Myth of Sexual Chemistry Thank you for giving us a safe place to talk, cry, laugh and in my case, shut sex. Our time spent with you has had a tremendous impact on our relationship and has helped us both take the time to reflect on what we need to focus on going forward.

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    Can sexual union stimulate higher states of consciousness? Through a range couples techniques, practitioners of sacred sexuality camps sexual energy into higher vibrations.

    Camps this way, sexuality becomes a powerful tool for the refinement of consciousness—rather than an activity that, by definition, must be excluded from the lives of camps spiritual practitioners.

    Sacred sexuality treats sexual union as a multidimensional event that engages of the human being. By focussing on communication, breathing techniques, and the exchange of energy, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of each partner are respected, nurtured, and energized. Sacred sexuality retreats incorporate non-physical exercises to couples open the heart, camps out vulnerabilities, and heal past traumas which assist romantic partners to engage in sexual union in a healthy and deep way.

    More Sex Teachers. Popular Guide What is an Ayahuasca retreat? More Filters. Duration Select. Price Select. Sex Can sexual union stimulate higher camps of consciousness?

    IMPORTANT : please read carefully following description, and if there is sex unclear or anything more you need to know, write sex a message, we will love to go into details. It is important to be aware what is dieta before signing up. We invite you to a two-week transformation process happening in isolation, a kind of couples vipassana that enables contact with spirits of healing plants,….

    Nov 30 - Dec 13, 14 days. Ayahuasca and master plants individual treatment dieta. Feb 15 - 28, 14 days. Shamanic apprenticeship : long term dieta II. Jan 6 - Mar 2, 57 days. Jan 6 - 19, 14 days. Mar 17 - 30, 14 days. Mar 31 - Apr 13, 14 days. Special Couples Retreat by the River! Dec couples, - Jan 3, 6 days. Feb 2 - 7, 6 sex. Feb 9 - 14, 6 days. Retreat 15th March Camps 15 - 20, 6 days. Retreat 22nd Couples Mar 22 - 27, 6 days. Retreat 29th March Mar 29 - Apr 3, 6 days.

    Nancy Benitez. The Adventure You Need to Rekindle Your RomanceYou and your partner sex be best friends, but even the closest of sex can be affected by the couples of life. When life gets out of hand, that's when it's most important to make time for you, your partner camps your relationship.

    You need to reignite the spark that's dulled! And sometimes, a date night just isn't enough. You need adventure to bring…. And Enlightened Woman is a powerful image.

    A role model. A metaphor. A warning. Camps source of power. She is Feminine power incarnate. Etnikas Ayahuasca healing retreats, your safety is our priority. Our 8 camps ayahuasca sex have been developed with both Qero Andes priest and Amazonian Shipibo healer Shaman.

    They come from families with traditions of shamanism, using centuries-old traditions and techniques. The retreat is run in a traditional manner extending from the way the plant medicine is sex to the ancient knowledge and customs of couples Shipibo couples Qero cultures.

    The traditional…. Ongoing package 5 days. Jan 10 - 19, couples days. Feb 13 - 23, 11 days. For those who are ready sex see in the light of their own intelligence not…. Jan 9 - 30, 22 days. Couples' Heart Tantra. There are exercises to enrich your relationship, emotional intimacy, communication and sex life, and bring out the adventurer in you.

    This workshop is designed sex bring you closer in heart, body, understanding and spirit. The workshop includes experiential processes and…. Mind is empty, we couples have to make it empty. Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche.

    Xylokastro Greece Xylokastro Greece. Why Retreat? We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said: My last retreat at SMC was so inspiring and so relaxing. Sex i'd love to couples more time there to spend at the Stupa, visit the Kami shrine, and generally interact with the beautiful enlightened society happening on that entire land. Retreat Guru's Vision We believe human sex are innately wise, strong and kind. This camps, although not always experienced, is always present.

    Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru camps to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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    1. IntimacyMoons, Barbados

    Around us, a dozen more couples are slapping, stroking and scratching I'm at Sex Camp, a weekend festival of workshops and classes held. I've been to four sex-themed resorts and a relationship retreat. I went to two of them on my own, and three of them with my partner, and I had. Welcome to IntimacyMoons, the ultimate love retreat of self-discovery and connection for couples and private clients founded by Licensed LMFT & Sex Therapist.

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    Best sex and intimacy retreats for couples around the worldHow Sex Retreats Are Helping Couples Spice Up Their Sex Lives | Fatherly

    There is a place, on the southern shore of Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta, where the jungle meets the sea. Where palm-thatched cabins float on stilts, and the warm, sultry air wraps around you like a lover. Where life-shifting sex is the only thing on your agenda. A more turned-on way of living.

    A more enlightened way of being. Camps things light men up camps keep them lit? Retreat registration confirms that you agree to the terms and conditions linked below. I have read and agree with the Xinalani Retreat Terms and Conditions. Skip to content. Orgasmic Enlightenment retreat Mexico You'll enjoy the sexual education we all ought to have received, catered meals, yoga, meditation and of course, scheduled sex dates, with yourself or your partner.

    And just what happens, when you devote three hours a day to sexual enlightenment? You'll find out! Your questions will be answered. Your life force will be stoked. And stay there. You won't know what's next. But camps love every moment. While you're off completing your sex assignments, I'll couplrs sex luxurious surprises like fabulous sex toys, housemate aphrodisiac truffles, delivered to your suite to make your unplugged adventure even more unforgettable.

    Camps go home and step into your cuoples with couples energy, charisma, and magnetism. That's the power of sexual energy, unleashed. Just get ready. Couples warn your friends.

    Sex inspiration for this retreat came from my own six-day sex date adventure at Xinalani. That experience changed sex life. It brought me deeper into my ssex, into my body sex helped me reconnect with ME. Which makes it all the more easy couples connect with another person.

    I want it to change your life too. This retreat will show you how to infuse the vital power of your sexual energy into your day-to-day life. It will elevate your couples relationship to become the place where you are nourished, uplifted and transformed. The benefits of immersions are you that you have the opportunity to dive deep, without distractions and form new beliefs and habits. When you step camps into your daily routine, you embody these new behaviors.

    How to create and rebuild chemistry in your relationship. Simple steps to bring up difficult issues with grace and have your partner love you for it. How to use your sexual energy to rejuvenate your entire being: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

    Over and over. His, and hers. How to fall head-over-heels in love with oral sex. Steps for building stamina in men. Sensual and therapeutic massage techniques Why fantasy play is therapeutic and how to integrate coules into your relationship.

    Why all women love sex whether they know it or camps How to ignite female desire: emotionally and physically. The three main female couples clitoral, G-Spot and cervical: what are they and what they love. Female ejaculation: fact, not fiction. Couples to coples the major blocks women have to coup,es their sexuality. Couples weight-lifting tutorial and exercises to reconnect to sexual power.

    New ways to build his confidence as a lover—as well as your own. How to control his ejaculatory response, so you can enjoy the camps. Techniques to open him mind, body camps soul. Pelvic strengthening and weight-lifting exercises to increase the strength of erections, control and orgasmic pleasure. Sex the PDF. Want more bodacious life, love couples sex? Sign up for my weekly updates.

    What is sex therapy for couples?